Saturday, February 19, 2011

Restful Days

The past 2 days have been so restful.  Just a little thing like taking an extra day off to make a long weekend can be rejuvenating.  I poked around yesterday doing odds and ends.  I usually get the weekly grocery order on Saturdays but I did it yesterday.  It was like a whole different world.   As I was walking up and down the aisles seeing lots of different faces I thought "Gee this must be what it is like to be retired.....or to have married well.......or to have won the lottery."  LOL

It was great to have a Saturday without the typical chores.  I lounged around this morning - no rush rush for me!  And even though the sun wasn't shining much, it was still above zero and the melting party continued!  If this keeps up for another day I might even be able to see the top of the backyard bench  in a day or so. 

I hooked a fair amount on the landscape rug today.  I am surprised at how much I am liking it.  As soon as I find myself starting to over-think it - I just put it down for awhile.  So far it seems to be working.
Here is another peek.
 The colors are just gorgeous.  So many different types of wool and textures.  I think I might be sad when I finish it.
And for another bit of good news, I checked a few blogs last night and discovered I had won Maggies giveaway.  I'll be sure to post my treasure when it arrives.


  1. Congrats on the give-away win! Will be fun to see what you won!
    Those yarns are really beautiful! You must be learning a lot of neat stuff from Deanne. What a wonderful thing to be able to hook randomly like that and have it actually look so good!
    Keep enjoying the weekend and your nice weather. Everyone here is talking about the big storm supposedly coming tomorrow, canceling plans etc. Guess that's one good thing about not having any plans. Don't have to cancel anything! LOL
    Cathy G

  2. Kim,
    It was such fun to tune into Deanne's blog and see the progress of your rug! She had such good things to say about your hooking skills! Your rug is very cool. I can't wait to see more than a peek! Congrats on the win!
    Have a good weekend,

  3. So nice you are having a nice day and hey, I like your new background. It looks nice and springy. Your rug will be a masterpiece. The colors are beautiful.

  4. A day off is fun and getting things done early(like grocery shopping) is fun too. I'm loving the colors of your project and can't wait to see it completed. Sorry the snow is coming again. My yard is almost completely melted away...sigh...and then I hear we may get snow on Monday! Rats! Oh well, I know it has to end eventually! Have a good long weekend!

  5. colors are superb! The word "retired"...the image it creates in my mind is wanting having enough money to do WHAT I WANT!! is another thing all together....its sad how currancy controls our lives...and those who came before us...right down to the barter system and beach rocks! LOL....its so much easier to be productive on days of from WORK when you are doing your own things isn't it :-)

  6. Wonderful colors! and so glad you had a relaxing day. if any deserves it it is you.
    on and congradulations on your win.

  7. LOVE these colors!
    I think chores should be outlawed on the weekends!

  8. Kim, I'm so glad that you are finally relaxing and that your rug is coming along beautifully. Are you counting the time before retirement?

    I also wonder what it would be like to be able to retire. JB

  9. What a gorgeous pic of your new project! It'll be fun to watch the progress!
    I love getting my work done early the gift of time! Our weather was great and is now turning cold again...just thankful for the break!!

  10. Hi Kim,
    The colors are AMAZING!!!! I still want to try to rug hook ... I am hoping this will be the year. I really just wish there were classes here.
    It is just more benificial to have someone there to point out things to you. Wish I could find a on on one instruction.
    Anyway,have a restful weekend.

  11. Hi Kim,
    The colors on your rug are lovely! Deanne is so cool!!! Have you seen her video 'Teaching Grandma to Hook'? It's an absolute hoot!!!
    I'm glad you're having a nice relaxing weekend. You sound HAPPY!!! Yes, that's what it's like to retire and the days stretch endlessly with possibilities.
    Hope the snow continute to melt!

  12. What rich wonderful colors. I can't wait to see the finished rug.

  13. Beautiful rugs! I love the header. Did you make that rug?? Absolutely gorgeous!!

  14. Your post sounds very relaxed! Yay! So glad you are having some down time! LOVE how this rug is hooking up! The colors blend just right and remind me of Summer!

  15. Good Sunday Morning Kim! Congratualtions on your win. I am glad you are enjoying your weekend :) Those are some happy colors in your rug Kim!

  16. I just wanted to say congrats on your win. sandie

  17. Kim ~
    Congrats on your win. I won't peek and will wait until you show us what you've won.
    Beautiful colors in your rug.
    Retirement...I hope some day I can do it. My dream is to be able to afford Fancy Feast in a cystal goblet ~ no generic cat food for
    May your week start off calm.....
    Pug hugs :)

  18. Congrats on your win Kim! Also, your landscape rug looks gorgeous from what I can see. I love what you're doing with your wool, and the colors are fabulous. I can't wait to see more of it! Thanks for checking in with me....