Sunday, November 30, 2014

And then there was three

Saturday morning I went out for coffee with friends.  I sat down and someone said "close your eyes and open your hand".   Now I don't know about you but isn't that kind of scary?  As I did it I said "ooh, it's not something that crawls is it?"   Lol.  I was pretty sure she didn't have a live spider in her bag, but one can never be too sure!  

It was another vintage egg coddler.  

Eeeeeeeee!  Now it's officially a collection!  I now have 3, in 2 different sizes.

"S" never ceases to amaze me.  She can find anything.  You tell her what you need/want and before you know it, she has ferreted it out.  She was at an auction and some stranger bought a box of kniknaks and she spied the coddler in the box and convinced the lady to part with it.    

Love my new coddler and love my shopping savant!  

This was a busy weekend. Lots of running here and there and doing errands for auntie.  Thus, not much progress on my rug.   So far I don't have to work any evenings this week so maybe I will get it finished.  

****** I don't know why this last picture is so huge. Can't seem to change the image resolution on the blogger app anymore.  Grrrr.  Sorry! 

UPDATE:  fixed the picture!!

Thursday, November 27, 2014


I wasn't designed for winter.  I think I should be somewhere tropical, with sunshine and lollipops and rainbows.  Instead I'm in Frozenland.  

We didn't get as much snow as some but it was followed by rain and then naturally it froze.  This morning was like trying to shovel bricks.  I shoveled for awhile and then I got fed up.  The snow plow had filled in the end of my driveway like a wall of concrete.  I was annoyed and tired so I just jumped in the car, floored the gas petal and plowed through.  I almost got fetched up on the edge but I made it.  Getting back in at noon was more of a challenge.  I shoveled again - Round 2.  

Then after supper the friggin sidewalk plow went by and yes, you guessed it......filled in the end AGAIN!
I shoveled again - Round 3.   I figured it was good enough that I could charge through it again.   After round 3, I decided I needed a few treats so I went to the store.  And when I got home saw the MOST BEAUTIFUL SIGHT EVER

One of my neighbors was clearing out the ice in front of the driveway with a small tractor.  Yay!!  I can drive straight out now.  I was so happy I could have kissed him.  (I didn't, just in case you're wondering)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ready or not....

Here it comes!!  Our first significant snowfall.  It's been snowing for a bit and right now the ground is just covered.  If it was to stop NOW I might even say it's pretty.  But it's those little small flakes and we all know what that means!!  

The hat, scarf and mittens are ready.  The new shovel is at the door awaiting its duty tomorrow.  My new L.L. Bean winter boots are ready for their first outing.  

I backed the car into the driveway so it will be easy to drive straight out. And then after about an hour of snow I worried that I had backed it in too far.  I debated with myself for awhile and then I went out and pulled it up closer to the road.  But not too close that the sidewalk plow would pack in the front.   But close enough that I wouldn't have to shovel for 30 feet! 

Ahhh Winter, how I hate thee 

Instead of looking out the window and stressing I'm hooking a little Karen Kahle feather tree pattern.

Only 6 months until I have to mow the lawn again :(

On a happier note, Happy Thanksgiving to all my American family and friends! 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Boy oh boy, that sweet Julia should be called Speedy Gonzales!  As I was getting ready to leave for work this morning I saw a postal van pull up.  My chicken wire is here!  That was fast

Thank you again Julia.  I forgot tonight was the Dancing With The Stars finale so I won't be playing with the wire tonight but maybe tomorrow night as the storm arrives.  Yes, our first real winter storm of the year. (Please don't be like Buffalo) 

I was also looking around the house the other day and realized I needed some house plants.  But there is that little issue of me being a "notorious plant killer".  It's so bad that sometimes I think they just comment suicide to put themselves out of their misery sooner.  I can hear them...."oh no, here she comes.....quick Die before she tortures us."   Lol

So I mentioned this at noon today when I stopped in to see a friend for a minute. The next thing I know, she hands me this succulent garden.  Apparently they are almost impossible to kill.  Maybe she's doing a test.  Lol.   Thanks Deanne.  I will try to keep it alive 

I finished hooking a little sheep rug.  It's a pattern from The Old Tattered Flag.  My excuse for it not being bound is that there is enough burlap left to hook another small piece.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it ;)

P.S.   DWTS - Go Sadie and Mark

Sunday, November 23, 2014

A few bits and bobs

Another nice relaxing Sunday at home.  I took the opportunity to bring out a few decorations.  I am keeping it sparse this year but want a bit of the holidays here and there.  

