Sunday, February 28, 2010

GOLD !!!!

Sid the Kid brings home the GOLD!!!!!!!!!

Golden Inspiration

It seems appropriate today to celebrate the color Gold. Canadian Olympians are on a bit of a gold rush. 13 gold medals so far, with hopefully number 14 this afternoon as the hockey game gets underway. (I hope I didn't just jinx it) While I normally don't get too excited about the Olympics, I am excited that Nova Scotia Hockey Hero Sidney Crosby could bring home the Gold Medal!

So I thought maybe if I hooked a little gold it might send out good vibes to our team. I haven't been able to settle on a new rug design so I decided to hook up this little one on the weekend. I added a little challenge to myself. I was going to hook this entire rug without buying any new wool. I had to use whatever I had in my stash. Now this may not seem like a big challenge but for a wool-a-holic like me ----it was tough.

In fact, Saturday after supper I was trying to settle on a color for the birdhouse. I wanted something else. I thought I'll check and see if Corinne is home and run over and grab something. I had 6 of the 7 numbers dialed when that stupid little voice in my head reminded me of my challenge. "You can't buy any more wool for this rug".

CRAP - I hate that annoying little women in my head. What a pain in the butt she is! LOL
I'm going to spend the afternoon hooking gold and flipping the channels back and forth to the big game.
Go Canada!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The first sign of Spring

Haha....I bet you thought I was going to show you a little green sprout of grass..... or a bud on a tree.... a robin in a tree.....

Nope! In Canada the first sign of Spring is when Tim Horton's Coffee Shop launches the annual Roll-Up-The-Rim to Win campaign!

And in another tradition - I never win. Geez, would it be too much to ask for a freakin free coffee or donut once in awhile??? LOL At least they are polite - note how they say please! This means the 2nd sign of Spring is just around the corner. As soon as I see them I will post about it. And no, it has nothing to do with grass or buds either!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bad/Good - Down/Up - Its all about balance

Its all about Balance. The other day was bad, but today was a great day. One minute I'm in a down mood, then things begin to look up.

Balance, Karma, Ying Yang.......things always seem to level out.

Thanks to all the lovely comments and emails from my last post. It seems like when you put bad energy in a post and then warm supportive energy comes back in.

Then this afternoon I was at the post office mailing a package to the winner of my blog giveaway and when I returned to the office I had an email that I had won a blog giveaway. Kind of cool - have a giveaway/win a giveaway! I'll post my winnings when they arrive!

Balance makes sense. I think we are handed the bad stuff every once in awhile so that when good things happen, we truly appreciate them.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I have been debating whether or not to post tonight, as I am not in a very good mood. Mainly because of the 2 incidents I am about to share with you. I am sitting here scratching my head and wondering- What are some people thinking???

Today was our weekly respite day. Dear Auntie gets a break for 4 hrs (imagine 4 whole hours......note the sarcasm!) For those caregivers out there - 4 hrs is a nice break to do something for yourself. Just as I was letting in Rosie, our respite worker and preparing to return to work after lunch, the phone rang. It was a relative who was calling to say he and his brother were coming to visit. Auntie told him it was a respite day today and his response was " We are not staying long". They stayed two and a half hours!!! So much for Auntie's break. Now, these guys are from town AND retired, so they could visit any day...........but I guess some people just don't think.

But Incident 2 is even worse. Today a co-worker sat in front of me complaining about how terrible and horrible it is that her grandparent is forced to share a nursing home with Alzheimers patients!!! "HELLO.......remember who you are talking to???" She went on and on about "those people" and how awful it was for her family member to have to tolerate!

Honestly I couldn't believe it. I should have said something but I was so stunned that I just sat there with my mouth open thinking......"please clue in and stop talking". I knew if I opened my mouth I was either going to lose my temper severely or start crying uncontrollably. After a few minutes I just made a quick excuse and left the room. Its still bugging me!

Now, I know that we ALL have said things we regret. I know I have. Sometimes you do say things to the wrong people at the wrong time, so I am trying to chalk it up to just not thinking. But it definately bummed out my day. And I'm still not sure if I should have said something or maybe just walking away was the best option. Anyway, I really needed to get that off my chest.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Winners.......

This feels like it should call for a drumroll and some confetti.....

