Monday, August 31, 2009

Tonight is all about Pink!

I spent my day locked in a room full of MEN - and NOT in a good way!!

My day was consumed with labor/managment negotiations. I was the sole source of estrogen in the room. What an experience!!!

Now, don't get me wasn't all bad...but there were moments. By mid afternoon I could feel my estrogen levels declining. Oh no! Seriously, at one point I had this strange urge to belch out loud and scratch myself! LOL But I quickly regained my composure and began to repeat in my head "Think pink thoughts, think pink thoughts" Phew, it worked!

So this evening my plan is to replenish my girly levels. I'm gathering up the candles and bubble bath and heading upstairs for a nice relaxing soak.

Then a nice hot cup of tea in one of Grandma's bone china cup and saucers (that I normally consider dust collectors, but don't have the heart to get rid of). Nothing says girly like drinking with your pinky finger sticking out! Pink fluffy socks and Millie curled up beside me.....Good Plan!

Girl Power!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Stuff

Its been a busy weekend but a good one. Friday evening after that great massage and supper, I hit the grocery shopping and then Corinne left me a message that she had dyed some wool. So of course, I raced right over. I had asked her to dye me some warm fall colors. Look at these.....she did a beautiful job. I love the way they compliment each other. Now all that is left is to figure out to do with them!!Yesturday I puttered around the house a bit, but I confess I spent most of the day glued to the television watching all the Ted Kennedy coverage. I've always had an interest in politics and it was a fascinating history lesson too. I have always been a little jealous of the American patriotism. I wish Canadians were a little more like that. And who didn't have a giant lump in their throat listening to Ted Jr. tell the story of how his father helped him climb that snowy hill??

Then, in the spirit of spoiling myself, I made eggs benedict with smoked salmon for breakfast. Sooo good - I didn't even think about the calories, cholesterol etc. And since the air has cooled down considerably I felt like I needed more comfort food today. So a crock of baked beans and molasses are in the oven now. Smell them?? Yumm, the smell of them cooking is so nice. I used Grandma's recipe and her old antique bean crock, which I think is the key! I handle this crock like it is made of eggshells - I'm so scared to break it. Its been around this house forever and they are so hard to find. But they really do make a difference. I made her recipe in a slow cooker - Once! Blah, not the same.

Ooooh and then when I turned on the computer this morning I found I had a new Blog follower....Welcome Anne! I'm just like a little kid - I get sooo excited to know that I'm not out there in cyberspace talking to myself!!

Time to get out the hooking supplies and get Froggie finished. I hope you all had a great weekend too!


Friday, August 28, 2009

Perfect way to end the week

As soon as I left work tonight I headed straight to a massage appointment. What a perfect way to end a long and often frustrating work week. With busy days and caregiving evenings, I decided a few months ago it was time to start treating myself. So the occasional mani/pedi and massage appointment are just what the doctor ordered. It makes me feel so spoiled and decadent!!
Have you ever noticed the background music in a spa? Its usually some sort of Yanni - pan flute relaxation tunes. While I was mid-massage, and slipping into utter relaxation mode, I began to focus on the music. It was oddly soothing. But I couldn't help but think that if I had to listen to this at home, work or trapped in an elevator for any length of time - I might gouge my ears with a sharp, pointy object!!
But somehow, when you are face down, semi-naked and oiled up.......IT WORKS. OK - Easy Ladies - I'm still talking about a massage! Hehehe
Afterwards I picked up Mom and Auntie and we went out for a great seafood supper - grilled scallops - Yummm
Definately a great start to the weekend.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Froggie Progress

Froggie is coming along. Remember I drew him out while waiting for Hurricane Bill - who was a no-show. Sooooo, I'm calling him a Bill-frog (bull-frog.....get it??)

I'm sorry, but its been a long day and I must be getting a little loopy!! I picked out another color today which I think is for the lettering and border. Corinne - my fabulous dye-girl, was going to dye it for me today. ON HER DAY OFF! Now that is a true friend!

The weather is starting to change. Last night there was a cool breeze blowing through my window. Exactly what I like for a perfect sleeping night. I even had to pull the blanket up from the foot of my bed during the night. I love it! And this morning the room was nice and fresh! Ahhhh I love Fall.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Scared of Clowns?

