Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Todays Happy List

Yes, today is a happy day.  And none too soon, as yesterday I found myself having a little pity party.  BUT I am over it. 

My list for today:

#1 - I woke to bright sunshine and warm breezes.  Not a cloud in the sky actually.  And no humidity so my hair no longer looks like a crazed poodle.  The past 2 days I looked like some crazy science experiment gone wrong.  Like - stick your finger in this socket and see what happens!  lol

#2 - As I was reading the blogs over my morning coffee I discovered I won the giveaway from Teri at White Sheep Farm blog.  Yippee and the prize is WOOL.  My favorite thing!  She had such a generous giveaway with 3 winners.  (Shhhh, Lauren won too)

#3 - The air conditioner at work was fixed today.  It was getting a tad bit uncomfortable the past few days but we are nice and cool again now.

#4 - The AWOL handyman appeared out of the blue this morning.  He arrived to mow the lawn.  Boy, did he get a surprise when he discovered I had hired someone else to do it last week.  It was a field.  You could have almost lost Millie in the weeds.  Apparently he had hurt his neck and was sick for over 3 weeks.  (Not sure why he couldn't use the phone - but whatever)  He left with a new list of chores  (hahaha)

#5 - Auntie called me around 10am to say the Roofers had arrived.  YIPPEE........  I was home at noon and they are moving right along and I am so impressed with them.  They are even cleaning up as they go.  One side is already stripped and 3/4 replaced at 1pm.   The one downside to this is that Mom and the dog are both having nervous breakdowns over the banging and the confusion. 

#6 - Today is a HomeCare day so it is the VON nurse that will have to deal with them.  (Again Hahahaha)

So, what is on your happy list today?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Too cold for May

It is just not right that you still need a sweatshirt in the afternoon of late May.  There is just something wrong about the whole thing.

Gardens and flowers are about a month behind here.  And the scattered few hours of sunshine this month are just not enough.  I am hoping that the month of June will make up for it.

This morning I spent a little me time.  I had to drive to Parrsboro again.  Last weekend we were there and did a little shopping.  When we arrived home one of the necklaces I bought was not in the bag.  I called the store and she put it aside for me.  So this morning, I went to pick it up.  Even though it was grey and drizzly I did enjoy the drive and having a few hours alone with my thoughts.

And last night I finally started my new hooking project.  I have my mojo back.  Last week I felt like I was spinning but a few hours alone today has me centered again. 
You didn't think I was going to show you the whole thing all at once did you??  That would ruin the surprise.  And it might be a big surprise for all of us because I am going outside my color comfort zone.  I'm winging it.   

Millie hasn't made an appearance here for awhile.  She was polite enough to interrupt her nap to give you a little hello.
One last thought - I am impressed with the dedication and persistence of the blog community.  So many have found creative ways to continue communicating despite the tech issues with blogger.  There are several different hints out there for finding ways around the problems.   Maybe some of us should work for blogger - maybe the problem would be fixed by now!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Almost - but not quite

Blogger is still messing with us.   Robin at The Cranky Crow blog has posted a few suggestions that worked for her.  I am going to try and wait one more day for blogger staff to figure it out because I am scared if I start messing around with my settings the whole blog might blow up.

I did figure out that I can leave comments if I use my iPad.  So my suggestion is for everyone to go out and buy and iPad.  Hehehe  Well, they are pretty nifty.

After my finger getting tired from iPad typing I decided to try the laptop again a few minutes ago.  The first 3 blogs I visited, my comments went through with no problems.  Woohoo I was convinced the problem was fixed. 

Then I stopped by another blog and typed a comment and BOOM  --- broken again!  I tried a test comment on another one and failed again.  Sheesh!  Then my followers all disappeared.  

I hope that this all means that they are working on something........ 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Word of the Week

This weeks word is  STIFLE

sti·fle  [stahy-fuhl]

verb, -fled, -fling.

–verb (used with object)

1. to quell, crush, or end by force: to stifle a revolt; to stifle free expression.

2. to suppress, curb, or withhold: to stifle a yawn.

3. to kill by impeding respiration; smother.

–verb (used without object)

4. to suffer from difficulty in breathing, as in a close atmosphere.

5. to become stifled or suffocated.

