Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Feet and very unhappy eyes

Today I got a nice surprise in the mail.   The contents of the envelope made my feet very happy.

These beautiful hand knit socks from my friend Meg.  They are so comfy and the color looks like Spring.  I love them.  Meg knits all kinds of beautiful things.  You can check them out at Little Bit of Knittery. 

Now for the 2nd part of this post title.  My eyes may be permanently damaged from what I saw tonight.  (If you are local and reading this - don't blab)   This is probably something I shouldn't share but I can't help myself.

I was working late tonight with a large group.  We had about a 5 minute break before the televised portion of the meeting.   It was the only opportunity for a bathroom break.  I headed to the other side of the building to the washroom.  I was wearing my high heel boots and clicked loudly all the way across the tile floors.  (This is important as it proves I was making noise - not sneaking) 

I got to the door and flung it open........and then IT HAPPENED

The door opened and the bathroom was not empty.  He yelled NO - (about 5 seconds too late I might add) at the same time I screamed (more like a traumatizing groan).  I slammed the door and ran to the end of the hall.  And then the giggles started - uncontrollable I might add.   I should note here - I saw nothing (just sayin)  But I am traumatized

Like seriously - - - who doesn't lock the door??
This will certainly be a meeting I won't soon forget.  I don't typically drink on a Monday night but I think tonight one is in order. 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday at home

Another weekend is coming to an end. It was a bright sunny day that melted most of the new snow.  I played with  wool and sharpies this morning. 

Its hard to go wrong when you spend a day doing something you love.  Just a simple little idea on the frame. 

I love the early stages of a new project.  It could be anything, changes are still easy to do and it always looks great in your head.  Lol 

I think it was Ellen who asked for the pattern for the knit chemo cap.  Here is the link to the very simple pattern 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Weather, projects and a blank canvas

All week the weather reports indicated a storm for Friday.  Snow, rain and freezing rain - the triple threat.  Earlier in the week I had booked off Friday afternoon for another committment.  The weather prevented me from travelling but I still took the afternoon off.

I cuddled up with Millie in front of the fireplace and watched the snow blow by the window.  I love afternoons like that (especially during the week).  I even turned the ringer off on my blackberry. It is nice to have no distractions for a few hours.  I knit another chemo cap while I was in between hooking projects. 

Although the snow accumulation wasn't much, the freezing rain caused a mess.  This morning I had to chisel out both cars and the walkway.  Doing that with a windchill of minus 10 was not a fun job.  I suppose I should look on the bright side - at least it wasn't a foot of snow.

This afternoon I finished the binding on my auction rug.  Now I'm all ready to start something new.  I have a half yard of linen and a new pack of sharpies.  Yippee   I have a few small mats in my head.  I don't want to do another bigger project for awhile.

Now its time to think of a few little ideas to reduce the supply of wool strips that are multiplying.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Battle of the sexes

I supposed you may have guessed from this picture that the weekly Weigh-In did not go well today. 

I gained (sob, sob).  It was only .4 pounds (that's point 4  - NOT 4 pounds)  So less than half a pound but still crappy.

However I was not alone.  Seven people gained this week. 

Unfortunately it was all the women.  All the men lost this week.

So you can imagine the conversations.  There was considerable gloating.

About mid morning I heard a couple of the men down at the end of the hall talking in exaggerated loud voices.  This is how part of the conversation went:

"I think we better call the Engineering Department to come up here and check out the building.  I'm not sure it is structurally sound enough to hold all the extra weight on this floor." 

I'm sorry, but there is no other word .........Assholes ! 

There is one week left in the challenge and now the ladies are all riled up.  Look out boys - We're gunning for you next week!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just a small town girl

Today I realized just how much of a small town girl I have become.   I had to travel into the "big city" today for a meeting. 

There was a time when I would use any excuse to go to Halifax.  It was vibrant, exciting and all that good stuff.  So many stores, specialty shops, cafes, restaurants, clubs etc.   But today I realized those feelings were from my 20's.

