Thursday, November 20, 2014

Just Chillin'

It's cold, wet and windy outside but I'm all cozy inside with some hot cocoa and shortbread cookies.  Our snow has all melted and as an extra treat I woke up this morning and the wind blew all the un-raked leaves away.  They're gone!  Don't know whose yard they landed in and don't care.  

I've been looking at the pictures online of that storm in Buffalo NY.  It's almost unbelievable.  I can't even imagine how horrible it would be.  That is a level of mental distress I would not recover from.  It's bad enough to get that much snow in a season, but in one day..........horrible. 

Thanks for all the suggestions for my cupboard door.  I think I'm going with chicken wire.  Maybe I'll pick it up this weekend.   This way I can see the wool, or hang little ornaments or small do-dads on the wire.  
I was so close to finishing my rug but then I hit a wall.  I always struggle with the colors for the tongues along the border.  And this was no exception.  I got halfway done and then froze.  There is probably about 30 minutes of hooking left........sigh

Looking forward to the weekend.  Almost Friday!! 


  1. I know if I lived there once I ever dug myself out I would be other there! It is bad enough here.
    I made cookies tonight Miss B is coming for a sleep over and cookies tomorrow night yahoo.

  2. I am glad it is nice and snug there at your house. A friend of mine from here, lives there. She kept taking pictures all day yesterday. It was unreal. She said it has never been like that before. They finally sent someone with a little tractor to dig them out of their driveway.
    I just can't imagine either. I am having a terrible time with with my current rug, I am thinking of putting it away for well forever. Have a lovely Friday.

  3. My inlaws are in Buffalo, but north of THE band...incredible how the wall just ended, so they just have a few inches now (had none the other days when the blizzard brewed). Stay warm and cozy and happy hooking and chicken wiring!

  4. The chicken wire will look great on your little cupboard.
    Love the dog pics, especially the pug!!! Whodda thunk I would?
    Yes, so happy it's almost Friday. It's been a long week.
    Hugs :)

  5. Chicken wire seems like a great suggestion! I wonder how Buffalo will ever dig out from all this snow! Have a good day tomorrow! The week-end is near! xo

  6. Too bad you don't live a little closer. I have some chicken wire in my shed. As a matter of fact, I have two different size of chicken wire. I prefer the smaller size holes. Good luck with this. It will look nice. Are you doing the job yourself or is your handyman friend going to help?

    Boston is off the radar as far as snow fall is concerned and now the thaw and flooding and roof collapse.... Mother Nature really has not treated them gently this Fall. Old Man Winter needs to be tied down, he's getting earlier every year and then when he here, he doesn't want to leave... I feel so sorry for all of the people in Boston who are experiencing this disaster.

    Hope your weekend goes well.

  7. I drove thru Buffalo once on the way into Canada. I knew then I never wanted to live there. Can't imagine that much snow. I wondered why anyone there would have a flatter roof and not one shaped to let snow slide off? That much snow on my roof would scare me. I think the chicken wire on your cabinet doors are a great idea! I like the idea of seeing inside while being able to hang ornaments on outside.
    Have a warm and cozy weekend!

  8. Glad you're cozy and warm in your house with your hot chocolate...sounds good! We had 111" of snow one year, and that was not fun, but was spread throughout the winter. I couldn't handle as much snow as they're getting all at one. Like you...a level of stress beyond my coping abilities!

  9. Melted snow and leaves that blew away -- awesome! Hope that happens here. On top of my mom being in the hospital, we had several days of nasty weather for traveling back and forth! Today, though, the sun did shine! TGIF!!

  10. Heck, if I had known you were having some hot cocoa I would have sent my orange and white Halloween ghost marshmellows! The warm and rain is coming today and it will melt our white stuff and make my driveway a muddy mess...but I'll enjoy any warm day we get! Have a good weekend Kim!

  11. Thank the heavens your snow is gone! ;)