Blogger has stifled me.  Do you think they are sending me a message that I yap on and on too much??   I can't leave any comments on any of your blogs.
I am reading your posts but my wise and thoughtful opinions are being stifled.  (OK maybe I stretched it a teeny bit with the wise thoughtful remark)   Lol   I meant my silly rambling remarks on all YOUR wise thoughtful posts are not being recorded.
I love this cat.  Sometimes when I am rambling I imagine this is what you all are thinking.......hahahaha

It makes me twitchy.   I feel disconnected.  I checked with Blogger Known Issues and apparently it is not just me and they are working on it.
I have spent the majority of the past 2 days in meetings.  At times I envisioned myself as Archie Bunker and it was all I could do not to scream "Oh Stifle it".   But that would have been a BAD career move.
However, in the meantime, I will keep reading your posts and wait until blogger decides to stop stifling my comments - but for now....my hands are tied

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Can you have too many cakes??

Can you have too many cakes??  Well, the answer to that is NO.

Julia spilled the beans this morning on her blog - Today is my birthday.   The truth is that I have been celebrating it since after work Friday.  Well, one day just isn't enough.

And apparently one cake isn't enough either.  The final count is (drum roll........) FIVE cakes.   One Friday afternoon from the staff,  # 2 made by a friend delivered Sunday, #3 store bought from Auntie,  #4 chocolate cake with boiled icing Monday night at my "official" family dinner, and #5 a second chocolate cake with boiled icing tonight at work from management/Council meeting.   (yes, I had to work the evening of my birthday)

PLUS a plate of carrot muffins with cream cheese icing from Terri,  a plate of my favorite crispy cookies and butterscotch squares from Alice,  and a donut from a cute boy.

Needless to say the diet has been on hold for a brief celebratory period.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The official first weekend of summer

The long weekend of May has always been the start of summer.  It didn't feel like it  temperature wise but it feels like it in our hearts.

It was busy, busy, busy but fun.  Saturday morning I grabbed the Golden Girls and we headed out to Parrsboro.  It wasn't a great day for it - rainy and cold - like sweatshirt AND a jacket cold but I wanted to go anyway.  The Harbourview Restaurant is open for the season.   A little seafood place on the beach with the best food.  I have missed their scallop burgers all winter.  Then a bit of retail therapy at Sweet Briar Boutique.  A tiny little shop with the cutest things.  Joan, the owner, takes care of Mom so we can shop.  We both got new handbags and I found a funky starfish necklace and earrings. 

And I did get a chore finished that I procrastinated for weeks.  I tackled our closets and switched out all the seasonal clothes.  The washer and dryer was going full tilt all weekend but now it is all done and put away.  Our closets haven't been so nicely organized since last year!

I did decide not to put out all the patio furniture yet.  As I mentioned, we are getting a new roof.  If the weather forecast would give us a few days in a row without rain - the guys could start.  I don't want my chairs and cushions covered in roofing crap.

This afternoon I am invited to my friend Terri's to gossip and drink "special" coffees on her new deck.  And then we are off to a family and friends dinner.

I looked at my new hooking project several times this weekend.  I looked at it - I didn't pick it up.  Next week. 

Friday, May 20, 2011


It was only a matter of time.  I knew this day would come eventually, as it does every Spring.

Last night, as I took Millie out to do her business, I was under attack ---  JUNE BUGS.........Eeeeek

Hitting my head, pinging off the siding, their disgusting hard shells crunching under my flip flops in the dark.  Arrrghhh   I hate them.  I imagine they will get caught in my hair and I might actually have to pick one out.  Oh, the horror !!

All the while, I'm screaming at Millie - "Hurry up, they're going to get us!!"  

Thankfully they are only around for a short time.  Then it's the earwigs - oh joy oh bliss. 

On a less creepy note - I have lost my hooking MoJo the last week or so.  I can't get going.  I have blank burlap, wool etc but nothing that makes me want to hook.  So I popped into Deannes at lunch and asked Brenda to find me a small project to get me moving again. 

We picked out this very funky flower.  Perfect for inspiration.  Actually it really reminds of Cathy's work at Orange Sink.  And since I love her patterns I had to try it.  I know it won't match her fun style but it will be fun for me to give it a whirl.

And....I bought myself a new camera lens and it arrived today.  I hope the weather forecast changes so I can test it out this weekend.  I have to stop buying lenses now or else get a larger camera bag.  This one does not have a zoom but takes a wider angle shot for landscapes etc.   The photography lessons start in a couple of weeks so I want to practice.

Oh, and in the interest of public safety I did have 1 cookie last night.  Just one though. 


