Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Blessing? Or Omen.....?

You know "those" people?  The ones who appear to breeze through life with no complications and everything seems to go their way.  Well, I'm not one of those people!  My Mom used to say they had a four leaf clover up their butt. Lol 

I was planning to start vacation at 1:30 today. You know, have the afternoon to get ready for my trip, in a leisurely organized manner.  Hrumph!  In actuality I ran out the door at 4:30, leaving a pile of papers and to-do's that were screaming at me as I turned my back and ran.  Whatever!  

Then I stopped at the garage for a quick car check up.  I was ready to leave when one of the guys looked down and there it was......a nail in my tire 

And of course they didn't have that tire in stock.  So they put in a plug and we all said a prayer.  (Confession, I was more like muttering profanities but....). 

You could look on the bright side and say how lucky he saw it before I got stranded somewhere.  Yeah, probably the right attitude.  But I hope it was not a foreboding travel omen......(insert dramatic music here)

One more sleep and I'm on the road!  Look out New England -- Here I come!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Secret's out......soooo excited

Last post I mentioned I had given myself a little birthday present.   I'm giving myself a little vacation

A Girls Getaway Weekend!!  I leave Thursday and I am heading into Maine and New Hampshire and I'm meeting up with a couple of "hookers".   There is talk of lobster, wine, shopping, wool and lots of FUN.  I'm sooo excited.  It's been so long since I have been able to get away and I am so happy that these lovely ladies have included me in this weekend.  

AND there is going to be a visit to the Dorr Mill Store. (Hear the choir of hooker angels singing hallelujah?).  Wool heaven!!   In the event I go insane buying wool and get thrown in customs border jail -- will anyone of you help pay my bail??

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Better than the first

Birthday weekend has come and gone.  How's that old saying go? --- "another year older and deeper in debt".  Lol. Not really.   I'm happy to report this birthday was better than my first ....

Look at that face!!  Apparently something displeased me.  I would guess that I probably went into full blow tantrum mode after this picture was taken.  :)

In the interest of full disclosure I should confess that I sometimes still make this face!

Today (after leftover birthday cake for breakfast) I started a new little chair mat.  It seems I'm still in my "chicken" phase.  

This is Henrietta Little, a pattern by Deb Day that is in the latest Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine. It should finish up quickly.  And so far I'm using only leftover worms - haven't had to cut yet. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend (and a long weekend for my American friends).

Oh, and I'm giving myself a little birthday present soon.  But more on that later 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Betwixt and between

I hate it when I'm in between hooking projects.  Especially since I've been quite productive hooking lately.  And I know once the weather gets hot I won't get much done.  I have several fun patterns in the to-do pile.  
Recently I've hooked a few patterns designed by Yvonne Buus and really enjoyed them.  A couple of weeks ago she mentioned on Facebook that she had a brand new design and was looking for someone to hook it along with her and post our progress.  I of course jumped on the offer.  So I'm waiting for it to arrive.  I didn't want to be in the middle of another project so I'm waiting.  I can't wait to see it.

In the meantime I'm adding more projects to the to-do pile.  Tonight I picked up a copy of the Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine.  I've never bought one before and I am loving this edition 

And there is another Yvonne Buus pattern inside - Keeper of the Bees.   Good thing I'm going on a wool shopping spree soon (wink).   So many projects, the hook will be sending off sparks!

And the new Taste of Home magazine arrived so I can keep up my strength for all these projects. 

It's almost the weekend...........

Monday, May 19, 2014

It was great while it lasted

The first long weekend of summer is over.  It delivered rest, relaxation and even some warm sunny days.  You can't ask for more than that.  (Well, it could have been longer but....)

I did get my Colonial Williamsburg rug completed and yes, even the binding.  It's a Vintage Heart Primitives design and it's listed in my etsy shop.  I love her little linen apron :)

One last thing to mention that is almost's the Dancing With The Stars finale.   Hence my short post.  Gotta go cheer for Maks

Sunday, May 18, 2014

I was waiting

I guess I was waiting for something exciting to happen - something blog worthy.  But since that hasn't happened I decided to post anyway.    I did manage to squeeze in a hair color and a massage.   Other than that, I just worked and hooked some more on the Colonial Williamsburg pattern.  It's all hooked and is waiting for the binding (groan).  

I am going to start that part tomorrow. And I am going to make her a little apron to attach to her dress. Well, that's the plan for now.  

Spring weather has arrived and the leaves have finally popped out on the trees and shrubs.  A few nice sunny days in a row was all we needed.  Yesterday and today were gorgeous.  Lawn chairs on the back deck with a coffee and a book.  I dug out a tank top and a pair of shorts and discovered something terrible......

My shorts seem to be a wee bit more snug than last year.   Uh oh!!  I tried to blame it on the clothes dryer for shrinking them but I don't think anyone is buying that story.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

And it happened again.....

