Sunday, February 6, 2011

Desperate times call for desperate measures

Drip......drip......drip......Is there anything more annoying than a constant drip? 

And guess who didn't show up again today?  Mr. Handyman is seriously on my list!!  I called him Friday, and twice on Saturday.  Today I just sent him evil nasty vibes through my mind.

We did get much less snow than was expected but then the freezing drizzle came and then just drizzle.  So, not ideal conditions to alleviate the leak.

At this point there are about 5 different drip spots and because the window ledge is narrow it is difficult to positions things in the right spot to catch them all.  So this is what I came up with yesterday
What a mess eh!  I have been replacing the towels every couple hours.  I hate having the wet towels laying on the wood but didn't have much choice. 

This morning, as I was fretting, I thought "if only there was something absorbent yet leak proof that would protect the wood frame".   And then the next commerial on the television was for.................


Genius, right?   So as soon as Wal-Mart opened I bought a pack and have been "changing diapers" all day.    Can you imagine?  But it works great.  I have the window ledge lined with Pampers!   Yes, I am a classy gal! 

I have hooked some more crazy squares and tried to fill in a bit of the background.  I had some very dark plum (almost black) but I don't like it at all.  I left a small section in and will try to find something else this week.  Then I'll look at both options.

If anyone has any suggestions for a background color, I would love to hear it.

Well, better go change my window diapers again.


  1. You are too funny...and clever! Diapers, indeed. I'll try to send strong vibes to the handyman to get his behind over there! In the meantime, keep swaddling and keep your great sense of humor!

  2. Kim You are a total genius!! I would have never thought of that but what on earth could be more absorbent than a diaper. I thought your handy man guy would be there by now. Well, get some hooking down and hopefully it will be okay soon.

  3. And for even bigger and older leaks there's DEPENDS!!! LOL!
    Really, that's a great idea.
    Hope that guy gets his rear in gear and saves your woodwork from permanent damage.

  4. Too funny Kim, but whatever works right. The storm wasn't as bad for us here in NL either. We got a little bit of snow, followed by the rain and drizzle too, but the down side is.. that snow we did get is mighty heavy to shovel. Come on spring, I'm ready.

  5. Kim, you are a great problem solver,Lol
    hang in there it's you against the winter!
    Hugs Cheri

  6. Kim the diaper thing is too funny! You are really too much. I love your new font. I played with fonts all afternoon thanks to Aunt Amelia. What the dang heck is this font, I love it. Easy to read and full of whimsy and good humor-just like you! I used syncopat or something. I liked it but it was too much.

    Hope your handyman shows up.

  7. Brilliant Kim
    I hope that handy man gets it together and get over there. At least you are coping so far.

  8. Kim ~
    Window diapers. Only you could think of that. Oh, I'd be ready to wring that handyman's neck (or some other body part!)!
    Hugs :)

  9. Kim,
    You should send your idea into a magazine and win a prize! That is brilliant! Hope the hard to get handy man arrives before there is a run on Pampers in your area! LOL
    Just noticing your orange tupperware canisters.... they match my sink! LOL
    Cathy G

  10. Kim. you are definately a problem solver extra ordinaire. I hope that your handyman can fix your problem if he ever shows up. JB

  11. Talk about thinking out of the box!! What will you think of next?

  12. What a clever idea. Too bad you had to resort to diapering the window, but at least it works. Hope that handyman gets to you soon.

  13. What a smart idea, we could have used that years ago.
    When we got bad storms, that is when we found we had leaks, so have replaced doors and windows, siding etc. If we had know how bad the house was put together, we might have looked elsewhere.


  14. What a clever gal - I am your newest follower. I think the diaper thing is genius, now all you have to do is get a new handy man. sandie

  15. OMG!!! You are so funny...and genius!! Perfect solution. I'd be giving that handyman evil vibes too...ha!

  16. What a good idea! it is very frustrating to wait on a handy person. I am sure the bad vibe you sent will do the job.