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday Word of the Week


fe·ro·cious   [fuh-roh-shuhs]


1. savagely fierce, as a wild beast, person, action, or aspect; violently cruel: a ferocious beating.

2. extreme or intense: a ferocious thirst.

OK, I have been on a diet since Sunday.  No treats, no snacks, no over-flowing plates, no sugar.
Quite frankly, when I'm hungry and off sugar it just makes me mean --- like ferocious, mad dog mean.
I had the day off today.  I had an appointment in Moncton and planned to spend a relaxing day shopping.   Well, that was the plan before this stupid diet idea.  I avoided the food court because I was scared I might turn ferocious and knock some old lady down for a cookie.   And what is the deal with baby strollers now that are the size of a Volkswagon Beetle??  Good Grief - get out of my way --- I'm on a friggin diet and I'm in a mood.....
Thank goodness no drivers cut me off on the way home because I seriously might have chased them down.
I want a cookie........................ or an entire bag of chips............................
Lets hope I lose these ten pounds quickly or things could get ferociously ugly.

P.S.  Thanks for all you who visit Miss The Sea's blog.  Blogging is so much more fun when you have some followers and comments. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fiddleheads and Sunday ramblings

Mmmmmm, it's fiddlehead season again in Atlantic Canada.  I love these marsh greens and you can only get them for about 2 weeks a year.  I waited in a small line at the produce aisle of the grocery store as people scooped them up.   They are tender young ferns that grow in marshy soil. 

I posted about them last year and got lots of funny comments.  They do taste better than they look.  I like them hot with melted butter and a splash of vinegar.

I'm going to try and eat healthier and am going to seriously try and stop stuffing myself with crap in the evenings.  I have always been a night-eater but I guess I don't have the metabolism like I did in my younger days.  I have been digging out the spring/summer clothes and tried on a pair of last years pants.   I even tried laying down on the bed to fasten them and it didn't work.  That was the last straw.
I turned on the Wii Fit Plus today.  The program keeps track of your progress.  When it started up it said my last visit was 440 days ago.  OMG.....................   So I weighed myself, set a weight loss goal for the next month and exercised for an hour.   I'm going to try and keep this up for awhile.  I refuse to buy all new pants and shorts for the summer.  But all I really want tonight is a can of Pringles......Give me strength........

I finished binding up the birdhouse rug too.  I was rushing to finish hooking it and now I can't remember what I wanted to do for a new project. 
This is how I finished the backing, with a little whipping and some binding tape.  I am going to Moncton later this week to try and find some of those printable fabric labels.
I have my long work day tomorrow.  We have a Committee of the Whole meeting after regular working hours that can last anywhere from 3-5 hours.  Most nights we are home around 8pm but we have been know to go til 9pm.  That makes for a loooong day.  I hope it is short tomorrow night so I can get home in time for DWTS.  (Priorities, right!)

One more thing before I go - I would like to ask you to stop by and visit Miss The Sea blog. It is a sweet little blog from a New England gal.  She took a blogging break for a few months but is back at it again and needs some new followers.  The blogging community is all about supporting each other.  You won't be disappointed.

Have a great week. And lets all hope it stops raining soon.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The art of Zentangle

This morning I attended a Zentangle workshop at Deanne's Studio.  I was in there several weeks ago and Brenda (who works there) asked me if I wanted to attend a workshop on zentangle.  I had never heard of it before and asked "What is it?"   She said....well it's kind of like yoga for your brain - with drawing.

Huh??  I scrunched up my face with a combination eye roll and laughed.  She told me to go home and google it and then decide.  So I did.   I had to admit, it looked kind of interesting.  You can find info here

After I looked at it I thought it might be fun and could help me with designing some fun abstract rugs.

The instructor was the loveliest lady all the way from Georgia. We had a great morning and anyone can do this.  We all doodle but this is just taking it up a notch.   This is all you need
Some tiles of paper, a pencil, a smudger, a pen and a little piece of chocolate.  (OK, you don't NEED the chocolate, but it's nice)

First we learned some basic techniques - everyone used the same designs yet everyone looked completely different - this is mine

Then we all got to freestyle a bit on a larger piece of paper

You can zentangle within shapes like I did here above or you can do a free form image.    Just think of the fun it will be designing some abstract rugs with this type of sketching. 
It is very relaxing with the simple repetitive strokes.  If you like to doodle, I encourage you to visit the zentangle site and give it a try.   I purchased  a book today and there are others available on Amazon. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday Word of the Week

The word of the week is "WHIPPED"

whipped   [hwipt, wipt]


1. having received a whipping.

