Saturday, April 9, 2016

Day 2 recap - trying to cope

Sigh.....ripping up carpet is dirty work.  This morning as the light streamed in the window I saw a heavy film on the dining room table.  Couldn't resist leaving a little message before I wiped it up :) So Yesterday was Day 2 of reno and can be best summed up by the word chaos.  When I came home they were just leaving.  Living room was done (except for mouldings), Dining room only 75% done and the den and back nook not touched.  And they are not coming back until Monday so the mess and confusion lives on for a few more days.    I started to put the living room back together last night, mainly so I could use part of the kitchen again.  It's not bad.  It's a start.
I can't do anything else until they come back.  Miss Abby has struggled with the chaos.  She's gone to doggie daycare for 2 full days which she isn't used to.  The disruption in her routine has really affected her.  She clung to me Friday morning and whined if I left her sight.  On the drive to day care she whined so pitifully it broke my heart.  She wouldn't eat at day care or at all last night.  She finally ate tonight at supper and then brought me a toy.  So she's coming around now.  
She's testing out the new area rug.  I think she approves.  

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Day 1 - not smooth

Yes, I said Day 1. So what I thought was a 1 day job is far from reality.  My floor guy arrived late and with news that he couldn't start for a few hours AND he would be working alone as his helper phoned in sick.  So nothing happened all morning (which I took off work to help) I know these things happen and it was unavoidable so I'm not blaming him.  Just a tad frustrated.  He arrived at noon and got right   at it.  The first piece of carpet
And it revealed hardwood.  But it was in very bad shape.  Lots of large gaps and cracks with random shims placed here and there.    .   Now I know repairing it would be really expensive so covering it was the right choice. .  Actually it was a bit of a relief
Then we got to the dining room and it revealed another surprise - linoleum 
But the best was what we found under the carpet in the den.  Hold on to your hats......
I laughed so hard when we uncovered this.  I bet this was tres chic at the time and I'm sure all the neighbourhood housewives were jealous.  But WOW, that is some busy, ugly floor covering!
Unfortunately that's as far as we got today.  So those three rooms are currently uninhabitable, the kitchen is jammed with furniture and inaccessible. I have survived on a box of Krispy Kreme donuts and a pizza Abby and I are sequestered in the back corner of the kitchen where I hook rugs.  One chair, a tv and a puppy pen.  Needless to say neither of us is a happy camper tonight 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

One more sleep

It's finally here.  One more sleep until New Floor Day!!  Almost everything is moved and shoved somewhere.  My small upstairs looks like it's ready for an episode of hoarders.  I can barely get to my bed.  Just keep telling myself " one more sleep, one more sleep". 
My experience with any renovation, no matter how small is not good.  I would hope that the next couple of days will be like this
But I'm afraid it might be more like this
Wish me luck! 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

78 days

That's the number that stopped the streak.  For 78 straight days I hit (or exceeded) my Fitbit goal of 10,000 steps.   I even had a few days of over 25,000.  It really just started to see if I could do it for a week but then I just kept going and going.   It felt great.  And there was the added bonus of driving Cousin Joy around the bend. 😉 Lol
But in the middle of the week I got hit with a 2 day migraine.  It's rare for me to have one that stretches over more than one day.  And if you have ever suffered from them you know that coming off of one is almost as bad.  I have no explanation for this next part but when I have a migraine I crave fresh fruit.  Particularly green grapes.  Don't know why but I crave them and they seem to settle my stomach.  I wonder if there is something in fresh fruit that your body is lacking.  Anyway, I'm on the mend today and feeling back to normal.  Today I have to start dismantling the house, packing up the china cabinet and all the small furniture.  The floor guy is coming on Thursday.