Saturday, December 28, 2013

Update from the land of snow and ice

I came home last night to find a beautiful bouquet of a dozen mixed roses.  So cheery and bright compared to outside (which I will get to later)   I know everyone is wondering about Mom so I'll get right to the update.  She is still fighting.  There have been some bad days.  Christmas Eve I wasn't sure if she would make it to Christmas Day but she did.  There have been good days and days with a combination of both.  The past 2 days she has had good mornings and not great evenings.  She continues to amaze me with how tough she is. Her doctor is back from vacation tomorrow so I'll see what he has to say.  I know the outcome isn't going to change but I think she will hold on longer than expected. 

There isn't much else to report.  I have been going to the hospital mid to late mornings and staying into the evening.  Auntie is with Mom now so I just popped home to check on Millie who is hopelessly lonely.  My only other activity has been shoveling.   I believe our town is Winters Official Headquarters.  It just keeps snowing.  This is looking towards my backyard from the driveway

Ugh!   The lady who was cleaning Mom's room this morning said it was like a Winter Wonderland and I seriously wanted to beat her with her own mop!!   And just to add insult to injury ANOTHER storm is arriving Sunday night into Monday.  COME ON.........ENOUGH!!!

I've been too tired when I get home at night to check on you all but I will soon.  There is no wireless in the hospital so it uses to much data time to blog.  I do check in on Facebook though. 

Again, thanks for all the messages and prayers for Mom.  When I arrived at the hospital the morning of the 24th there was gift bag by Mom's bed.  A friend dropped off the angel and she's been watching over her ever since.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Kind acts, large and small

I'm so touched by your comments and emails that I have received in the past few days.  Mom is getting great care and is still fighting.  She remained alert all day which was a gift in itself.  

But there have been so many kind gestures it can get a little overwhelming.  And you know I'm soft hearted so the tears flow pretty easily these days.  Friends have stopped by the hospital with lunch, coffee, snack food and just companionship.  Last night we had some snowfall and freezing rain.  Then the street plow blocked off the top of my driveway.  I was scared it would freeze harder and we wouldn't be able to get out over that big ridge.  I called a friend's husband to ask if he would come with his plow to just skim off that lip of frozen slush.  When I got home he had cleaned out my entire yard right down to the bare pavement and then refused to take a cent. I also found an entire pan of lasagne delivered to my home when I arrived. 

There is also a coincidental support at the hospital.  In the room right next to Mom's is my friends father.  We were best pals in elementary school and our moms became friends.  Her mother passed away a few years ago and now her Dad isn't doing well.  So we are checking in on each other, visiting each other in our respective rooms or sometimes out by the Christmas tree which is in the hall between our rooms.   It's not nice that her dad is sick, but it is nice that we can be there for each other.  

Mom was resting comfortably when I left this evening.  So far it hasn't been necessary for me to sleep at the hospital so I wanted to give everyone a little update. It was simpler than trying to respond to each individually.  

Thank you again for all your concern and prayers. It means so much 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I'm sad to say that Mom's condition has deteriorated.  This blog will be quiet for the near future. 
Christmas blessings to all 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bells, bells, and more bells

I'll start with a Mom update.  Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post. I told her she had lots of people praying for her.  I made 4 visits today between breakfast and tonight.  She is still in a weakened condition but was the most animated tonight.  There was some chatter and she managed a couple of smiles so I left feeling better.  There is a big snow storm coming tomorrow and the predictions are its going to be bad so I may not get to visit her tomorrow.  That is stressing me a bit but we will have to see how things are.  Her roommate has a phone so I asked her if it would be OK if I called her a few times throughout the day for an update.  

Which reminds me - Mom got moved late last night to a room on the medical floor.  So no more sleeping in the hallway of the Emergency Room which is better for everyone.   And it also means I don't have to look for that creepy elf anymore.  He's an ER elf.  As far as I know, the medical unit is Elf-free.  Lol. A friend had this on Facebook today so I borrowed it.  