I am a 40+ woman and I admit I am scared of clowns! This humorous disclosure comes after getting a wonderful laugh from another blogger buddy's post yesturday. Check out Orange Sinks blog to see the Ugly Man in her basement. Just looking at his picture creeped me out. He and I could NEVER share a living space. So this reminded me of my "Clown Thing".

Seriously, tell me these guys aren't disturbing?? And then there is CHUCKIE! Need I say anymore......

I'm not sure when it happened or how, but its never gone away. My favorite Auntie knew a lady who made handmade dolls, so every special occaision she had one made for me. They were absolutely lovely. All hand-made and stitched. Each face had a unique expression carefully stitched and shaded. True works of art. A special shelve was built in my room where they all were proudly displayed. AND THEN IT HAPPENED - it was inevitable - one year I excitedly ripped open the box and there it was................. a freakin clown!!!!!!

How was I ever going to sleep with that thing in my room?? I tried hiding it, thinking nobody would notice but that didn't work. The shelf "accidentally" broke and fell down once (not sure how that happened hahahaha). But much to my dismay, it was repaired the next day. I was convinced that HE would come to life in the night and choke me or something! My solution was to pile all the blankets up in a wall around my face. My theory was - if I couldn't see him, maybe he couldn't see me!
Well, I am not quite as crazed now, as I was as a child but I still try to avoid them as much as possible. But seriously, who doesn't believe that those ventriloquist dummies really come to life after the man puts them away in the box???

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My storm project

The rain has started so it looks like "Bill" is on the way. The Weather Network has just shown video from Halifax and it looks nasty. So we should be experiencing the worst within a couple of hours. So I though I should post quickly, just in case the power goes out. N.S. Power is reporting several outages along the coast already. I popped a little chicken in the oven so hopefully it will be cooked soon. Below is my little storm project. He's not very big so he shouldn't take too long. And I got a few tips today on finishing/binding, so I'll try a new technique on froggie.

Millie had her appointment at the "Beauty Parlour" yesturday. She had her faced shaved down, and now I think she looks like a little doe deer!! She looks like a completely different dog. I usually like her best with some fur on her face but the little devil got into something sticky and the groomer and I agreed that to clip her face would be the least traumatic for her (and me). She loves to get a bath, but all the other parts of a trip to the groomer are not fun for her. She is a squirmer. I know, I know - its because she is spoiled!!
If "Bill" delivers us anything newsworthy, I'll get some pictures and post tomorrow.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Preparing for Hurricane Bill

Well, it looks like we are not in the direct path of Bill, but are still going to feel much of the nasty effects of this storm. Hurricane force winds and torrential rain causing fun. So I have spent the morning getting ready - just in case. We have been lucky in recent years, having missed most of the worst while those arounds us - even 1 hour away have been hit hard. But Murphy's Law says that the one time I don't prepare, and go with the attitude that nothing will happen - THATS WHEN IT HAPPENS!
I dug out all the candles and flashlights, went to the bank machine for some cash and grocery store for food and just finished tying all of the patio furniture down that can't be easily moved inside. Aren't bungee cords the greatest thing?? The only way anything on the deck moves is if the entire deck flies through the air!!
AND I have figured out a Plan B for my little door hanging. Since I am disgusted with my scarecrow, and I didn't want to waste that beautiful green wool I purchased form Corinne - I have drawn out a little froggie to welcome people to my back door! So while Hurricane Bill is at work outside, I will be hooking my little project. What a great way to ride out a storm. Hmmmm, maybe I will name the frog Bill.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What an idiot!!