I can hardly believe this actually happened again but it did.  And it leads me to wonder just how often it happens and people don't notice.  

If you remember I recently blogged about getting a large bill for prescriptions for Mom after she passed away.  I ranted about it here

Things were supposedly fixed and I got the correct billing amount for February and I payed it.  (After multiple phone calls).  So then yesterday I got 2 envelopes from the pharmacy.  I opened the first one and it showed my payment and a zero balance.  Yay!  Then I opened the 2nd one and it was another $200 bill for prescriptions in April.   APRIL.......!

Luckily I kept the name of the rep who helped me before.  I called her again and when she went looking in the computer it appears there is another lady with the same surname who lives in the same facility Mom was in.  Apparently our account numbers were 1 digit off so I have been getting her bills.  

Geez, can you imagine?  You would think with something as important as medications in a nursing home they would be a little more careful.  I wonder if Mom was still alive if I would have scrutinized the bills so close.  I probably would have just payed it.   

I need a vacation!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Changing directions

I had to do it.  That other rug is now at the bottom of the pile - the ever growing unfinished pile.  Pfft, who cares.  I had developed a mental block on that rug.  

But it's amazing how a little change in direction can motivate you.  I drew out a new pattern yesterday and hooked the rest of the afternoon.   Projects hook up quickly when you're enjoying it, instead of plodding along just to get-er-done.

This is the Colonial Williamsburg pattern from Vintage Heart Primitives.

Not much more accomplished tonight.  Gotta watch Dancing With The Stars!!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

When it's not working

What do you do when a project is just not working?  For some reason (which makes no sense to me now) this seemed like a great idea for a smallish rug last weekend.   Well it's not working out like I had hoped.  Actually I'm really not liking it at all.  

This afternoon I convinced myself to just keep going - it would get better.  (Somehow miraculously transform into something I like).   Every strip I pulled was torture.  It just feels like a waste of wool.  I think I'm going to abandon for now

What do you do when a project goes sideways?   Do you keep going or throw it in the "someday" pile?  One cross stitching blogger I follow has an interesting way of dealing with these situations -- she burns it.  Lol 

I have to show you this sweet gift I received yesterday.  A watercolor of forget-me-nots in a teacup.  I just love it 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

A quick Whodunnit -- neighborhood style

It's never dull in my neighborhood.  We have had a real mystery on our hands.  (Ok, prepare for some serious mocking ahead).  Recall my recent post about how this is municipal Clean-up week where you can put all your crap and garbage on your front lawn and it will disappear.   Scavengers have been in their glory.  Whatever is left behind the town will pick up for disposal.

So apparently I have a genius on my street.  A vacant house has been under renovation for awhile.  When I say awhile, I mean it.  There has been scaffolding up for over 2 years.  This guy shows up about once a month and does adds another strip of siding.  Not kidding!  About 2 weeks ago he put an old claw foot bathtub on the front lawn.  

Do you see where this is headed yet??  At some point between Monday evening and Tuesday morning it disappeared.  Those old things are valuable and in high demand so no surprise, right?  Then later in the day the police are knocking on my door - interviewing all the neighbors about the missing tub.  

LOL.  This dude called the police and reported his tub stolen.  Apparently he said he wasn't throwing it out (although he put it with the rest of his garbage pile).   And THEN today he put this on his front lawn

You really have to wonder!!  :)

Sunday, May 4, 2014

We are becoming a zoo

I think our property is becoming a wildlife preserve.  But not a welcome one.  First there is my old "pal", the groundhog  who I have blogged about many times.  And let's not forget the skunks who have tormented me for 2 years now and I have blogged about many, many times.  Yes, I saw 2 of them a few weeks ago but not since.  They are probably waiting for me to drop my guard.  Arrgh !

Then a couple of weeks ago I started hearing this strange noise in the back yard.  I can only explain the sound as a cross between a giant, angry bullfrog that is croaking and growling at the same time.  Lol.  And a few days ago I discovered the source of this gawd awful sound.  A friggin pheasant has now taken up residence in the back yard ravine.

Do you see him?  He is a little camera shy although he was out in the open until I got out my phone.  I tried to get a little closer but he was getting skittish and to be honest.....I'm a little scared of him.  For some reason I think if I get too close he will attack me.  That seems like the kind of thing that would happen to me, right?   I can hardly wait to see what other woodland creature calls my yard home!  Not!!  And the worst part is, I don't live in the country.  I'm in the middle of town.

Other than that, it was a nice weekend.  Yesterday was sunny and warm so Auntie and I went for a nice drive to Parrsboro (and our favorite little shop). We picked up a few things, but mostly it was just nice to be out on a beautiful spring day.  Then we went out for a nice supper.  (In fact I've managed to go the entire weekend without cooking at all)

And I FINALLY got our taxes sent in today.  Nothing like cutting it close!  Tomorrow is the deadline.  Whew!  