In between hospital visits his afternoon I had to go to the grocery store.   Well....being tired and stressed my nerves were a little edgy.  And because of the storm forecast the store was NUTS.  While I was waiting in line to checkout I had to post this status on Facebook -"Apparently it's "bring your dopey husband day" at Superstore."   Arrgh. Seriously every single aisle was packed with people and every 10 feet was some dopey man standing around with his cart all willy-nilly in the way.   Just standing there!!!

About 4pm I went back to the hospital to feed Mom her supper.  I went to adjust her in the bed and I heard this clank on the floor and this screaming alarm started going off.  What the heck??  I run around to the other side of the bed and see this plastic box on the floor.  It's the thing that's screaming.  I can't turn it off and I'm freaking out thinking "I broke the hospital".  It was so loud and I even tried to muffle it under a pillow and it had no effect.   

Now I'm thinking "oh shit!  What do I do?  Make it stop!!  All of a sudden this nurse flies around the corner and I'm standing there holding this thing with the guiltiest look on my face.  I start yammering about how this thing just fell off and I don't know what it is ....   Apparently it's a safety alarm that was clipped with a string to Moms shirt so if she tried to get up alone they would know.   It's funny because I saw a string clipped to her shirt but there are so many tubes and wires I didn't think much of it.   But it made me feel so much more secure about leaving her because if she did happen to try and get up, everyone on the floor will know.  It's a great idea.  And now I know not to pull on the string!!  (I was pretty embarrassed)

Now we are all tucked in and ready for tomorrow's storm.  And I'm watching my all-time favorite movie "It's A Wonderful Life"

I think this may be the greatest movie ever made.  It's not the holidays without watching this every year.  "Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings". Night all

Friday, December 13, 2013

From merry to scary

We hit a little bump in the road this week.  Mom had a little crisis yesterday. She was not acting right all day.  By the time I got home from work she was worse.  I contacted her doctor and explained what was happening.  He advised me to call an ambulance right away as he suspected she was septic.  He was correct.   I'm so thankful I called him or things might have turned out differently.  She will be in the hospital for a few days but is responding to treatment tonight.

But last night was pretty scary.  The paramedics were throwing around words like thready and tachycardia, which I didn't really understand what it meant but I've heard it on Greys Anatomy and it's never good.   After we arrived at the emergency room and the team was finished swarming over her with needles, IV's, monitors etc there was nothing to do but sit and wait.  

Staring at the monitors, watching the numbers change and occasionally panicking when alarms went off for hours soon got tiring so I began to look around the trauma room.  And that's when I saw it......that's when it got scary again.....

THIS was behind me the entire time

You can call it "elf on the shelf" if you want but it's really nothing but a tiny wannabe Christmas clown!   Eeeeeeee.  Yes it creeped me out but as I turned my attention back to Mom I soon forgot about it.  

Just before 11pm Mom was stable and I was exhausted so I got ready to leave for the night.  After I put my coat on and turned around I saw THIS

WHERE DID HE GO???  Seriously, I didn't notice any nurse go by that area of the room.  But he was gone!   Creepy........I think so.  (See where my mind goes when I'm stressed and over-tired?)

I just got back from the hospital and Mom is resting comfortably and has a nice new bag of antibiotics flowing through her.   It's been a long 2 days.  

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Well, a little more was accomplished.  Last night I tracked down my missing tree helper. (More like stalked him like a dirty dog!). So my tree is up in the corner and as a special treat, all the lights still work!  Yay.  Before you get too excited, the tree is still naked but at least it's standing in the right spot.  

And I also got my new rug pattern drawn. It's the Merry Christmas rug from Red House Wool Studio (aka the fabulous Cathy Greshner).   I didn't get to start it last night and I had to work late again tonight.  I always seem to have to stay late when I'm chomping at the bit to get home hooking!

By the time I got home I had missed supper.  But I did get to enjoy the yummy aroma of something burning as I walked in the door.  It took me a few minutes to get to "the truth" but apparently auntie placed a tea towel on a hot burner on the stove.  Arrgh !  I only warn her NOT to do that a thousand times a day.....  Well ok, at least twice a day, but possibly I've said it 500 consecutive days!!
Not exactly an appetizing aroma.  So I grabbed a cup of tea and a handful of cookies for supper and grabbed the hooking frame

It always calms me down.  Today felt like the 2nd Monday of the week.  Somedays you need to make your own merry.   Merry Hooking for me.  