The winners of my first giveaway are:

Winner of the little crow mat is: Kim Sears

2nd Prize winner of the Pin Keep is: Maggie at Just Between Me and You

Thanks to all who entered!
Today was a little nuts at the "Chaos Ranch" (aka home) and I found myself being a little sour so I decided after supper that I should do something to sweeten myself up.
Plus I want to redeem myself after the disastrous chocolate cake incident last weekend.
So I tried this darn baking thing again ---Butterscotch Brownies.
I won't post the recipe yet, because they haven't been taste-tested. They should be cool
enough to cut soon, so if they are edible I will post the recipe.
Hope you all have a happy Monday --- Kim

Friday, February 19, 2010

More give-aways

There is still time to enter my giveaway, plus there is another great giveaway for all you quilters here at

Isn't free stuff fun? Plus you get to discover some great new bloggers!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

100th Post ~~~GIVEAWAY

This is my 100th post. I can hardly believe it. When I started this little adventure last summer I really didn't know what to expect. But it has been such a great experience.
I have been introduced to some great people and learned alot. So as a little thank you to all you followers and lurkers I am having a GIVEAWAY. Thanks to Mother Nature and a little snow storm last night I got a lovely storm day so I was able to stay home and hook ALL DAY! WOW.....

So I was able to finish hooking this little Bold Crow Mat. It measures about 10 x 10. Sorry it isn't bound yet, but I got too excited and couldn't wait another day for the 100th post. AND...........there is a 2nd prize too. The second name drawn will win this little Victorian Boot Pin Keep.

The rules are simple. Just leave a comment and you will be entered. If you want 2 entries, please mention my giveaway on your blog - leave me the link and you will get 2 ballots! If you do not have your own blog you can email me your comment and I will enter you. You can find my direct email on my blogger profile.

I will make the draw Sunday night (Feb 21). And while you are at it, check out Jacque's giveaway. Maybe you will win both!

Thank you all for reading my ramblings for the past 100 and I hope you will be back for more!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

99 and a half (oops)

Well it looks like I found a lost draft post in the list so I'm 1 away from 100. Since I told you my last post was 99, I'm calling this one 99 1/2!
Last night I finished the Old Rose Chairpad. This is the project from Deanne Fitzpatrick's Workshop last week and is one of her designs. So cute, isn't it!
There is a very good reason why I posted a photo of this piece before I finished binding the edges......Its because I am impatient!
My Dye Queen, Corinne at Momz Wool created this awesome wool. Big bright splashes of color. I've been drooling over it for weeks and today I couldn't stand it any longer. I told her to bring it back to work after lunch. I can't wait to see what it looks like when its hooked!!! Sooooo, the old rose will have to wait a day or so because as soon as I finish this post I am grabbing the cutter!
And I had a nice surprise when I arrived home for supper. A batch of warm tea biscuits waiting on the table. Yummm. Today was a Respite Day for Mom, when a professional caregiver comes in to gives us a little break for a few hours. Mom couldn't have been very restless this afternoon, because John had time to make us that little treat. We are so lucky to have a resource for wonderful, thoughtful caregivers. We have 3 regulars who take turns each week.
If the weather forecast is correct, I might have some extra free time tomorrow. They are predicting a foot of that "white crap" to fall overnight plus a few more inches tomorrow. A snow day full of hooking would be OK!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Why I hate to bake

I LOVE to cook, but I HATE to bake. However my judgement must have been clouded today with all this Valentine's Day talk (or else I hit my head while sleeping and woke up with a concussion or something).
I woke early and decided to bake a double layer chocolate cake with boiled icing as a surprise for tonights supper. The two cake pans were filled and in the oven by 7:30am and when I took them out a little later they looked fabulous. Was the baking curse over? Had I finally figured out all the little tricks? Wouldn't everyone be pleased and surprised when I presented this cake??
Ahhhhhh, wait - too easy! When it was time to remove the cakes from the pans and onto the cooling racks......they wouldn't come out! Arrrgh New non stick pans plus I sprayed them with a little PAM. So I shook them a little.
WELL, they came out all CHUNKS! OK now I'm seriously ticked off. But what would any great cook do in this situation???

I hid it in the pantry. If nobody sees it, did it really happen?? HAHA I'm feeling better now, even a little smug!

So after a great roast chicken and veg supper I retreated to the pantry to bring out dessert. Chocolate cake pieces, with ice cream on top and drizzled with caramel sauce. THEY LOVED IT! And nobody was the wiser! "Oh just a little dessert I saw on the internet!" (Shhhhh...)