2. subdued or defeated as though by whipping: whipped by poverty.

3. beaten into a froth: whipped cream.

4. exhausted, tired, beat: After all that weeding, I'm whipped.

This week I am feeling rather whipped.  Too many meetings, appointments, committments in a short time span.  It makes me feel anxious and stressed.  Evening meetings are often scheduled a couple of times a month but during budget prep time (now) they are more common.   When I finally got home from work last night I felt a bit like a bowl of whipped potatoes - the lumps were all beat out of me.   The worst part of it is that some of it is my own fault.
Partly because I really enjoy learning new things I tend to take on a lot of things.  Another reason is because of Mom's illness, I worry constantly about keeping my mind active.  There is still so much unknown about this disease but everything you read talks about keeping an active mind and trying to learn new things to keep stimulating new areas of your brain. 
So I am taking a fun new workshop on Saturday morning (more about that later) and I just signed up for a 6 week beginner photography class.  I love doing these things but I guess by mid week I feel a bit whipped. 
So since I am feeling whipped, I might as well actually do some whipping of my own.

Monday, May 9, 2011

I've got mail

I got the nicest surprise when I got home from work today.  It is windy, rainy and cold and actually feels more like March than May.  So a little parcel in the mail was just what was needed.   It was a little gift from Lauren.   But I suspect after you see the pug on the note paper you would know who it was from :)

Inside was this cute little necklace with "rug hooker" stamped on it.
And if that wasn't enough.......the most adorable little punched sheep.  I love it.  All her stitches are just perfect and it has a cute little label on the back.

Lauren, I LOVE IT.  Thank you so much.

I'm glad you liked the photo on yesturdays post on me and Mom.  I love that photo and have it framed on my bedroom wall.   However, today  a friend of mine called and asked me if I was trying to get some new followers by posting a topless photo of myself.  Hahahaha, I hadn't thought of that.  So I logged on quick to see if it  worked, but sadly no new followers today.  I guess "The Girls" have lost their magic.

I finished hooking another mat so tonights job is whipping while waiting for DWTS.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Girls Night Out and a Highland Fling

Last night all the girls at work let our hair down for a few hours.   The occasion was a belated wedding shower for a co-worker.  We couldn't coordinate schedules before but this was a chance to get together, hear all the stories and look at the photos.  The wedding took place in Cuba.

We had a pot luck dinner right after work and of course a glass of wine (or two).   And any time you gather 15 ladies together, between the ages of 25-50, and add a little liquid refreshments - you just never know where the conversations will lead.

Good grief, the secrets and stories start spilling out.  We had a great night and laughed til we were sick.

In fact I am blushing just thinking about some of the topics that we covered.  You just never know what you are going to learn at a gathering of girls.  People talk about men in a locker room - Forget it......a group of women is a lot worse.
There is a reason I selected a photo of embarrassed that had an animal in it.  (Trust me - you don't want to know) LOL

On a more serious note, today I gathered up the girls and we went to an annual fund raiser for the Hospital - "The Highland Fling".  (Our old hospital used to be named the Highland View Hospital)

They have flea market type tables, used book sales, food and home-made candy tables, plants etc.  We go every year and on the way out the door I buy lobster rolls for our lunch.   Mom gets a little exercise walking around with me and we always see lots of friends.  They all enjoy seeing Mom.  And a bonus for me is I come home with a big bag of fudge. 

And I think I need to publish a retraction on the post about the sprout.  I'm such a moron.  OK - that sad little shoot of green was NOT a sprout.  I guess I just got excited to see something.....anything.  Apparently it just a weed or something.  Some random spore that landed in a pot.    DUH......


So that is 1 out of 16.   I'm not ready to declare myself a gardener yet. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Toes, Boys, and Sprouts....Oh My !

I hardly know where to start tonight.  This post will be all over the place.  First yesturday we finally had some sun.  By the time I left work it was sunny and warm.  Too nice for socks so it was time to get the toes ready for their big 2011 debut.

I gave myself a little pedicure after supper and prettied up with a little polish.  And then I dug out the flip flops.  Ahhhhh, I love flip flops.  And now that the toes are ready, its almost time to test out the new red shoes.   But I'm never brave enough to put on the red nail polish. 

And last night was the first night it was warm enough to sleep with the bedroom window open.  I love it - I had the best sleep with the little breeze through the window.  All in all it was a good night.