Lastly, a hooking update.  I've been stuck for a few days.  First I couldn't decide what to start next.  Either I didn't have the right wool for one project, or the right size linen for another.  I had one lonely little end left and then I found inspiration in an unlikely place --- a paper napkin!   It was kind of a funky, abstract design and as soon as I saw it I thought it might make a good rug.

We will see what happens but I think it will be interesting (if nothing else)

Friday, May 2, 2014

Here it comes - The Rant

Seems like I have a fair amount to get off my chest so hold on, here it comes.  

Let's try to categorize and lump this pile together into "blogger, google and sundry internet issues". That should cover it.   Blogger has been acting very much like a petulant teenager lately.  Sometimes I publish a blog post yet it doesn't show up in anyone's newsfeed for 4, 5, or 6 hours.   What's up with that?  I sit her and wait for the lovely, entertaining and fun comments of my blogger peeps and nothing!  It's like nobody loves me......
And sometimes lately I'm not getting email notifications of every comment, only some.  I open up the blog the next day and see several comments for the first time. What's up with that??
Then I have very carefully avoided google plus.  I don't understand why I need it, I don't want and I'm not gonna do it.

So one day I am trying to comment on a new blog (that coincidentally was a google + blog) and I'm going through the comment process without paying much attention and the prompts are leading me down the friggin garden path and BOOM -- suddenly I have inadvertently signed up for google+.   Arrrghhhhhhhh and there is NO WAY BACK.  I searched and searched and the only way out is to delete your entire goggle account.  That would delete the blog.   Stop tricking me into signing up for stupid google programs. 

And lastly (in this category) I'm a little creeped out by the ad stalking on the internet.

Recently I was looking for map pins on an office supply website.   The next day, on my Facebook sidebar I see an ad from that company for map pins.  Hmmm strange coincidence, right?   WRONG.  
Seems like your google searches for specific companies then magically appear on Facebook ads, for the "exact" item you were looking at.  Aldo boots, nike sneakers, colored post-it flags.......  BUZZ OFF, that is just too creepy stalker-ish.

Next category - Food.
If you've followed for awhile you know I have some funny quirks with food and textures.  Let me re-state for the newbies - crunchy things don't belong in sandwiches - raw onions, celery, lettuce.....blech!  Can't mix crunchy and soft.  Lol   
(Google pic)
Last week I ordered a yummy chicken pesto wrap from the local deli.  I was starving but when it came it was overloaded with greens.  By the time I picked it out I had a bowlful.  If I wanted a salad, I would have ordered a salad.  (Spoken like a hard core carnivore eh!)).  Enough with the lettuce fillers!!

This will be the last. I suspect if you're still reading, you've had enough :)
Garbage -  well it's municipal spring clean up time.  What this means is that for a week people can leave all their useless crap on their front lawn and it will be taken away.  People start putting stuff out weeks ahead and the town looks like a dump.  
A scene up the street

But the worst is the scavengers!  I know, I know - one mans trash is another's treasure.  And it's recycling at its best.  But I'm sorry - I don't want strangers pawing through the junk on my lawn.  It's garbage, it's mine, back off!  And they don't even keep it neat.  You get up in the morning and the scavengers have scattered crap all over the lawn, sidewalk etc, hoping some treasure is in the bottom??   It's not!  Stay off my lawn.   This year my pile won't be put out until I see the truck coming down the street.  

Should I push my luck with one more??  I recently got a huge bill for medications for my mother - that she supposedly took in March.  I don't think so..... It took 4 long distance calls being passed from one un-helpful person to another.  The last guy took the brunt of my frustration.  After not listening to me try to explain, he insisted that my mother DID get those meds in March.  I replied "I can guarantee she didn't take those meds in March because she died in February".   That shut him up real quick and suddenly he was able to fix it. 

Whew, I feel better getting all that off my chest!   Happy weekend folks

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Before the rant - The Rave

I have a few things to rave about (in a good way).  Seems like I have to be in just the right mood to rant (but it's coming soon)   But some lovely things have happened and I wanted to share.   

First I was lucky to win a giveaway!  Deborah from Woolensails blog ( hosted a giveaway and the winner got to pick a pattern from her site.   Yeahhhh!   I picked the Antique Black Cat

I can't wait to hook this one.   And then today I had more surprises - 2 envelopes.  Inside the first one was this little gift, wrapped in wool from the lovely Donna from the blog A little of this and a little of that (

A beautiful pencil hook.  It is so pretty and I am anxious to give it a test drive tomorrow night

And my third surprise was a pattern gift from Yvonne from Vintage Hearts Primitives. (  It's her new Colonial Williamsburg pattern.  

I'm definitely a happy hooker today.  Thank you Ladies!!  Blog gals are the best