Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Word of the Week

This weeks word is.....



- noun    1) A person who has failed at a particular activity
 2) someone or something that is marked by consistently or thoroughly bad quality, performance, etc
3) Slang - a misfit, especially someone who has never or seldom been successful

I chose this as today's word because for the next few weeks I will be reminded I'm a loser on a regular basis.

Its ROLL- up-the-Rim to win time at Tim Hortons.  Its like I have been cursed - I never friggin win.  Here is a case in point

Can you read what it says at the top?   Please Play Again !  Crap  I'm convinced when they see me coming they reach for the Loser sleeve of cups.

And what is worse is that my Loser status has become somewhat legendary around the office.  Occasionally I will find one of these on my desk....
A Pity Donut!  Imagine the nerve...... Some people win so much that they have to distribute their excess to the sad loser people.   Oh, don't get me wrong - I eat the donut irregardless of the fact it is a pity donut for losers but it is kind of sad. 
As I grope around in the relentless pursuit of free donuts, I worry that my delusional tendencies don't attempt to obliterate all the joy the non-losers experience.  I think maybe all this coffee has made me a little loopy.  Whatever!  (Michelle - that one's for you!)

And no stupid post would be complete without the ultimate creepy loser
Just had to throw that in there since its been awhile since I mocked clowns.  Now I will probably have nightmares!

(I needed to post something silly.  All this mopey whiney stuff lately was getting on my nerves.  It's bad enough when you know you are getting on other peoples nerves but its really bad when you get on your own!)


  1. I hate clowns too. My Mother-in-law has a signed picture of a clown by Red Skeleton. I hope I don't inherit it. I shudder every time I walk by it.
    My kids had a Sunday School teacher when they were small and when I would go to drop them off she would do that Looser sign on her forehead at them. I had never seen it before and one day I asked my she did that and they told me that she was calling them loosers. We were never friends after that. :)
    That is what I thought of when I saw the L.

  2. You know Kim, you are a winner in my world. Yes, the parallel world of geminis!

  3. Kim ~
    It's pretty bad when you are getting on your own!
    Hugs :)
    I want to be a loser but in the weight catagory!

  4. Kim, that was really funny!
    We moved from Ohio where there were a plethora of Tim Horton shops and boy do I miss their Cappaciano coffees...and the bagels and the donuts!
    Oh well, perhaps you'll win one for me!

  5. HA HA HA - you made me LOL!

    I groped through the memories of my delusional mind and I cannot remember the last time I won ANYTHING. Attempting to obliterate this relentless loser streak has rendered me loopy. Whatever. . . . . . (Darn those donut winners.)

  6. LOL!!! The Pity Donut! What a hoot!!!
    I'd eat the darn thing too!
    I NEVER win anything! There could be 49 prizes and 50 people and I would be the one who didn't get a prize. Total Loser!!!
    I don't even bother to enter blog give-aways because I KNOW I won't win anything.
    Oh yeah, the ONLY place I'm not a loser is in the weight category! hahaha!

    Kim, you are a winner in the sense of humor department because you always make me laugh!

  7. You are such a riot!! I love the pity donut. Nothing like laughter...even at ourselves to take the edge off. Only winners are able to do that!

  8. Thanks for the laugh! I needed that today...I'm a big L too. I enter the HGTV dream home every year and every year...L...I'd take the pity home long as there were no clowns in it.

  9. Kim - you are a WINNER in my book. It's all in the mind.


  10. Kim, you are a winner because you don't have to eat all those freebee donuts that accumulate around the waist like Michelin tires. You can spot all the donut winners. They all have Michelin tires around the waist. One pity donut won't make you fat. You are too cute. If I drank Tim Horton coffee, and I won I hope that I would win a car or something substantial not a free donut. I'd want something moucha big... lol. JB

  11. hey that clown I think is my husband ........jk I always wonder if someone clicks on a random picture and there is a family member making a clown out of himself :0) Ok now that I have amused myself with the clown. There are no losers in life!....only at tim hortons
    have a great day

  12. Kim -
    You are anything but a loser! Your humor wins the day!

  13. This post "pee in the pants" funny.
    This post priceless.

  14. Only YOU, Kim....Loser, no...what about all those lovely things you win on others' blogs...that is more precious than anything Tim Horton's have to offer...except a car, of course..I wouldn't let my hair go grey trying to win there....Ha..Ha...
    You are too precious, KIM...

  15. How funny honey! Maybe when you get your gift you won from me you will feel better. Sorry I have not been able to mail it until Friday. So hopefully you will have it no later than Tues.
    Where this week went is beyond me. Sorry it has taken so long.
    I loved this I have to catch up with the rest of your post.
    Love ya

  16. Kim,OOPs! I just won something.I couldn't believe it.Your not bugging anybody you have a great sense of humor!If losing means being there for your family,working a job,dealing with everyday Life that doesn't let up and writing and bring Joy to us all then I want to be a loser!Cheri