Sunday, January 31, 2016

Just another winter weekend

Nothing exciting has been happening so not much to blog about.  But despite the landslide of followers disappearing, I woke up this morning and had 1 new one.  Yay, so whoever you are please don't judge the quality of this blog by this boring post :)   The photo above is what greeted me when I went outside Saturday morning.  Even a snow-hater like me had to admit for a minute that it did look pretty.  A lot of it has melted today so now it looks messy and dirty again.  Oh well, not complaining because after last winter, this years snowfalls have been a blessing!  While I shovelled, Miss Abby frolicked in the new snow.
She loves it.  She runs up the snow drifts, rolls around, buries her head in it.  It's funny to watch but she's a mess of sticky snowballs when we come inside.  Today I decided to rearrange some furniture.  My hooking area is quite cluttered since Abby's pen is still in the middle of the floor.  I still don't dare trust her to free range around the house while I'm at work.  The project is still in progress.  I straightened the hooking area but made the den a disaster.  Lamps and wall hangings need to find new places and after almost giving myself a hernia moving the 4,000 pound bookshelf by myself, I gave up for the day.  I haven't hooked in a week.  But I am slowing gathering supplies for the dye project.  My spoons arrived mid week, the dye book is here, I have a yard of natural wool but am still looking for a cheap stock pot.   And I need to order some dye but I can't decide what color I want to try first.  I'm going to just pick a color later and order the dye recipe.   It's almost time for Downton Abby so time to gather some tv snacks and settle in.  I'm starting to get a little scared that the series will end with Edith and Moseley becoming some kind of heroes and that will completely tick me off.  

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Competitive 14

I have a little bit of the competitive spirit.  Not just with others, sometimes just for me.  I've taken my Fitbit a little more serious the last 2 weeks.  A couple of weeks ago I hit my 10,000 step goal quite easily, so I tried to do it 2 days in a row.  It's not that easy when you sit at a desk 7 hours a day.  So I did it 2 days in a row and then my competitive streak kicked in and I wondered if I could do it 7 days in a row. it is 14 days in a row!   Yay
For the first time EVER I am at the top of my friends leaderboard.
I blacked out the names to spare your shame.  You know who you are........LOL.  I've taken a little good natured jabs from one of my faithful followers over this leaderboard.   Hint, hint, she's not near the top (wink) It was fun to overtake my boss who is a fitness nut.   But I think I've met my goal for awhile and will back off for a bit.  I'm tired.  Not enough "deep couch sitting" lately.   And in celebration of Day 14, I've made myself a little treat

Sunday, January 24, 2016


We have had a snap of cold weather which has done a number on my skin.  Several fingers are painfully cracked.  Today I went out to buy an assortment of different hand lotions.  So I have stayed away from crafty pursuits this week, trying to not re-open some of these cracks.   Hence the lack of anything blog worthy.   While I was lotion shopping I did stumble upon these.......OMG yummy!
They go perfectly with coffee and baileys ;).  Tonight was a beef stew and biscuit night.  The stew in the slow cooker smelled so amazing.  That smell drove me crazy all afternoon.  Ironically it smelled better than it tasted.  It was a little bland. Disappointing   Guess I will have to have a few more cookies to make up for it.  I'm still waiting for my dye book and spoons to arrive.  Hopefully by next weekend Really, there is nothing much happening here.  Just popped in to say hi Oh oh, looks like somebody wants a little attention. 
Have a great week

