Friday, April 30, 2010

Facial Friday

In just a few hours........

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Feel - Need - Learn

This is how I feel......This is what I need........
And this........

And I need to empty my head of stupid things.......

And I need to learn not to vocalize every
random thought...........

Saturday, April 24, 2010


This week passed by in a blur. I can't believe its Saturday already. Busy, busy and work and home. This coming week is looking equally crammed so I guess I better get my "crap" together! hehe Couldn't resist! Corinne and I have been zinging each other with crap related jokes since I posted up the outhouse sketch on Tuesday. Hopefully we have exhausted that little joke! lol

I did get over to her house Wednesday night for a short visit. I had to inspect the progress on the basement hooking studio (check it out here I'm nick-naming it the "Woman's Cave". She tells me the electrian is coming Monday so soon there will be light fixtures!! I've also requested a wine cooler and a comfy chair! haha

I also picked out some wool for the outhouse. This looks kind of like weathered wood I think.

This is a close up of the marbellized piece. LOVE IT. And the other side looks totally different.

I can't wait to start cutting it up and playing around. I might change the tree in the background to a white birch tree which surrounds my cottage. Luckily I don't remember our cottage outhouse - only stories. Thankfully my family installed full plumbing before my birth! The whole "outhouse" experience kind of creeps me out! (LOL What a princess eh!)

I guess I've been on the computer too long. There is a little silver poodle stratching my legs. Looks like she needs a little attention.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tonight's post deals with Crap

Yes, its all about Crap. Be patient - I will eventually get to rug hooking.

The day started with our CAO calling a noon meeting for the Management Team. The purpose of the meeting you Crap all over us! It would seem that we all have been a little careless with typo's and grammar in our reports lately. And after Monday nights meeting with Council and our report packages.....we may have looked like buffoons instead of professionals! So CAO felt we needed a little tune-up, including suggesting (forcing) us to all take a grammar and business writing course! Great!!!! Now.....some of the typo's were kind of funny but I was smart enough to keep that sentiment to myself! LOL You gotta pick your moments, right!

You have all heard the expression "Crap rolls downhill"? Well, after returning to my office it was time to review the HR reports that I receive from staff in other departments. (Here's the fun part) They were full of mistakes. Numbers pulled out of the air, nothing balancing etc. Soooooo, I did a little crap rolling too! Now, I'm not near the top of the hill, but I am far up enough that I can roll a little down!

Anyway - enough work. Corinne sent me a message after supper to see if I wanted to go to the local Hooking Group tonight. CRAP I hadn't drawn out a new pattern yet so I had nothing to hook! I declined and said I would go next week and tonight I would draw a new rug pattern. I reached into my bag to grab the 2 new Sharpies I had just bought for the occasion. I looked at one and it looked funny. It was RETRACTABLE. Huh?? I thought markers dried out if the cap wasn't on tight??? No cap......hmmmmm. Well guess what? CRAP!!!! Brand new and could barely trace out the pattern. Dried out.......what a shock with the open hole at the end! Do not buy these. But I did manage to get a pattern to fabric. Can you guess what might have been on my mind when I dreamed up this little rug????

Nothing like an old fashioned outhouse to complete this crappy post! Happy hooking and may all your crap flow up-hill!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

This and That

Its been a crazy, busy time between posts. First, thanks to the ladies who sent birthday wishes to Mom. Even though she didn't really know what was going on, we still went through all the motions. I took a birthday cake to her day care program and they had a little party and then we had another cake and friends over here in the evening. It was very nice, but a busy day for her. She slept well that night!

And in between all that we had a family funeral. So the last 3 days have been busy with all that goes along with such events. Family arrived from away and have been popping in and out etc. It was great to see some of them again, but the circumstances were not great. Seems like you get to a certain age and funerals are the only time you see some people.

So not much time for hooking, but I did manage to get some fabric to get ready to draw a new pattern. Maybe tonight. I guess we will see how the rest of the day goes before I make any promises! For now its time to get the vegetables ready for supper.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fruit Tree

I managed to finish another smallish rug last night. (Sewn, whipped and everything!) With all the buzz about Spring and new growth, it seems appropriate to finish the Fruit Tree.

This is another Deanne Fitzpatrick pattern. There is a table close to the door at Deanne Studio Shop where she always seems to have a handful of smallish patterns. And lately I have been attracted to that table. This is the 3rd one I have grabbed before leaving and I have another one waiting to start.

I have 2 designs in my head I REALLY want to hook but I soooo hate drawing them out. So I make an excuse to pop into Deanne's and grab something from the table until I can get the mojo to draw mine.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

The new quilt arrives at Grand Central Station.