Today, in my 40's it was nothing like that.  It was crowded, chaotic and annoying.  Too much traffic, so many lanes, merging, turning, bicycles whizzing in and out of traffic and pedestrians who (apparently) think it's OK to just dash out in front of moving cars.    Oh and don't forget the maze of one-way streets downtown - so if you turn left one street too soon, you have to take 20 flippin minutes to loop back around the circle.  

And parking downtown.........HA !  I arrive downtown just at lunch hour (when all the pedestrians are running freely through the streets oblivious to traffic laws).  I get to the hotel where my meeting is being held.  No apparent guest parking.  Directly across the street is a parking lot.  The signs say paid hourly parking but both entrances are wide open.  No toll booths or ticket machines.  I thought "this is just too good to be true".  I parked and as I walked across the street I started to get that nagging feeling.  "This can't be right. What if I come out a dusk and rush hour and my car has been towed??"

I walked into the hotel lobby where I was met by Mr. Snotty Concierge.  I told him I was at the hotel for a meeting and wanted to know where I could park.  (This is a reasonable question, Right?)
He looks at me and in a very bad faux british accent says..."Well, I don't know"............

Huh?  What do you mean you don't know?  Aren't you the Concierge for this hotel??  So I am a bit taken aback, so I tell him I have parked in the parking lot across the street.  Is that OK?  He scrunches up his stupid face and says "What parking lot?" 

Now people - - - the ONLY thing across the street from this hotel is a parking lot.  The-only-thing!! So now I am starting to get annoyed, like a lot.    We walk out the door and I point across the street like a moron.  As I am AGAIN asking him about this lot - TWICE he put a finger up in the air, then clutched his friggin headset and says (in that fake British accent) "ooh, I'm being summoned".    Seriously ??  He was prancing around with that headset like he was running The Plaza in New York City.   Its a flippin Marriott for pete's sake!

He's prancing around with that fake accent and that stupid headset like he is all that and a bag of chips!
Now I'm mad.  I ask him when they host meetings/conferences, where do people park?    Jeeves looks at me again.  Then he stumbles out some babble about having to contact the meeting organizer to ask about parking blah blah blah. 

Finally I'm so close to doing something really special with that headset - I take a deep breath and remind him - I am prepared to pay for parking - I expect to pay for parking - I know its the city - you pay to park - I JUST NEED TO KNOW WHERE

Sigh....Jeeves is now befuddled and I am just fed up.  I said never mind, I'll take my chances in the mystery lot.  If I get towed that would still be a better experience than this exchange.    I plopped my fed-up butt in the lobby lounge to wait for my session to start.  (Yes, bitchy I know)

A few minutes later Jeeves prances over and says.......(are you ready for this?)  "The valet can park your car underground for the afternoon for $10"    WELL, why didn't you friggin say that in the first place??

I was so happy to get back to my sweet little small town tonight.  When I was younger "they" said it would happen.  I didn't believe it.  As I get older I am becoming a cranky old woman!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

First finish of 2012

I just finished the hooking on this rug.  I pushed it hard this weekend to get this part finished.  It will be a couple of days before I get the binding completed but it is a sigh of relief to get this completed with a little time to spare.

This is my donation to a fund raiser for Palliative Care in memory of a friend who died from cancer.

The colors are off a bit because this is just an iPad photo, but you get the idea.   Now I need to start thinking of a new project.   I get twitchy without a plan.

Thanks for your patience while I continue to play around with the blog settings.  

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Consider this a warning - especially if you are one of those trying
to drop a few pounds this month.

Do not go to the grocery store before lunch !!  There is danger around every corner.

I breezed past the fruits and vegetables and then saw these

Amazing!  And when it says on the label "bursting with flavors" - It is telling the truth.

And before you ask, I have no intention of reading the nutritional info on the back.  It will just ruin this fabulous new relationship. 

