Friday, February 12, 2010

Hooking Workshop with Deanne

Last night I attended a fun little Valentine themed hooking workshop at Deanne Fitzpatrick's Studio. The theme was "Chocolate and Roses" and involved hooking a primitive rose chairpad. One of the girls at work has been expressing some interest in learning to hook so I thought this would be a good opportunity to drag her along. And just to make sure Deanne wasn't teasing us with the title of the evening, when I called to register I made sure to ask "Is there REALLY going to be chocolate?" LOL And she did not disappoint!
Here is a picture of the absolutely delicious German Chocolate cupcakes and a bowl of biscotti. Here is our lovely hostess Deanne getting the tea and coffee ready to be served. She treats us quite well! This is Deanne's studio. Such a great place to inspire creativity with all the lovely "eye candy" all over the walls!We had lots of laughs and chatter. Actually, more of that than actual hooking but isn't that all part of the fun of a workshop? And here is Kim S., my new recruit! I think she really enjoyed herself and I'm almost positive she is "hooked". It will be fun for Corinne and I to have another "hooker" at the office!

Great fun. Today I'm off work for a vacation day. I woke early and put 2 giant pots of chili on to simmer. Tonight is our little fundraiser for the Palliative Care Program at the hospital. Curling, silent auction, and chili or chowder supper. My friend Terri, the event organizer and I are meeting for lunch to get organized and make sure we have all our little lists checked off.

I'm sure it will be a great night for a great cause.

I hope I am able to post next time that we exceeded our totals from last year!



  1. OMG Kim!
    I am so envious! Hooking at Deanne Fitzpatricks! She is my idol! I hope Kim S will find much happiness in her new endeavor. She has the cream of the hooking world surrounding her! Thanks so much for posting this! One can only hope and dream.........♡♡♡ Cathy G

  2. Kim, I look sort of chubby in that picture. Could you photoshop it? Smile.Thanks for posting those pictures of the studio.

  3. Oh Lordie, be soooo lucky to attend a workshop with Deanne. I adore her work; I saw a display she had at "The Rooms" in St. John's last year but regret that I didn't spend enough time gazing at all of them....She is just GREAT!!!Her studio looks superb...

  4. Hi Kim,
    What great fun you must of had! Wish I could find a friend who would teach me the hooking ropes! I am still waiting on the blank fabric from your last post ... and now I want to see a chair pad.
    Good Luck and I hope you exceeded last years by 10 times!

  5. Oh so envious! That looks like just sort of inspiring gathering that would do me wonders right now. But.....just seeing this post makes me want to get back to my frame!

  6. Wow Kim you ladies really know how to have a hooking party. Wish I were your next recruit....
    Now I am wanting something sweet and chocolate..
    I so wish I could do what you are doing.
    No the valentine was not from the cute little hottie...hahahaha

  7. How lucky are you to be able to go to Deanne Fitzpatrick's for a class!!!! It's on my to-do list ~ would you show a picture of your chair pad ~ thank you!