Then this morning I had a meeting in the office beside the boardroom.  An outside group had booked the boardroom for the day.  As my meeting ended, the boardroom group was just taking a break.   After I walked my guest to the door, one of the boardroom men walked up to me and offered me a cookie.  He was young and very (very) cute. I have to tell you I felt like a school-girl.  Did I mention how young and cute he was??  LOL    Now that I think about it - maybe I reminded him of his mother......hahahaha.  Whatever - he made my day!  Such a sweetie.

But not to be outdone -  My Mom has an admirer !!!!  This morning I dropped her off at the Adult Day Care.  It was one of the men's birthday today.  He was 91.  At the end of the day when I picked her up I noticed he made a special effort to say good bye to her.  Then one of the workers pulled me aside giggling that this old fella has a crush on Mom.  He tries to sit by her all day and he constantly smiles at her and basically thinks she is the cats pyjama's.    OMG, we had a great laugh.  I could hardly wait to get home and tell Auntie.  What a HOOT!

Now for the biggest news.  STOP THE PRESSES.............................I HAVE A SPROUT

Yes Doris, I think your prayers last night worked.  This morning when I checked the pots, I started to walk away and then I bent down closer and closer and ..........

And there was the teeniest, tiniest, scrawniest little wisp of green.   There is a 2nd one in another pot and it is even scrawnier (if you can imagine) lol    Even stranger is that I planted all the seeds right in the middle of the pots, but both sprouts and right close to the edge. (?)  Oh well, a sprout is a sprout.

But do you think that this....

....will ever turn into this......

It was another great round of comments on the Word of the Week.  Michelle - I don't think you have a blog, but you should!  As long as you keep entertaining us, I'll keep finding a new word. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday Word of the Week

This week the word to ponder is:   APPRECIATE
ap·pre·ci·ate   [uh-pree-shee-eyt] 

verb, -at·ed, -at·ing.
1. to be grateful or thankful for: They appreciated his thoughtfulness.

–verb (used with object)
2. to value or regard highly; place a high estimate on: to appreciate good wine.
3. to be fully conscious of; be aware of; detect: to appreciate the dangers of a situation.
4. to raise in value.

–verb (used without object)
5. to increase in value: Property values appreciated yearly.

So often we forget to appreciate what is in our lives.  I can tell you from experience that it is much easier to appreciate what you have than to moan and whine about what you don't have.  Just as simple as having a roof over your head and a few coins in your pocket puts us miles ahead of millions of others in the world.
And this is the last Word of the Week before Mothers Day on Sunday so I appreciate the fact that I still have my Mother with me, although she doesn't always know it.  But I do appreciate those brief flashes of recognition that appear.  I appreciate the fact that I have family and work related support that allows me to continue to keep her at home where she is safe and comfortable.

Now, of course, I have to put my own little twisty humor into this post (I hope you appreciate it)

........that I wish you would friggin grow.   I'm not asking for world peace here....just a little sprout for pete's sake!

And lastly, one thing I appreciate is that Kendra finally got the boot last night on Dancing with the Stars.  I have yet to be able to appreciate how shaking your surgically enhanced taa-taa's in front of a creepy old man in a smoking jacket makes you a STAR.   Hellooooooooooo........

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day

It was a little too chilly today to go out in seach of my own mayflowers so I found this google image instead.

The tulips in the front yard are looking promising and there is something (?) growing in a patch in the backyard beside the bench.  It is not random, but neither Auntie or I can remember what we stuck there last year.  So I guess it will be a surprise to see what happens. 

Isn't it ironic - something unidentified is growing in the yard yet the darn sunflowers that I planted on purpose and stare at multiple times a day are not doing anything.  I even bought the good Miracle Grow seed starting soil.  Miracle Grow my a$$.  LOL   Today is day 7 and all I have to show for it are 16 pots of mud.    If you are a successful gardener ---- don't even bother suggesting I be patient......that ship has sailed my friends!!!   hehehe

Enough of that - back to hooking.  For those of you who asked about the crack - if you ask for Crack Stop or drywall mesh you should be safe at the builders store.  You will probably get the right thing and not be arrested for attempting to solicit a drug deal.

The little birdhouse mat seems to have hooked itself.  I'm stuck because I don't have the right background color.  I need to give my wool dyer a jab tomorrow.
 It's frustrating when you get on a hooking roll and then you don't have the right wool.    Since I can't finish hooking I'll get comfy and ready for Desperate Housewives.

Have a great Monday