In between the baking and cooking I hooked more on the Old Rose Chairpad. I will have a picture for my next post.

Oh, by the way, this is my 99th post. Hmmm I wonder if I should do something special for my 100th? Stay tuned!


Saturday, February 13, 2010


This is the total raised last night at our little fundraiser. Not a bad total at all! So that brings the total for 2 years combined of over $8,000 donated to our local hospital in memory of a dear friend Tim.
His family and friends sponsor this fun night. What many people who attend don't understand is that we totally sponsor this event. Every penny that is donated through ticket sales, food sales and auction is all given to the charity. Our little group donates ALL the food, pays the rental for the venue, ALL expenses. I think this just goes to show the character of the man we honor.
He was the BEST!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Hooking Workshop with Deanne

Last night I attended a fun little Valentine themed hooking workshop at Deanne Fitzpatrick's Studio. The theme was "Chocolate and Roses" and involved hooking a primitive rose chairpad. One of the girls at work has been expressing some interest in learning to hook so I thought this would be a good opportunity to drag her along. And just to make sure Deanne wasn't teasing us with the title of the evening, when I called to register I made sure to ask "Is there REALLY going to be chocolate?" LOL And she did not disappoint!
Here is a picture of the absolutely delicious German Chocolate cupcakes and a bowl of biscotti. Here is our lovely hostess Deanne getting the tea and coffee ready to be served. She treats us quite well! This is Deanne's studio. Such a great place to inspire creativity with all the lovely "eye candy" all over the walls!We had lots of laughs and chatter. Actually, more of that than actual hooking but isn't that all part of the fun of a workshop? And here is Kim S., my new recruit! I think she really enjoyed herself and I'm almost positive she is "hooked". It will be fun for Corinne and I to have another "hooker" at the office!

Great fun. Today I'm off work for a vacation day. I woke early and put 2 giant pots of chili on to simmer. Tonight is our little fundraiser for the Palliative Care Program at the hospital. Curling, silent auction, and chili or chowder supper. My friend Terri, the event organizer and I are meeting for lunch to get organized and make sure we have all our little lists checked off.

I'm sure it will be a great night for a great cause.

I hope I am able to post next time that we exceeded our totals from last year!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A blank canvas and Handyman Redemption?

Here is a blank canvas. A piece of burlap waiting to become something. What will it be? Well, even I am not sure yet. I think its that "Gemini Factor" again. Too many random thoughts, not enough time or focus. But one way or another tonight it is going to become "something".

And, like most of my projects, it has a pre-determined destiny. For now, (briefly) that will remain a surprise.

Hopefully that peaks your interest for awhile!!

Now, Part 2 of my post - Handyman Redemption. As many of my followers know, every once in awhile I feel the need to rant or vent a little about handymen and their unique habits.

My story started last week after a small snowfall of a few inches overnight. When I got ready for work and took Millie out the back door for her morning pee I noticed my car and back step were clear of snow. Hmmm, cool. Was I visited by the "snow fairy" who maybe randomly performs acts of kindness on strangers?? Then within 5 minutes of arriving at "Chaos Central" - otherwise known as the office, the whole thing left my mind. (Must be the Gemini Factor again, as sometimes I have the attention span of a gnat)

Anyway, I woke this morning to another couple of inches of snow. I got up a little earlier than usual as I had an early morning meeting at work. Took Millie out the back door to do her business AND GUESS WHAT.........

I caught the Snow Fairy. My darling, sweet handyman was in the middle of cleaning all the snow off my car and the steps were already shovelled!!!! AWWWWWW, Sweet huh? I guess ya just never know. He can come through with the sweet random acts of kindness, yet where is he when the toilet is overflowing??? Hahahaha

Either way, it was a nice way to start my day. Thanks Clayton xoxo

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Maybe tomorrow......