I just puttered around today and hooked a little.  I won't be finished this rug by tomorrow but I will show it to in tomorrows post.   And then I wasted some time on pinterest

I found this and it was too cute not to share.  Lauren, this is for you

Friday, January 20, 2012


I struggled last night with some of the settings in blogger.  I tried to make some changes but it wouldn't work.  I did hear from a couple of people last night that they couldn't leave comments.  But that could have been when I was messing around with the settings.

I just tried to change a couple of settings regarding comments and it seems to be ok - not freezing like last night. 

I hope this works and that you can still comment.  I do so love to get your comments :)

Let me know, OK

UPDATE:   Blogger: 1      Kim: 0     I give up.  Frustration level overload.  All I want to do is change my comment form back to embedded from pop up window.  It will let me change it but then the screen freezes - every flippin time.   Arrgh - I give up.   Blogger, you win.   Bahhhh

Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's Loser Thursday

It is weigh-in day at work for the weight loss / wellness challenge.

Drum roll please . . . . .   I'm a Loser.  Only .6 pounds this week though.    And by the way - I just want to draw your attention to the .6  which is slightly more than half a pound.  I am not rounding down for reporting - I want credit for every ounce.  LOL   So the total weight loss for 2 weeks is now  2 .4 pounds  (but if you want to round UP in this instance to 2 and a half - I'm OK with that.) 

It's funny how we are with rounding numbers eh! 

I know that any amount down is a good thing, and that is exactly what I would tell any of you - but the truth is - I'm a little disappointed.  

I had hoped it would be more but the truth is I know what happened.  I didn't drink as much water each day as I should have and I didn't really do a lot of activity.  All of which are important.  And I spent a lot of time in long meetings this past week - sitting on my butt for 3 -4 hours straight.

But now I'm focused and motivated again.  I want to see that number on the scale drop more next week. 

I wonder if this would work ?

Wouldn't it be nice if it was this easy ?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A chat with Wendell

I'm going to join in again with Everyday Ruralty's Chats on the Porch.  Our usual hostess Patrice is taking a little break and has handed off responsibility to her handsome and charming friend, Wendell the horse. 

Here are the questions this week.

  1. What's your favorite kind of chili?
I happen to think I make the best chili.  Nothing fancy, but lots of meat, tomatoes, beans, mushrooms and spicy.  And then add a little more spice :)

2.   What do you usually do when you feel a cold coming on?

I thought I was coming down with a cold last night.  I made tea with honey and went to bed early.  I don't really have any special home-style remedy but if you have any - let me know.

3.   Rice, potatoes, or pasta?

Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes - any way

4.   What kind of camera do you use?

I use a Canon Rebel SLR.  I'm dreaming of added a wide angle lens this year.

5.  Are you a night owl or an early bird?

I've always been a night owl.  However, as I get older I do appreciate the quiet of early mornings.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


We are in a cold snap. It makes you crave the comforts of home. A cozy fire and a good old fashioned meal of meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

Miss Millie went missing earlier. I called her name and this little head popped up from underneath a nest of blankets she created. What a spoiled little pooch.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Afternoon social

This afternoon I was invited to a friend's house for a little afternoon social.  Well, sort of.  Actually it was one of those selling parties - like those old time tupperware parties.

I hate those things.  You always feel obligated to buy something and the prices are always high.  (Its OK to say this, she doesn't read my blog)
But I don't get to see her very often so that part was nice and I saw some other people I knew.  I had a nice time.  And yes,  I bought some things.

The party was for Epicure products.  Its a line of spices, seasonings and bakeware.  I ordered a few spice blends and a new silicone steamer.

And I even behaved at the snack table.  I sampled a few dips with veggies and stuck close to the fruit tray.   And tonight, although I am dreaming of potato chips, I am munching on grapes (zero points)

I am spending less time on the computer the past few days and more time hooking.  I peek in on all of you every once in awhile but am not leaving as many comments.   I will catch up with you all soon, but I really need to get this rug a little further along before I can relax. 