I have my beautiful glass bowl filled with ornaments on the coffee table.  I need to find a few gold ones to add to it.   But this is a start 

My pretty door swag is in place.  It was too fat to fit on the outside door, between the door and the storm door.  But I hung it inside so I could enjoy it.  I'm on the search for a wreath for outside 

A little garland on the cupboard and a stocking hung.  (Now I wish I had moved that ugly extension cord before I took the picture......just ignore it)

And a tin Santa perched on top. I think he needs a burlap sack.  Or maybe fill his bucket with candy?  I'll figure it out.   I was searching for the little Christmas tree I bought for Mom's hospital room last night but so far no luck.   Sigh....

Sweet blogger Julia from Of Petals and Wool ( has come to my rescue and is mailing me some chicken wire.  Blog pals are the best.   I should note I had a few other offers but from outside of Canada.  I didn't want anyone to have to pay crazy international postage rates.  But I appreciate it!!!

I made a really tasty and simple supper in the slow cooker today - cheesy beef and potato casserole.   Here is the recipe link

I omitted the green peppers (yuck) and added a few shakes of Montreal Steak Spice and sliced mushrooms and sliced carrots.   I'll make this again. 

I want to draw out a new hooking pattern tonight but before I can do that I need to clear off the dining room table.  So basically, I'm not sure of it will happen.  Lol 

As always, thanks for stopping by 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

One of the best parts

There is a lot to like about the holidays but there is one thing that I think is at the top of my list.....

The holiday appetizers are in the stores.  I'm such a sucker for these.  I am filling the freezer with an assortment.  These were the shrimp collection.  I hate to admit the number of evenings in my future where I will have an entire supper of appetizers.  Good thing I bought a jumbo bottle of plum sauce.  

I hit a bit of a snag today with the chicken wire project.  It seems you can't buy small enough quantities for me.  You have to buy a big roll.  So I'm going to ask around.  I am sure somebody must have some in their garage or basement.  I'm not buying enough for a coop when I only need a square.  

It feels like another Polar Vortex this weekend.  It's really cold.  I passed on watching the Christmas Parade tonight. Better plan to stay in and be cozy.  Fluffy socks, slippers and sweatpants!!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Just Chillin'

It's cold, wet and windy outside but I'm all cozy inside with some hot cocoa and shortbread cookies.  Our snow has all melted and as an extra treat I woke up this morning and the wind blew all the un-raked leaves away.  They're gone!  Don't know whose yard they landed in and don't care.  

I've been looking at the pictures online of that storm in Buffalo NY.  It's almost unbelievable.  I can't even imagine how horrible it would be.  That is a level of mental distress I would not recover from.  It's bad enough to get that much snow in a season, but in one day..........horrible. 

Thanks for all the suggestions for my cupboard door.  I think I'm going with chicken wire.  Maybe I'll pick it up this weekend.   This way I can see the wool, or hang little ornaments or small do-dads on the wire.  
I was so close to finishing my rug but then I hit a wall.  I always struggle with the colors for the tongues along the border.  And this was no exception.  I got halfway done and then froze.  There is probably about 30 minutes of hooking left........sigh

Looking forward to the weekend.  Almost Friday!! 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Slow Sunday

And that is exactly what I did today - just enjoyed a nice leisurely Sunday at home.  I got my cabinet painted.  I pulled it out to the middle of the floor and got started early.  Here is the before photo

And here it is after the first coat of Princeton Gold

And now the second coat of paint is drying.