Remember last weekend I found out I had won the quilt that the local Animal Shelter was raffling. I bought tickets from Corinne ages ago but had never seen the quilt. It was finally delivered to my office on Friday afternoon.

Isn't it gorgeous --- I'll put it on my bed after I finish Spring Cleaning. (Whenenver that will be!) This has been a crazy weekend so far here at "Grand Central Station". That is what I call our house. We always have a lot of company and seem to have even more since Mom got sick. Its nice that everyone wants to help out and check in but sometimes............Enough already!

I walked in the door Friday afternoon (after a very busy work week) to find 8 people sitting around the kitchen. We have 2 living rooms and a den but in Nova Scotia everyone sits in the kitchen! I was tired and hungry and not overly impressed. Naturally none of them wanted to stay for supper but they didn't want to leave the kitchen so I could make supper! When they all finally wandered out a little later I thought I'll cheat and order Chinese. Its quick and I'm starving.
I picked up the order, brought it home and it smelled so good (did I mention I was starving?) and there is no friggin rice! Arrrgh but by now I don't care, too hungry and fed up, so I'll just eat what I have. Then my phone rings - its the Chinese place. They just found my rice. Wow - I can't believe they bothered to call. I was kind of impressed. I told them it was OK, that I would swing by and pick it up later. Chinese leftovers are good around 10pm.

Now that I'm fed, I am in a better mood. And then I get a message - 3 magical little words.........."I have wine" LOL Its from Corinne. So I respond with 3 words........"On my way". So we sat in her house, drinking wine, looking at paint swatches, and bitching about our week. Definately the highlight of my Friday.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ease up on the Geritol Lady!!

Well, I'm not sure I can do this story justice, but here goes!

Today I finally got around to taking my income tax stuff to the accountants. They have a small office attached to the back of thier house. As I was heading towards the house I saw this very feeble, elderly woman with a cane half-shuffling down the street. I thought "the poor dear, she can hardy make it. Thank goodness she has a cane."

So I am just turning into the driveway and she is about 2 houses down, on the other side of the road. I pull in the driveway, un-buckle my seat belt and open the car door....(now this would take about a minute maybe.....) I open the car door and she is RIGHT THERE.

Where the hell did she come from?? Remember, 1 minute ago she was across the street and 2 houses away, barely shuffling along!!!!!

So I get out of the car (she is right beside me now) and she shoots me the dirtiest look and goes into over-drive. It was like a comedy race. I'm desperately trying to be polite and not laugh but she was CRUISING. There were sparks flying off the tip of that cane!! She must have taken a double dose of Geritol this morning. I guess she wanted to get in first! LOL THEN, to make it worse, as she gets almost to the stairs, she glances back to make sure I'm not gonna over-take her. OMG I snorted out loud!!!

Now I'm sure if I had taken a couple of long strides she WOULD have tripped me with that damn speed cane! I am losing it. I don't want to laugh in her face but it was just priceless. And I would have let her go ahead of me anyway, but she didn't give me a chance.

So here is the icing on the cake. She opens the door and I'm right behind her AND SHE CLOSES IT IN MY FACE. Well I lost it. I'm now in an un-controllable fit of giggles and I have no control of my senses. I open the door and see there are already 2 people in line ahead of her. She then wheels around, glares at me AGAIN and announces she is going home. I couldn't speak, just buried my head in my chest, trying desperately to stifle the laughter.

The other 2 in line are confused but Mrs D., behind the desk starts roaring too. She said this lady thinks she should be their only client and this is the 2nd time she has stormed out because someone else arrived ahead of her.

Ease up on the Geritol Lady, that cane should get a speeding ticket!

Monday, April 5, 2010

A few simple reminders

OK - Here it is..... If you open something......then close it! Step 1 - Open Step 2 - Close. Simple, right? I mean isn't this one of the reasons we have opposable thumbs?? You can teach monkeys to close things so it can't be too difficult.

And if you get confused, just try to remember how you opened it.....and then do the reverse!!!!!!

And here is another one. When someone opens up a book, darts their eyes across the page and occasionally flips to a new page............They are reading!! It is not an invitation to talk. And funny, when such a person closes the book (in frustration) the chatter ceases and silence once again reigns.
Until of course the book re-opens and then suddenly the mouths open too!

Arrgh, where is that darn chocolate?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lucky Me

Its been a great day so far. A little while ago my phone rang. Its Corinne. Naturally I assume she has just dyed some great new wool colors and wants to show me. BUT was better than that.
Hmmm, did I just say there was something better than wool?? OK it was better. She called to tell me I WON A QUILT. The local Animal Shelter raffle quilt! Yippee!
As soon as i get it I'll post the picture.
This is gonna be a good day!!