So, here is another little piece of the puzzle.   Short post, but just wanted you to know I was still alive.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm a Loser

Now, before you all jump to conclusions that I have plummeting self esteem issues . . . . .

Today was the Week 1 weigh-in at work for the January Wellness Challenge.

Despite a ridiculously delicious high calorie french cuisine feast Friday night that led off a weekend of grazing on snack food - - - I managed to lose 1.8 pounds

I was pleasantly surprised.  So that gave me the motivation to keep going for the next week.  After the weekend I figured I had blown it but now I'm ready to repeat the losing trend next week. 

I still haven't cracked the 10,000 step threshold with the pedometer yet but I'm hopeful.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


The sparks have been flying off the hook the past couple of days.  It feels great to be working on a new project again.  And the extra push of the looming deadline doesn't hurt either. 

My friend Julia from Of Petals and Wool blog asked me if I was going to let the new rug design be a bit of a guessing game again.     Well,  Yes I am.  Mainly for the reason that I think it could get boring if I show you the whole thing and then just keep updating with smaller and smaller blank spaces.

That's no fun.  So I think I'll just show you different areas of the rug - like little puzzle pieces.   Here is the next installment

Sorry this post isn't more lively or informative but this should hold you over for a few days, until something exciting, aggravating, annoying or just plain crazy happens.

Kim :)

P.S.  The toe has stopped throbbing and is less purple and more violet today.  Progress !

Monday, January 9, 2012

This little piggy

Remember the children's story about the little pigs.  Well, one piggy went to market, one little piggy stayed home, one little piggy ate roast beef . . . . . .

And my next little piggy is BROKEN!  Swollen to at least twice its normal size and the loveliest (not) shade of purple.

I have a terrible habit of kicking off my shoes under my desk and tucking my feet under me when I am in middle of a big project.  I went down the hall to the copier in my sock feet and heard my phone ring.  I ran to catch the phone and BAM - caught my foot on the edge of the desk.   Stupid

Despite that unfortunate incident I got two big projects completed and submitted today. I think having those hanging over my head at work was stifling my creativity at home.   Since that little breakthrough I have picked up the hook again.  Plus the looming deadline of needing a new rug by February 10th was additional incentive.

So the countdown is on.  (And the throbbing continues)

Sunday, January 8, 2012


This was the 2nd rug I hooked several years ago.  It is a Deanne Fitzpatrick design - Coastal Girls.  I loved this pattern as soon as I saw it.  Having grown up along the Coast and being surrounded by some incredible women, I loved what this rug expressed.  This rug resides beside my bed.  It is the last thing I see at night and the first thing I step on in the morning.   As soon as I got up this morning, I knew how this post would develop.

It has been several days since I blogged.  There has been a lot going on - some good and some not so good.  But in all of it I experienced some extraordinary women.   There was an evening of laughter.  I sat and looked around at this particular group of women - all different in ages, personality, background etc however all extremely accomplished in their own lives.   It was an experience I am happy I allowed myself to participate in.  I am learning a lot about myself in the past few years.  I am more open to new experiences, to stepping outside of my comfort zone.  That is perhaps one of the things that struck me this weekend - the confidence and openness of women.

The other spectrum of the weekend involved laughter and tears.  I spent some time with a friend who was facing a different type of personal challenge.  Sometimes, through no fault of our own, we find ourselves at a crossroads.  And sometimes neither option is appealing. There are times when you get caught up in someone elses "Bat-Shit Crazy".   Over the past couple of days, we have had several conversations and I had tried to encourage the high road. 

I was so proud of her for chosing quiet dignity as opposed to a few moments of satisfaction.  We all know that sometimes the desire to "stick-it-to-someone" can be strong and alluring but it doesn't last.   It was just another reminder of the strength and power of women in our daily lives. 

Take some time to look around and appreciate the women in your lives.  You will see strength, kindness, support, generosity, compassion, knowledge, and leadership.  Surround yourself with good people and good things will follow.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Clever Marketing or . . . . .