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Out the window....

I never learn!!  Any attempt to make a schedule (and accomplish it) in this house is just a waste of brain cells.  I had such grand plans for today.  I had a plan, a carefully orchestrated schedule of tasks.

Guess what?  I got virtually zilch, nada, zippo, nothin done.   Arrrgh   I know better yet occasionally I get delusions of grandeur that I can defy the odds.  Haaaaa

Is my tree up?    Nope.  My tree helper went missing-in-action today
Did I draw out the Merry Christmas rug?   Nope
Did I start hooking the Merry Christmas rug?   Obviously nope
Did any of the carpets get shampooed?   Ahh, NOPE
Any baking, shopping, wrapping.......NOOOO

I did however get 2 small reports done for work.  Not the most fun or holiday-productive but income dependent so that was good.   I also did multiple errands for others.  Note: not for me (sigh)

So since the day was not remotely fun, I decided to do something else tonight that is not fun......binding a couple of small rugs.  I wish I could learn to love (or even like) this task.  

Here's hoping Monday is a cheerier, more productive day.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

It's time to catch the spirit

I've put it off as long as I can.  Despite my bah humbug schedule lately, a tiny bit of Christmas spirit in slowly creeping in.  I decided I needed to do a little power shopping today and Downtown was hosting another Artisans Market so there was lots of hustle and bustle and lots of great things to look at.  Our local Department Store downtown is all decked out for the holidays.  

I borrowed their photo from Facebook so you could see how pretty it looks.  Today many of the shops had live entertainment too.  There was a couple set up on this staircase singing Christmas music today.  I got some shopping done finally and my tree is going up tomorrow.  

I'm feeling less panicked tonight.  My cousin Mike is coming to help with the tree and if he's in a good mood, I might convince him to come with me to pick up the new TV Santa is bringing early :). I might as well use his muscle while I have him here. 

I also finished the special order for the rug tonight so now I can get it shipped on Monday.   

Fa la la la la.  I might even bring "the infamous shower curtain" out tomorrow. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Saved by this blog

There are so many wonderful reasons why this blog has been a blessing.  Recently, the ability to go back, kind of like a diary, and see what I was doing a year ago etc has been invaluable.   In fact, I will go so far as to say it may have saved my sanity.

You see, today is someone's birthday in my house (not me or Mom).  A week or so there was a discussion about what to do, how to celebrate.  I couldn't remember what we did last year.  So........I referred back to the blog........

And there it was - - - a blinding reminder of the events one year ago ---- (I think it may have been so socially traumatic to me that I blocked it out.)   You can read about the "fun" time we had here

I came so close to accidentally re-creating that party!   Ughhhh.   So thanks to this blog, I purchased a table at a local dinner theatre tonight for Auntie and all her friends who will be celebrating tonight and I will be peacefully at home looking after Mom.   Sighhhhh!   Everyone is happy!

Now, here is another little "Small Town" moment for you.   Yesterday morning I went to the drive thru to get my coffee on the way to work.  When I got up to the window the lady says "The man in front of you paid for your coffee and said Merry Christmas"!!   Wow, I thought that was so sweet.  You hear about that sometimes but it never happens to you.   So I mentioned it on facebook.   THEN this morning I am in line again and I recognize the car in front of me.  I know he and his wife and I'm guessing they saw my facebook post.  I roll up to the window and the lady says "The man if front of you paid for your coffee!" 

TWO days in a row!!!  Guess I'm going to have to pay it forward :)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Small Town Sweet

I love small towns.  I especially love my small town.   There is no such thing as rush hour.  We do have what we call "rush minute" at 4:00pm when there is a shift change at the Industrial Park.  Traffic grid lock is when you have to wait a minute for a pedestrian to cross the street.  And they always wave a little thank you for stopping. 