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Winter weekend

Thanks for all the input on my last post about wool dyeing.  Plus I had lots of emails with tips, tricks, advice and different techniques.  I'm sold!  I've ordered a book and some spoons and I have my super-thrifter friend looking for a big pot or two.  So sometime over the next weeks I will be ready to jump all over it.  Excited to learn this aspect of rug hooking.   Plus, with the sorry state of the Canadian dollar, I won't be ordering a lot of wool from the US for awhile - I'll be making my own colour stash!  I'll keep you posted    I kept busy today despite waking up feeling like death warmed over.  (One of my mothers favourite expressions).  We were supposed to get a big storm late this morning but it didn't start up until after supper.  Being out in the fresh air today helped me feel better so Abby and I went on several short walks throughout the day.  And at supper time my Fitbit buzzed.  I'd hit my 10,000 steps earlier than usual.  It's usually close to bedtime when I hit 10,000 (IF  I hit it)
It's a good thing I walked more today because I bought some storm snacks
Cool branding idea eh!   My little buddy was worn out keeping up with me all day.  She crashed after supper
She's still growing!   And getting a bit less lady like 
I think it's time to rip open those storm chips and do a little hooking.  This is a Lori Brechlin doodle "Snow Bird" 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

To dye or not to dye?

Ok rug hookers, I need some advice.  Every once in awhile I get the urge to learn to dye my own wool.  You know when you start a project and can't find that "perfect" color wool in your stash?  Frustrating!   So I have a few questions.  I'm looking for those lovely primitive colours  What is your favourite dye book?   Do you dye in a big pot? Slow cooker? Preference of spoons? Is there a difference? What is the best type/brand of dye? What else do I need?     I appreciate all your help

Sunday, January 10, 2016

All that

So yesterday I was strutting around like I was"all that and a bag of chips"
I summoned my inner handy woman and fixed my storm door all by myself!  I replaced the handle and the broken locking mechanism. I was almost done when the nice old fella who lives behind me came over to ask what I was doing.  When he saw he said " oh those are tricky".  Then he noticed I was just tightening the Last few screws.  He high-fived me.  
I was bragging to a friend and she told me to get over myself.  Lol Then I tackled the lamps.  I bought these new lamps at a ridiculous low price at a closing out sale but the shades were ugly.  Before pic
But when you pay $37 for a $140 lamp you can afford new shades.   Here is the new version - so much better
The rest of the weekend I puttered around with Miss Abby by my side 
All rested up for my first full week of work since the holidays.   Sigh.....

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Finds and finishes

I finished hooking the pattern from Lori Brechlin.  I think this may go into my favourites list.   It's hooked but not yet bound. (Big surprise)  
You were all so right about the letters.  I am going to hook something else of the end of this linen before I cut it and bind and I think I'll re-open my etsy store soon.  Now to just find another pattern to hook. Now to my finds........I have a friend who is the "thrift store queen". She finds the best stuff.  Finally today I decided to go thrifting with her.  Well........I found some good stuff.   This is a large tablecloth.  Couldn't get a picture without the furry black inspector.  
I also got this little tea strainer and 2 mini muffin tins ($1)
And this pair of pretty floral sheer drapes that I think will look great in the spare room.  I love the old fashioned florals   
She just may have converted me to a thrifty girl :).  Winter temperatures are here.  I was about minus 17 when Abby and I went out for our little walk a bit ago.  The sub zero temps seems to have made her frisky.  She's been a holy terror since we came in.    She even broke one of her own records.  This new toy lasted 5 minutes!!  Grrrrrrrr

Sunday, January 3, 2016

What will she say next?

I'm so excited. It's finally here - another season of Downton Abbey starts tonight.  Oh how I love the Dowager Countess
I'm so close to finishing my rug but it will have to wait.   Abby has been taken out, the wine is poured, the chocolates are by my side.  For the rug I decided to go with the house colour for the letters.  It works great.  Ok, gotta go settle in.  So excited    

Saturday, January 2, 2016

A happy start

I started 2016 not with a bang, but with my hook.  I don't make resolutions because I always fail but I did set a little hooking goal for the year.  If you call it a goal it's less of a failure than breaking a resolution.  Lol.  I started a new rug New Year's Eve.  I had to take a break yesterday and de-Christmas Auntie's house.   That was a chore. She had a thousand knick knacks everywhere.   Then we had supper together.  But as soon as we finished Abby and I headed home.   She was worn out from tearing around Aunties house  and I was anxious to get back to this
I love it but I'm going to have to change the letters.  There isn't enough contrast but I don't know what colour to use.
Any suggestions??  This is a Lori Brechlin pattern