Sometimes it is a fine line between savy, clever marketing and down-right manipulation.

To what am I referring ?   Quaker Weight Control Oatmeal.  The clever marketing part - "specially formulated to make you feel full longer"

The actual truth - It is so bad that it actually removes your desire to ever eat again.  Yes people - It is that BAD.

This morning I removed it from the microwave (following the package directions exactly) and as I stirred it up - it was like a glue-like substance.  I bravely and against my better judgement took a bite.  N-O-T  good.  I picked up the spoon, turned it upside down, shook it a little and it didn't move or fall off.  I have another marketing suggestion for the company. . . .

It could be used by bricklayers as a substitute for MORTAR.  Each bite I gagged down seemed to fall to the bottom of my stomach and meld together into one glue-like lump.  At the mid point I even added some extra milk to try and thin it out a bit.   The milk just disappeared and it didn't get any thinner.   That part was a little disturbing.

The only accurate part on the packaging was that I didn't want to eat the rest of the morning.  That lump remained ever present for hours, effectively removing any desire to eat - - - anything. And there was also a very disturbing coating of the inside of my mouth, even after brushing my teeth.   Aaackkkk.

So clearly by now you have figured out this is not a paid endorsement from the Quaker company.  Lol

Other than that little experiment, I have stuck to the Weight Watchers plan today.  There was a tiny moment of weakness around 3pm but I powered through it without cheating.  I'm going to have to bring a piece of fruit or something to work for mid afternoon.  I even have a few points left to spare today.

Now - On to more serious business (If anyone is still here reading this foolishness)  I need your help

 As many of you know I always hook a special rug and donate it in February to an auction to raise money for Palliative Care in memory of my friend Tim.

Well, it is one month away and I have nothing.  I have a nice new piece of linen and a brand new pack of sharpies but no ideas.

Since I'm crunched for time, it can't be a very detailed rug.  Something fairly simple.   And just to muddy the water a little more, I have always incorporated hearts into the past 3 rugs.     Any ideas ?  Suggestions ?  Design thoughts ?

Please help me Ladies - This is for a good cause. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Starting Fresh

I thought I better keep my hands busy typing a new post so I won't use my hands to stuff food in my mouth. 

Today was the first day back to work and if that alone wasn't rough enough - I had a mental fart and signed up for the January wellness challenge. 

What Was I Thinking ???   I must have been distracted by the discomfort of having to wear real, presentable clothes for the first day in 2 weeks.  Oh, how I missed my jeans and baggy sweater this morning.

All the chips, pretzels etc are gone from the house.  (I miss them already)    I went to the grocery store after supper and picked up some . . . . . "healthy food".  Gosh that was hard to say.  I didn't even walk down the fun aisle.  You know that magical aisle where all the chips and cookies live.  (sigh)

Tomorrow morning this will be breakfast (plus a coffee which has zero calories)

The box says it is specially formulated to make you feel full longer.  Hmmm, I supposed you wouldn't be hungry after eating soggy sawdust.   I also bought some fresh raspberries to throw on top.  I plan to pretend each spoonful is actually a cookie.   Wish me luck.

I also strapped on the pedometer as soon as I got to work.  I'm going to keep a log of steps each day.

Since I was at my desk for most of the day, I didn't break any records.  But every chance I took the long way to try and get a few extra steps in.  So the count so far (and I don't expect it to climb much more tonight) is just under 6000 steps.   I'll try to do better each day. 

I also began tracking my food/calories all day.  I did it in both Weight Watchers on-line with the point system and also in by calories.  I'll continue with both for a few days to see which system I like the best.   (So far WW is winning because it says I still have 3 points left whereas stupid Livestrong says I exceed my calories by 200)  Pfft Whatever.

I contemplated starting a new blog to track this journey, but to be honest - - - I'm not sure how long my committment to this will last.  LOL  Might as well be honest.