The down side of small towns is "everybody knows everything about you" 

The up side of small towns is "everybody knows everything about you"

About a week or so Auntie and I had lunch at Bella's Cafe downtown.  They serve homemade desserts and the selection changes every day.  Auntie ordered a piece of coconut cake to take home and I passed. (Good self control eh!)  We had a brief conversation with the waitress about desserts and I mentioned that I loved the almond honey bread pudding I had there once.

I thought nothing more about it until this morning, just before noon and my phone rang in my office.  It was the waitress at the Cafe.  She said they had made bread pudding today, and would put a piece aside for me if I wanted.   How sweet is that?   And how small town?   I bet that kind of gesture doesn't happen much in the big cities. 

When I arrived it was all packaged and waiting for me.   And it was just as good as I remembered.   It was a great gesture and it sweetened me up to try the letters on the rug.  
P.S. The letters are not going well.   Sigh.......

Monday, December 2, 2013

Miracles, progress and a treat

There was an early Christmas miracle today.  The phone bill came and what do you know.....the balance was right!!  First time since June

I don't know what I will do will all my free time now that I don't have to fight with the phone company.  Lol   I got some more hooked done this evening and as promised, here is a better shot of the rug.

I like it a lot.  Now for my question......if I add a surname to the bottom of the rug, will it ruin it?  I guess tomorrow night I will just have to try it and decide.    Now for the treat part.  Since this rug is pre-sold I decided to invest the proceeds of this rug into a new 8.5 Townsend cartridge.   Yeeeeeee, I ordered it today.   Merry Christmas to ME!  

Sunday, December 1, 2013


I guess the holidays are officially here!  It's now December and we awoke to a white ground cover.  Not much, less than an inch but it stuck around.  I'm sure lots of Christmas trees went up today.  Not mine - I will wait until next weekend.

This afternoon I preferred sparks to holiday lights.  The sparks were flying off the hook!  I am happy to report I hooked for almost all afternoon.   Here's a peek

There is more finished off to the right but I didn't want to move it off the frame again.   I'm happy with it so far.  Once I get the top portion completed I need to make a decision.  The person who ordered this rug was hoping I could add the family name to it.  You know how much I "love" hooking letters!  Ugh.  I told him I would think about it but didn't promise anything.  

So I ask you think I can add a name to the bottom or will it throw the balance of the rug off??

I will take another pic the next time I move the frame and maybe then we can see if it will work.  
I hope you all had a nice weekend.  I'll be visiting you later (when I give my wrist a break) 

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Back off Lady!

I almost found myself in a little "Black Friday" mayhem today.  Well......not really but it makes for a more  alluring post intro, don't ya think?  Lol. 

I went shopping this morning at Deanne Fitzpatricks Studio.  She hosted a 5 artist show.  There was a painter, a potter, a jeweler, a birdhouse maker and of course Deanne.  It was so much fun mingling around with everyone.  I was trying to Christmas shop and found this adorable birdhouse that will be perfect for Mom's best friend.  

I fell in love with it.  I was standing by it and chatting to one of the artists.  All of a sudden this woman comes by and says "oooooh, look at the teapot one".  I saw her arm begin to extend and there was no way I was letting that happen!  I quickly layed my hand on top of it - "sorry, it's claimed."   (And I may have smugly grinned, but that's just a rumor). Heehee   Let's be clear......she was NOT leaving with my house.  

I also left with another bag of wool.  I mean, how can be in a rug hooking studio and not buy wool?  I finished hooking a Mrs Claus.  She needs to be bound but not today.  

Someone wants a Olde Holiday Branch hooked before Christmas (and shipped to Ontario) so I need to speed hook this one.  It's all drawn on burlap and my fingers are black from the sharpie.   

Time to hook

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wild and stormy

I thought I'd better post quickly tonight because I'm fairly sure we will be losing power before the night is over.   Luckily (for us) we are not getting snow, but lots of rain and wicked winds.  Just on my way home from work I had to maneuver around blowing garbage bags and the odd branch.  

Poor little Millie could easily become airborne.  She's not stupid though, she didn't venture too far from the door to do her business.   I ran out of the background wool for Mrs Claus but I ran to Deanne's studio and grabbed some more.  So I think I'll turn up the furnace and cut it up (while I can still see) and hunker down with a cup of tea.  