I've been saying "maybe tomorrow" all weekend. I want to start my new rug but I just dread the part about drawing it on the rug warp. Its all ready to go and I even have most of the wool picked out.
But I hate (yes, I know I'm whining) drawing out the pattern. My last rug - I totally winged it. Just hooked along with no guide. But I'll never pull that off again.
I've puttered away my weekend ---even resorting to housework (gasp!). Then in the ultimate procrastination - I started and finished knitting Auntie a big warm scarf.
One positive thing was that I brought my work laptop home for the weekend and got all my weekly reports done today. Thats a first. Starting a Monday with no lingering to-do's. (smile) Maybe I will get a gold star at Tuesday's Directors meeting......but not holding my breath!
Its a short week for me as I have Wednesday afternoon and all day Friday off. So, how much trouble can I really get in - in 3 1/2 days??? Oh oh, I hope I didn't just mess up my karma.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Blossoms and Butterflies

T.G.I.F. - Thank God Its Finished....... Tonight I finished the whipping. Whoopie!!!! But the down side is, that while I was whipping I started thinking about that old 80's song by Devo "Whip It, Whip It Good" and now I can't get it out of my head. Arrgh annoying but funny.

Now the only thing left to do is figure out how to tag this rug. I'll have to put my creative hat on for awhile and think of something crafty. I'm so proud I finished a whole week ahead of the event and plan to take a vacation day next Friday to help the organizers set up etc. (OK - set up is actually code for have a few afternoon drinks with Tim's family and friends) Last year we raised $3,333 in a couple of hours for the Palliative Care Program at the hospital in memory of Tim.

Do you think we can beat that total this year? I hope so. Its such a great cause for such a great friend.

Enjoy the weekend!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Double Yolk Bonanza and the Great French Fry Caper

Warning: If you have high cholesterol you shouldn't read any further. Today was just like winning the lottery. My friend Ben called me and told me he had bought me a present. ME........A PRESENT........its not my birthday, or Christmas or any holiday at all.........What could it be?? A DOZEN DOUBLE YOLK EGGS !!!!!
Wow, holy moly, I was seriously excited. All day I dreamed about my supper - 4 poached yolks on cheese toast. Mmmmmmmm!
And imagine----he always says I'm high maintenance. I think this level of excitement over eggs just proves my point that I am LOW maintenance! Hehehehe
Is there anything better than finding a double yolk egg? (Well, yeah...getting a dozen) Personally I think that eggs should be all yolk. That white crappy goo is just there to protect the yummy golden center! When I hear about people eating an "egg white" omelet I have to wonder.....were they held at gunpoint and forced into it?? Thanks again Ben. You made my day!
I had to include this picture of Millie. She is so funny. At lunch time a french fry accidently fell on the floor. Before you know it, she grabbed it and ran to try and find a hiding place. She looked so funny with both ends sticking out her little mouth. I grabbed the camera and cornered her in the living room. She looks both guilty and quite pleased with herself at the same time. Within seconds of me snapping the picture she buried the fry under her blankie and sat on it until I backed off and then she happily chowed down.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend woes and chilly toes

I don't normally get excited for Mondays, but I'm glad the weekend is over. Friday we had a snowstorm. While most businesses in town closed up by 1pm, we kept our offices open until 2:30pm. Snow plows were just starting to head out so roads, streets and our parking lot were not in the best shape. I managed to get home OK but I saw a few of our guys push some co-workers out of the parking lot.
It was kind of nice to get home early and cuddle up on the sofa for a snowday, and I fell asleep. Now I almost never am able to take a midday nap, so it was a pleasant surprise. Auntie woke me up in time for supper and I was exhausted. Like a soggy noodle. (Most people feel refreshed after a nap, or so I hear) And this seems to be the trigger for the downward spiral........
I couldn't stay awake after that. Almost felt like I had been drugged or something. I woke up Saturday feeling terrible with a nasty persistent cough. (Yes, for those of you keeping track, this is the THIRD time I have been sick this winter) And AGAIN, could not stay awake, and slept on the sofa for most of the day. Reports indicate there was even some snoring!!
Sunday morning.........woke up feeling alert......WOW this is a good sign. Jumped out of bed and was stunned by a feeling of waking in the frozen tundra. Ran downstairs to turn up the furnace and NOTHING.............CRAP its minus 18 degrees and the furnace is broken. Hmmm repair guys charge double on Sunday. Double CRAP!
Called the company and luckily the repair guy arrived in 15 minutes! What a sweetheart. Apparently it was just a fuse, but you couldn't tell without checking them all because it didn't blow out and turn black. (Because I DID check the fuse box before I called)
Still not quite feeling up to par but at least I can stay awake for longer than a hour at a time. Corinne has dyed some sample wool for my next rug, so hopefully will get a look at it later and start the new project in a day or so. Still contemplating the butterfly finishing technique.