I can't decide what to do with the door.  I need to cut out that old fabric and replace it with something. Any suggestions??  And don't say a hooked rug because it's too big.  It would take me forever.  I could either find new fabric or............   Come on peeps, you are all smart and creative 

This is the pillow I used to help me pick the color 

I have to work late tomorrow night so I won't move it to its new corner until Tuesday night. Plus the paint will be good and dry by then.  Next job is to fill it with wool and find some decorations for the top.  

More pictures soon.  I also hooked some on my new rug.  I had hoped to finish the hooking part today but it wasn't meant to be.  I'm so close but not going to finish by bedtime.  

I hope you all had a nice slow Sunday too :)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

And it begins

I knew it was coming but it didn't help my mood.  It snowed :(.  This is how it starts and soon we will be buried again.  Have I mentioned I hate winter??

And it was that wet kind of snow that freezes to everything.  So this morning I scraped and chiseled off the car with my hands.  Of course my car scraper disappeared during the move.  I cleared off enough to see and then headed downtown.  Deanne was hosting a 5 Artist Show and Sale at her Studio.  The streets and sidewalks were icy and I still don't have my winter tires on so by the time I got there I was hating winter even more.  Her lovely husband met me at the door and of course the conversation turned to weather.  Very quickly I said "be warned, the first person to say it's pretty outside is getting punched in the throat!"   He took the message.  Good thing he also has a bit of a twisty sense of humor :).  So as I was leaving he came out and helped clear some snow off the roof of my car.  I figured he thought it prudent to sweeten up the crabby old gal.

I bought this beautiful wool felted piece.  I can't wait to find the perfect spot to hang it 

All the pieces were lovely and it was hard to choose but I'm always drawn to red.  

Then I stopped at the hardware store to buy a new car scraper and thought I'd pick up a few paint chips to ponder.  I've got a new antique cupboard to paint.  The salesman insisted I borrow the entire fan collection of chips.  

So I came home with about 20,000 choices and I thought my head was going to explode.  Too many choices!!   Eventually I settled on "Princeton Gold".  Now I need to get painting.  Not my favorite chore but gotta do it.  I hope the color is as pretty on the cabinet as it is in the can. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Randomly Ridiculous

Today I find myself befuddled.  I hear my sweet old Grandmother's voice in my head - "you know the world's gone crazy".  I used to laugh at her when she said that.  But today I found myself saying it over and over.  

You know, there is a lot of bad crap going on in the world.  And we have this wonderful tool called the internet which has infinite possibilities to do great things.......YET it seems like today all I saw online were references or images (shudder) of some quasi-celebri-tart's arse.  And I'm sorry but it's HUGE - like unnaturally epically HUGE.  It seems like a few years ago it would bring any woman to tears if someone said he had a big ass. But now you can bare it on the cover of a magazine ? .......come on people......

Enough!  The world does not want or need to see some chicks bare arse.  Priorities people!

And then tonight on the evening news (the NEWS, not an entertainment show) they did a story about the hot new fad.....the man bun

If this catches on I will be single for the rest of my life.    Rest. Of. My. Life. 

On a good note, I'm finally restocked on Twizzlers.  Bought an extra bag for emergencies :).  Sorry Cathy, I'm eating them -- not burning them.  

New project on the frame too.  I think I'm gonna love this one.  Might hate to part with it when it's finished.  

Tomorrow's Friday!  TGIF and Martini's for all 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


No words required.....

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Eve of remembrance

Here it is, November 10th.  The last thing I expected to see this morning outside my window was roses.  My rose bush is blooming!  It's been cold.  Like really cold and several heavy frosts.  Yet, this plant is giving me roses.  There are 3 buds today 

Honestly I'm not sure what to make of it but I think tomorrow I will snip them and take them to the cemetary when I visit Mom's grave.  

This morning I dropped off Millie at Aunties to visit for the day and began packing up Mom's china.  It's all washed and put away.  I need to find some cup hooks and hang the tea cups under the middle shelf.  It's a work in progress (like everything here)

I love the pattern, it's so simple and pretty.  Royal Albert Silver Maple

I don't know if 2 makes a collection but it's the start of a collection.  My vintage egg coddlers 

I love these and hope to add more someday.