I hope everyone who is being affected by the weather stays safe and of course, Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends.   Gobble til you wobble!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Once upon a time....

Once upon a time, there was a kind old lady who lived at the North Pole.  She was sweet and generous to all she encountered.  But her husband was a bit of a workaholic who was rarely home.  He was always in the workshop for most of the year with his "friends" and when holiday season arrived he took regular "business trips" to spread joy.  

But his wife was lonely and quite frankly becoming suspicious of exactly what "spreading joy" meant!  Her husbands excuses were always the same and she feared the worst.  Her mood deepened as the holidays neared.  She took solice in her kitchen, baking and tasting copius amounts of fruit cake and gingerbreads.   Why bother to take care of myself she asked -- he's never home anyway.  So she continued to seek affection directly from the oven. 

One day a concerned elf appeared in her kitchen.  He held up a mirror to her rotund face that had now sunk and spread to where her neck used to be.    "Look at yourself" he squeaked.  "No wonder Santa is hiding out in the workshop."   

"Oh dear.........look at what's become of me", she moaned

"My hair is a discolored rats nest and........WHERE IS MY NECK??"   The concerned little elf hopped up on the kitchen counter and dried her eyes.  "Let me help you.  I know a plastic surgeon who is doing new techniques using wool.  I just know she can help you."  

So the Mrs put her faith in the little elf and made an appointment with the surgeon.  She begged to look less like a witch in a red dress and more like the kind, sweet, caring person who once lit a fire in Old St. Nick. 

P.S. If Santa is a little late getting to your house this year it's because he's "getting busy" with the Mrs....

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Not this time Murphy!

I am often a recipient of Murphy's Law - or "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong".  But not this time!  This one time, I got the jump on Old Murphy.  

In typical "Kim" fashion, I procrastinated the whole winter tires thing.  I farted around and delayed dragging them up from the basement and arranging the appointments at the garage. By the time I got around to calling, half the town had already booked and I couldn't get an appointment until yesterday, nov 22.   Now normally we would have had at least one snowfall by then.  I had visions of sliding around the snow covered streets in my summer tires.  But the tires got switched yesterday and look what I woke up to this morning.....

Just a dusting (and it was gone about 2 hours after I woke up) but still, I got one up on Murphy.  I win!

In other news, I got my annual flu shot at work Thursday.  Now, I will spare you my annual rant about my personal views that the flu shot is evil and weakens our natural immune system. But everyone tells me I'm evil if I don't get one and Mom gets sick. So I begrudgingly get one.  (Oops, a mini rant slipped in there).   I had it in my non-hooking arm in case it was sore for a few days.  I'm always thinking, right?  Lol 

Last night I tried to sketch out a new little rug.  I hope to be able to get some hooking done so I can see how it looks.  Tonight is our Santa Claus Parade in town.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate.  It's a shame when all the little ones are freezing on the floats.  

There's a big steaming pot of st-oup on the stove.  St-oup is my version of "not quite a stew, not quite a soup".  The smell is making me hungry.  I need a full stomach to hook all afternoon.   

Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

V is for victory

It's important to celebrate all the victory's in your life - big or little.  This weeks celebratory moment.... Miss Millie has been drinking from her dish!!!   Hallelujah 

I don't know what happened but I am soooo happy we are past that syringe stage.  I still have to hold her while she drinks but it is a big step.  I'm considering it an early Christmas present. 

Speaking of Christmas, I have finished hooking Red Belsnickle, the Lori Rippey pattern.  I love how it hooked up 

It still needs to be bound but I'm already getting ready to hook another one.   Just a quick post tonight. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

And now I've lost it

Well, my "having it" was brief.  I woke up this morning and knew I'd lost it.  This old gal can't handle two big nights out in a row.  Lol.  Last night I went to a play put on by a local comedy troop.   It was great.  No, to be more accurate there is a better description - I laughed my ass off.   The play had an interesting was about swinging.