But for now - I'm giving it a try.   My goal is 10 - 15 pounds  and for my arms and legs to not jiggle so much.  

Wish me luck - I'm not well known for having a lot of self control :)     By the way,  did anyone ever notice the first 3 letters in diet - - - -  D.I.E     Just sayin

Monday, January 2, 2012

First Chat of the Year

I'm joining in with Patrice over at Everyday Ruralty for another chat session.  It's always a fun way to  share and learn a little more about each other.

But first an update.  The foot is a little better today but still sore.  I haven't done much today and that seemed to help.  It's not bruised or swollen, so still kind of a mystery.

There is also the theory that it is psychological.  I am signed up to participate in a January weight loss/fitness challenge at work.  I wonder if my foot decided to save me from all the trouble ?   LOL  Probably not !  

The first weigh-in is Thursday morning so my strategy has been to eat like a demon for the past two weeks so I can have a heavy weigh-in for week one and then look like a star for week two.   I have been attacking the rest of the junk food in the house today.  The only flaw in my plan . . . . . .  I may have forgotten that it isn't as easy to take off the pounds as it is to put them on - especially when you are 40-something.   Dang it - there is always a glitch in my plans :)

Anyway, now on to Patrice's questions

  1. What's your favorite kind of tree?
There are lots of beautiful flowering trees but the blooms never last long enough for me.  So I will say that my favorite is a red maple.  And the leaves are just as pretty on the ground as they are on the tree.

2.     How did you celebrate the New Year?

Sadly, I stayed home and fell asleep on the sofa sometime before 10pm.  Hopefully next year I will have a much more exciting answer to this question.

3.   Do you have any family traditions for the New Year?

Hmmm, another boring answer here.  I don't think we have any special New Years traditions except that everyone gets a small gift on the morning of January 1.  This year everyone got socks.  (We really didn't put a lot of thought into this year eh)

4.    I'm so glad I____________ in 2011.

I'm so glad for many things in my life.  I can't narrow it down to just one

5.     Did you have a nickname as a child?

My grandfather called me "The Baby".  The name stuck for years.  A few years ago my cousin told me her entire family always referred to me as "Baby Kim"

There are just  a few precious hours left of vacation.  Back to work tomorrow (big sigh)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year Mystery

I stayed in last night and the highlight of New Years Eve was skyping with Baby Emerson in the Netherlands.  He is usually sleeping when I call (those 2 month olds are so lazy).  But last night he was wide awake and ready to party.  He has grown so much.  It is so amazing to be able to video chat half way around the world.    Then I fell asleep on the sofa.  I am a PAR-TAY  ANIMAL.

This morning I got up with the mission to wipe out Christmas decor from the house.  I'll probably find the odd nick-nack here or there for a few days but I think I made a pretty good sweep of the house.  Countless treks up and down the ricketty basement steps and super-hero feats of strength as I lifted large heavy totes up on the high shelves.  I was really missing the handy-man today.

Then sometime later in the afternoon (here is the mystery part) I got up from the sofa and my right foot hurt.  Each step a little worse.  ? ? ?   So, what happened . . .   I have no idea.  And before you say it - I had nothing to drink last night or today.   How can it be that you can barely walk on your foot and have absolutely no memory of hurting it ?

I don't know what happened but I can hardly put any weight on it tonight and the top and side and kind of burning a little now.  Sheesh.    I mean seriously, how can you hurt your foot by doing nothing?  I'm hobbling around tonight like I'm a 90 year old.

And not only am I starting the new year lame, I am also starting out looking like a sexy beast

Don't ya just love the sexy red jammies and super-hot purple socks.  I mean  really - - - - Lol

The outfit is partly due to the fact that it is just so darn comfortable but also because I did not do laundry today.  I read on someone's blog recently (sorry, I forget which one) that it is bad luck to do laundry on New Years Day.  Has anyone ever heard of this before ?   I didn't want to take any chances - my foot might actually fall off