Yup, I'm referring to myself here, The Idiot. It all started last night when I finally got to Corinne's house to pick out some wool for this little fall themed project. I was so prepared. I had my little sketch with me and I even stuffed all my wool stash in a big bag and dragged it with me. This way we could color plan and look at what I already had that we could use and then compare colors to her stock. GREAT IDEA, RIGHT??
So we placed all my colors out on her dining room table and began to see what color outfit my scarecrow would wear and then we labored for too long over which color would be a nice compliment for the background. We finally settled on this lovely dark green that she had just finished dying a few days before. It didn't turn out to be exactly the color she needed, but I liked it so I was feeling pretty good. Oh yeah I was proud of myself. I planned ahead and I was TOTALLY prepared. All the way home I was grinning and thinking how smart I was......... Then I walked though the sunporch to the door that leads to the mud room - the planned destination for this little door hanging. And as I approached the a smack in the face............I looked at the GREEN DOOR. Arrrgh, how could I not think about the green door???? I walk through it a minimum of 10 times a day!!! IDIOT - so my planned green background would just meld into the friggin green door.
So now I guess I have to revert to Plan B. I cannot deal with this stupid scarecrow anymore. Now I'm trying to figure out a suitable substitution. I still want something to hang on that door.
Look at little Millie - even she is looking at me like I'm an idiot! Guess its true, you can't fool an animal!

Monday, August 17, 2009

More Drama

Tonight was supposed to be a nice relaxing evening. Note I said "supposed to be"... Earlier this evening a strange man knocked at the door and asked if our family friend Marg was on her way here. I thought this odd, but said yes. He informed me she was on her way to the emergency room in an ambulance!! He happened to be driving by as she fainted on the sidewalk. He helped her up and got an ambulance and promised her to relay the message to me. Another random act of kindness!!

She is an older lady who has been a family friend forever, and she often helps us out with my Mom. She lives alone and we return the favor by looking out for her.

So I just got back from several hours at the emergency room with her. Looks like she has a broken nose and she will have two very impressive black eyes by morning. They are keeping her overnight for observation - thankfully!

So much for a quiet night eh! Like I need MORE DRAMA in my life........NOT!!

This heat and humidity is taking its toll on us. I guess we are not used to it this year. Even poor Millie the dog is lounging around looking and acting like a wet noodle. Poor little baby, I am putting ice cubes in her water dish. For me, I think a nice glass of wine is in order. Hmmmm, good idea!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sand Dreams Rug is finished!!

Finally the "Sand Dreams" Rug is finished. Well, almost finished. The hooking is done but I haven't pressed or whipped the edges yet. I hate that part, but this time its not procrastination that is keeping me from finishing - there is a good chunk of burlap left at the top so I think I will hook a small door hanging piece on the remaining burlap before I cut and whip.
I tried incorporating some of this funky wool, pictured below, into the sky. I was a bit hesitant at first, as I am not to familiar with using different textures in my hooking but I really liked working with it. And I think it added a nice effect to the sky. I hope this will make me braver in future rugs to try different techniques and textures.
Again, special thanks to Julie at Hookworm for coming up with the name for this rug! Also lets not forget April's 10 minute challenge for giving me the push to pick up the hook again and finish a rug!
This afternoon (in between relaxing on the sunny back deck) I hope to draw out the little Autum themed door hanging piece.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

1 Year Ago....

Tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of my dear friend Tim, who lost his battle with cancer. This story is actually the story behind the rug featured on the banner of my blog - "Random Hearts".

His sister decided to organize a curling event and auction to raise money for the Palliative Care Unit that took such good care of not only Tim, but the whole family. This includes the nurses who organized a birthday party in the unit for his youngest daughter's 5th birthday. Tim participated in this happy event and passed away the next morning. I really wanted to do something special to honor him, but couldn't decide what to hook. The event was scheduled around Valentines Day (Tim's birthday) so I started drawing hearts all over the place.

I hooked like a mad-woman to get it finished in time. But then I was worried that maybe nobody would like it. I even had a friend lined up to bid on it just in case! But I didn't need to worry - The rug raised the 2nd highest dollar amount of the evening. Only finishing 2nd to a fancy framed Ducks Unlimited print!!

So tomorrow, to mark the 1 year, his parents have invited family and friends to their home to help them cope. We will eat chili and clam chowder and raise a glass (or two) of beer - Tim's favorite and remember a great guy!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back to the grind

After a great vacation week, I am now officially back to the daily working grind. SIGH..... My week off was so relaxing and I got alot of things done around the house and on my rug, plus as an added bonus - It was sunny all week.
But now reality is sinking in - two days in a row of rain! And I can't believe how much you can get done during the day at home......(well duh! right) Last night I got home from work, made supper, did dishes, and then a few errands, made a coconut -rice pudding, then did dishes AGAIN, and then a little laundry. WELL, I thought it was just a few chores but when I finally sat down IT WAS AFTER 10 pm!!!! How did that happen?? Where did my evening go???
I think I'll go buy a few lottery tickets tonight and dream about retirement. HAHAHA OK maybe not. Maybe I'll just grab a bowl of the rice pudding with a handful of blueberries, put my feet up and maybe try and sketch out my next rug project.