Hahaha, No not this kind of swinging.  The "alternative lifestyle" of swingers!   They handled it tastefully but extremely funny.  

This morning I finally opened up a new piece of burlap and drew out this pattern I have been dying to hook.   It's a Lori Rippey pattern, Red Belsnickle.

Sorry it's so dark and blurry but I just wanted to prove I really still was a hooker (despite the dust on my hook lately).  It is hooking up quickly.  I like that!   

Speaking of Christmas stuff, I found a channel on Sirius xm that is playing all Christmas music!  I've been listening to it for days.  I know my cousin Keltie will be horrified when she reads this ;).  I can't help it! 

Ok, time to get back to hooking the background. 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Oh yeah, we've still got it!

Last night I had the opportunity to go out to dinner with the talented Jen Manuell from Fish Eye Rugs blog.  She's in town for a few days teaching at Deanne's studio.  We have followed each other's blogs for years, I've taken a class from her before and we have stayed in touch.  (Another friendship spawned from blogland) 

We had a blast catching up.  We dined on an amazing seafood pasta (and a few drinks).

And the conversation never stopped and spread across everything from blogging, hooking, fashion to eventually zombies.  Yes, it made sense at the time.  Guess you had to be there!  Lol   At one point we were even demonstrating rug finishing techniques using strips of paper napkins around our iPhones. 

You know you are enjoying yourself when you guess it's probably about 8:45pm, but the clock says 10:20pm!   

At one point Deanne and her husband popped in.  A bit after they left a round of drinks arrived at our table.  We told the waitress it was a mistake, we didn't order them.  She says, no mistake - someone sent them to you.  WELL, didn't we feel special!  Imagine, 2 gals, well beyond their 20's getting drinks sent over.  As we were laughing about how "we were all that and a bag of chips" suddenly I said "oh, I bet Deanne ordered them for us before she left".  We laughed and decided that was more plausible than our original idea.  

This morning I stopped into the studio to check out the class.  (Invited by Jen to stop in - I'm not a class crasher).  I went to thank Deanne for the drinks.  She said "it wasn't me, but now I'm sorry I hadn't thought of it".  Really, it wasn't you??  Nope she says.  So I immediately started to smile and headed back to the workshop to tell Jen that we WERE still HOT after all!   

Oh yeah, we've still got it!   LOL 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Stains and Hunger Pains

I've been working like a demon lately. Lots of late evenings and big projects. It's all good but it has cut into my blogging and blog surfing time.  I'm behind but I will catch up on you soon.  

I got home tonight at 7pm and I was starving.  I had just walked into the house and only had one boot off so far when I heard "crash" and quickly followed by some "colorful language". 
Auntie had spilled a full cup of tea all over the pale grey carpet AND one of my hooked rugs.  Naturally the only one I have on the floor and it has on off white background.  Sigh.....

So since her back is still bad I spent 20 minutes blotting, spraying, scrubbing, and drying the carpet.   If you're paying attention (and I know you are)  I'm still starving.  Then on my way past the sofa I noticed the mail pile.

The new Taste of Home magazine was delivered.  Yay!  Just what you need when you're hungry!  Lol. So I grabbed a cup of tea (managed to keep it upright) and 3 peanut butter balls and flipped through all the recipes.   I may have found this years selection for the annual family cookie exchange.   I will test them soon.  

I do not recommend the peanut butter ball diet as a regular supper selection.  Oh and now I'm having dessert.....a bag of chips.  Yeah, I'm the poster girl for healthy living :)

Sunday, November 10, 2013


First and foremost my tummy has settled today.  And no freaky dreams.  I was a little scared to sleep, not knowing who I might have tea in dreamland with this time.    

The temps are dropping and I have found myself pulling up the extra blanket the last few nights. And this morning there were a few nasty white flakes in the air.  Luckily they quickly turned to rain.  I cuddled in for the day and knit on a new infinity scarf.  

Just a simple ribbed pattern in a nice soft yarn.  It's taking longer than I hoped as the yarn is not very thick but I probably have close to 2 feet knit.  Next time I make one I will use larger needles.  

