Friday, February 18, 2011

TGIF and a new project

It's Friday.....and I took a vacation day today!  After a long, busy week and I couldn't wait one more day for the weekend. 

I have a plan to get all my chores done quick today so then I can just chill out for the next couple of days. There might even be a martini in my future.  Mmmm, its been awhile.

Yesterday the temps climbed to above zero and we actually had some melting!  The sun was shining and you could feel the difference in everyone's mood.  But as I am typing this post, and looking out the window, it is snowing again.  LOL  Seriously!  Geez.   I think my martini just turned into a double tonight!

I have a new project on the go.  I am taking a 4 week workshop from Deanne Fitzpatrick on hooking a landscape. I'm excited because I am no good at that.  Being wild and expressive with color makes me break out in hives!

Right now I am at the favorite part of any project - When it still has potential for greatness.  I haven't ruined it yet - I haven't made some fatal mistake yet that frustrates me to the point of abandoning that piece of burlap.
 At this point I am forcing myself to not think.  I am just grabbing a handful of amazing colors and textures and just going with it.  Deanne has provided us with a selection of beautiful materials and each of us get to select our own colors as opposed to being provided with a ready-made kit.   Can you imagine the fun - literally like being a kid in a candy store.

Here is a close up
 I am really loving hooking with the fancy yarns.  Our "homework" is to continue working on the field part of the rug before next weeks class.  Cross your fingers that it continues to look like a field. 


  1. I think it is going to be so pretty! :)

    I wish I could have taken today off from work as well. I am just plain tired of working!

  2. It looks as if Deanne herself is hooking this mat! :-) Have a happy 3 day weekend!

  3. Kim ~
    Have a great long weekend. I hope the snow doesn't accumulate, enjoy your double martini, and happy hooking! Your colors are so bright and springy.
    Pug hugs :)

  4. Very nice Kim! Wish I were there in Amhurst to join in for the class and the martini!! Beautiful day here and snow starting to melt. All 9 feet of it since January 15th (265 cm). Is your project on a cheticamp? or what kind of frame?

  5. Love the colors. Once completed, it is going to be very pretty. Enjoy the martini. Cheers!

  6. Aww Kim, your rug is going to look great. Maybe you've found your real talent as you've been hooking a lot this looong winter.

    I wish I could join you for a glass of anything to celebrate this gorgeous day we are having here in Ottawa. The sun is shining and the snow is melting like crazy. I can actually see the deck in the back yard.

    Have a great weekend. JB

  7. Hi kim, Wow how interesting! I enjoyed the way your layering the colors. It's suppose to rain all weekend so I am hoping I can just relax and hook.Cheri

  8. Kim~ what beautiful colors, I have never hooked with yarn before. How fun to let your imagination and colors run wild, looking forward to seeing the finished product. Have a great weekend.

  9. Wow Kim, I can't wait to see your finished are so talented my dear! I hope you enjoyed your day off...

  10. Kim,
    I love the vibrant colors! Isn't it hard to "free-fall" with creativity, but so good when you actually take the plunge!! Enjoy your weekend and you already know how I feel about the martinis!
    p.s. love the new background!!

  11. I love the textures. I am like you, just looking at it makes me all nervous inside. I can't wait to see what you will do with it. Have a lovely weekend too. So glad you took a day off.

  12. I love the color I am with you I have a hard time with color. But I love cosmos mmmmmm I can only take one but it is so tasty.
    have a great weekend

  13. I love the bright mix of colors! Can't wait to see more.

  14. I LOVE the new rug...and the martini will only make it look! Hey, so glad you won Grandma Yellow hair's contest!! Congrats and have a good weekend!!

  15. Oh Kim, the colors in the new rug are wonderful! I know it is going to be very special. Have a martini for me - we all need sunshine and something special to drive away the winter blues!

  16. Looks super, Kim...sure wish I lived close enough to take a class from Deanne...I love landscapes but don't know much about it...just goes with the flow....
    Weather "sucks" here again this morning....
    Happy Hooking!!

  17. I love the colors and textures! I can't wait so see it finished!

  18. Looks fab! Wish I was taking the class too.
    (I did respond to Word of the Week too - just a little late.)

  19. Michelle,
    I really look forward to your word of the week comment. They make me laugh!

  20. Kim-
    It's nice to know that I was missed! :)

  21. So happy to hear you had a few days to yourself, you give so much of yourself to others you certainly have earned a little R&R. They colors in your rug are simply gorgeous, so vibrant. Looking forward to seeing more.