Without Millie underfoot I puttered around and got lots done.  Even cooked a nice chicken dinner but didn't use the good china.  It was all clean and I didn't want to wash it again.  Lol 

I don't know what happened at Aunties all day but since I brought Millie home a bit ago she's been sound asleep.  I think they wore each other out. 

Take a moment tomorrow and remember all those who gave of themselves so we could enjoy freedom

Sunday, November 9, 2014

"It's here" (and it brought a friend)

Ok, after what felt like a very long wait I found a cabinet for my kitchen.  I was looking for something different and not too "old lady-ish".   A local girl started up-cycling old furniture using the new chalk paint.  So I told her to keep an eye out for me.  

Well, she found a piece and went to work.   And here it is..........

The door in the middle has chicken wire instead of glass and the 2 side panels I am planning to add some white lace.  I think it's going to be perfect!!  Mom's china will finally have a home.  

And, I couldn't resist this little bench for my living room.  Extra seating plus storage underneath.  

Sorry for the dark photo but I don't have good light in this part of the room. I just thought it was so cute.  And my friend Sharon arrived today with an old window frame.  So I've been on Pinterest getting lots of ideas for what to do with it but I think it might end up over this bench.   (Someday). 

I've been moving furniture back and forth and from room to room all day. My little house is slowly coming together. Yay! 

"It's" on the way.......

"It" will be here soon.    Eeeeeeeeee

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Full Moony

Well, not much progress from moody.  It appears I've escalated to itchy with a B in the front.   I did take Kelley's advice from my last post.  I sang bad songs in the car on the way home from work.  It was oddly cathartic :)

And if you ever question the theory that the full moon brings out the me people.  It was a full court press today.  Everywhere!

And just to add insult to injury, I'm out of strawberry twizzlers!!  Oh woe is me.....

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Did you ever just find yourself in a really bad mood for absolutely no reason?  No reason!!  There was no incident, no horrifying encounter, no tragedy or disaster......I'm just really crabby today. 

I feel like just randomly walking up to strangers and giving them "The Stink Eye".

The other day I was reading a blog that mentioned the new Rug Hooking Magazine was in.  I went to Walmart tonight to look for it.  I was expecting it not to be there and to be honest I was almost disappointed to find it.  Now I couldn't complain about it not being there!  See....I told you I was moody today. 

And Target has been airing Christmas commercials for a week.  Seriously??  Aren't you supposed to wait until Remembrance Day is over?  I emptied my rotting gourds from my pretty glass display bowl and I have no interim-display filler.  So now it's just sitting empty on my coffee table, mocking me until November 12 when I can put holiday crap in it.  There's nothing worse than a mocking glass bowl.

Maybe menopause has killed another estrogen cell and it was the one cell that was balancing the scale?  Maybe that one cell was keeping me from becoming a curmudgeon ?

This was supper tonight.  I make no apologies

Sunday, November 2, 2014

This isn't going to end well

I knew it was too good to be true.  I left all the leftover Halloween candy at Aunties.  I thought I was safe.  Then this afternoon I had to stop at the pharmacy to pick up a few things. I casually meandered down the candy aisle and thought I deserved a little treat.  You know, to reward my self control...

I knew it was trouble 

I mean honestly.......who can stop at just one of these? (Obviously not me)

Still on the food theme, I don't know why it took me so long to discover the wonders of the slow cooker.  We never had one in our house so I guess I was just didn't appreciate them.  On the weekend this machine is my best friend.  Thow stuff in it in the morning and walk away!

These meatballs came out so tender and juicy.  Not at all dried out like when they are baked in the oven. 

The rain continues to pour and the chilly wind is blowing.  But at least it's not snow like poor Julia is getting up in New Brunswick. 

Update on the toffifee situation.  By the time I wrote this post the box is empty.  (Yeah, like you didn't see that coming!!). Lol