And finally, I picked up the hook tonight.  I took Meg's advice and put away the rug that had me blocked and started a little snowman that I had quickly drawn up.  A fun, uncomplicated little guy

Ahh, feels good.   And while I was hooking I finally decided to see what all the fuss was about.  I watched my first ever episode of Duck Dynasty!   In fact, I watched 2 episodes.   Too funny.  I can see how people get addicted to it.   I can't say I'm addicted but it was shockingly entertaining. 

And lastly but certainly not least, don't forget to wear your poppy with pride tomorrow 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

An International Incident

An international incident of my own making.   I never learn.  Once a year my church hosts an International Food Fair.  I look forward to it all year.  It was today and now I am suffering.   There were 11 countries represented.  You bought tickets and got to sample the most delicious foods. 

I had every intention of taking more pictures but you know how it is - eating, talking, socializing and you forget.  I'm such a bad blogger that way.  This was my first sample plate and the only photo I took.

I managed to hit 8 out of 11 countries before I quit.  The food was amazing and I was stuffed. But not long after I was home, my stomach started to rebel.  A little international war within.  The Bangladesh nuggets were fighting with the Korean pancakes.  And the Singapore noodles were putting up a fuss too.  Uugghhh, I layed on the sofa for most of the afternoon.   Next year I think I need to exercise a little more self restraint. Lol.    In my defense I was being prodded by my table mates who kept saying how good this or that was so naturally I had to try it.  

About the gingerbread Oreos I posted about yesterday......I should have tasted them before I posted. They are not Oreos best work.  Kind of disappointing because who doesn't love Oreos?

Friday, November 8, 2013


Yay, it's finally Friday and even better, the start of a long weekend!  I had a great nights sleep last night and only had to work until noon today.   I spent most of the afternoon visiting with friends.  I went to my bestie Terri's office and picked up a yummy bottle of mustard pickles from her Mom.  She is the best cook.   

Then I went to visit Deanne.  I let her make me a cup of tea (wasn't that nice of me to "let" her?),  we got caught up on each other's news and I looked around at beautiful rugs and wool.  Her studio really is beautiful.  It made me want to hook again.  I am once again faced with the dilemma of continuing to finish a piece I'm not happy with or chuck it and start something else.  

The search for inspiration continued as I sought out the latest Rug Hooking magazine

Found one!  This is a great edition.  I found a couple of things that peaked my interest.  I also found something else while I was getting the magazine

Gingerbread Oreos!!  So now I'm settled with my magazine, a cup of tea and a handful of Oreos.  Life is good.   Not exactly the Friday night of years gone by, but I'm happy. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tell me, tell me, tell me......

It was a long repetitive day.  I found myself asking question after question.  I was conducting interviews for a new employee.  It's exhausting.  It is one of the most important functions of my job, finding the right people for the jobs but Man, it's a long, tiring exercise.  It's hard to stay engaged by mid day after hearing similar responses over and over again.   By 5 pm I was ..........exhaustipated.

But one more day and then a 3 day weekend!!  I bet you are all wondering what happened with the last phone bill.   Hehehe.  If you remember last month they had my account with an almost $600 credit.  Now I should have taken the money and run.  But, cursed with honesty, I didn't take it.  So this month the credit was only $158.  There is no rhyme nor reason to the billing or the crazy balances.  

This time, before I called, I made my own spread sheet of my account.  Every payment, every missed billing - their error etc.  This month I should have owed them $8.  Instead they say they owe me $158. 

I called, I explained, I ranted a little.  I demanded a supervisor.  Then I requested a shut off of my service so I could go elsewhere.  I was put on hold.   She returned with an offer.  They will "let" me keep the $158 as a "customer appreciation and retention gesture".  Yes, that's what she called it.   AND they will complete a form, attached to my account stating it was final and could never be audited and they could never come back and say I owed them any money back.  

..........I was dumbfounded.  I had to ask her - "Is this just because nobody there knows how to fix my account, because you know this balance is wrong?"   YES was her answer.  We can't fix it so we will just give you the money.    Well, OK.  But dagnabbit, I wish this offer was made last month.  LOL