Wednesday, January 11, 2012


The sparks have been flying off the hook the past couple of days.  It feels great to be working on a new project again.  And the extra push of the looming deadline doesn't hurt either. 

My friend Julia from Of Petals and Wool blog asked me if I was going to let the new rug design be a bit of a guessing game again.     Well,  Yes I am.  Mainly for the reason that I think it could get boring if I show you the whole thing and then just keep updating with smaller and smaller blank spaces.

That's no fun.  So I think I'll just show you different areas of the rug - like little puzzle pieces.   Here is the next installment

Sorry this post isn't more lively or informative but this should hold you over for a few days, until something exciting, aggravating, annoying or just plain crazy happens.

Kim :)

P.S.  The toe has stopped throbbing and is less purple and more violet today.  Progress !


  1. Aww Kim..., the teasing game again. I've learned my lesson the last time so I'll be good and wait to see what else you are reveling on your charity rug before I venture in to guess. It's looking mighty good so far.

    Your hoops are so even you should be a rug hooking teacher.

    I can't wait to see the next showing.
    Hugs, JB

  2. Kim you are such a good hooker. :) I just love seeing your work. Your letters are just great.
    It makes me want to start. I like the red and white. Glad your toe is better. :)

  3. Kim ~
    Glad the little purple piggy is doing a bit better.
    I'm sure your rug will be wonderful no matter what it is!
    Hugs :)

  4. I'm really loving forward to seeing the finished project!

  5. Oh Kim so sorry to hear about your toe. Man does that stink having a toe broken. My ex sucked three of mine up a vacuum cleaner and crushed them. Guess I share too much in my comments. lol
    Love your rug your working on. I was thrilled to see the Love on it since I had suggested a rug to you with Love on it.
    Hope your staying warm honey.
    Love ya

  6. rug questions: are you using an 8 cut? What backing are you using? How is this backing attached to your frame?

    Can you tell I am relatively new to hooking ! LOL

    I would appreciate your info. Thanks

  7. Oooh, that looks very nice! I can't wait to see it all done. You are such a tease. ;)

    I am glad your toe is better - violet is such a nice color!

  8. Just catching up with you. I've been away awhile. Sorry about your toe. Just reading it made my tummy quiver, ouch! Can't wait for the charity rug to appear. I love the "love." Be careful, no more broken toes. Thanks for the heads up on the Oatmeal.