Oh, and I hope Corinne at Momz Wool had a great birthday today!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

More progress on the beach kids rug

It was time for a progress report on the beach kids. The sky is filling in nicely. I can't seem to settle on a name for this rug, so I've been calling them the "boy and girl", "beach kids" etc. for now.

I love the idea of this rug. Growing up we spent all summer on the beach, the image of kids on a beach brings back lots of great memories - but we were never as well dressed as these two! lol I don't think I ever went down on the beach in a cute little dress!!

I especially like the way the sand turned out. The ripples formed on the sandbars........ahhhhh, I love walking on the sandbars!

If I'm lucky today maybe I will get the sky finished. This rug has taken a loooong time.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Little Beach Boy

This is the little boy (and a bit of the little girl) walking on the beach. I have more done since this photo but I'm having trouble liking the look of my water. I have it 95% hooked but still not sure. I wanted it to look at little choppy to contrast the calmer sky above but ....... I'm not really a big fan of ripping out work to start again. Tomorrow I will start on the sky and maybe then I will get a better feel for whether or not the water stays or goes.

They sure do make a cute couple though!!!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A couple of early rugs

Another beautiful sunny day in Nova Scotia. Since I'm not ready to show the beach themed rug yet I thought I'd put up a couple of my early rugs.

The first is a Deanne Fitzpatrick design. I purchased the kit from her studio in Amherst. The finished rug now resides at my Aunt and Uncle's waterfront home. By the way, last night I found Deanne's new video on utube - Teaching Grandma to Hook - Hilarious!!!

The second rug is a welcome mat with sunflowers. It is the first one I designed myself. Corinne at Momz Wool dyed the colors for me and even allowed me access to her "stash" to do the background. Her "stash" was metal shelving units along 3 walls in her house FULL of wool. I felt like a kid in a candy store! lol
Gotta promote the local girls!!


Monday, August 3, 2009

Random Acts of Kindness

This is the 2nd part of yesturday's adventure along the Fundy Shore, however I felt it deserved a special solo post.

Anyone who has acted as a caregiver to a family member with an illness will appreciate just how special a random act of kindness can be.

This is Shaw's Country Market in the tiny community of Port Greville - The scene of the act! This quaint old fashioned market holds many, many treasures but none as special as the owners Terry and Gayle Shaw.

Upon arrival we were welcomed like family. I had met Mr. Shaw several years ago through a regional tourism Board in which we both served. So he had a bit of background on my mother's condition. It was easily apparent after being in the store for a few minutes that we were having a bit of difficulty. Mrs. Shaw jumped to the rescue and offered to sit with Mom and entertain her while we browsed the 2 floors of the market, un-distracted. I couldn't believe that anyone would be so thoughtful to virtual strangers. I came back downstairs to find Mom happy and eating an ice cream. I don't think she even knew we were gone!!

Mrs. Shaw and Mom

We never know what small gestures can mean to others. This small act of compassion certainly made our day extra special. So spread the word and pay it forward. Feel free to post you own random act of kindness in the comments.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day with The Golden Girls

I am on staycation. I am using one of my vacation weeks to relax with the family and get some things done. Yesturday we attended the wedding of my cousin Angela and today I decide it was a beautiful day for a drive. So I gathered up the Golden Girls, my Mom (middle), Aunt June (right), and their lifelong family friend Margaret (left)and we headed out along the Bay of Fundy shore to Parrsboro.

After a great seafood lunch we continued on to a few quaint little gifty/crafty shops where I found a few treasures including the cutest little sterling silver starfish earrings. I'm a shop-keepers best friend because I just can't browse - I always find something to buy!!

It was a hot sunny Nova Scotian day for a change so I was glad to be able to spend some quality time with family and do something a little different with them.

Now that I have everyone all tired out, time to get some rug time in. I love this 10 minute challenge. It is keeping me motivated. I might even have something to show you in a few days.