Sunday, January 24, 2016


We have had a snap of cold weather which has done a number on my skin.  Several fingers are painfully cracked.  Today I went out to buy an assortment of different hand lotions.  So I have stayed away from crafty pursuits this week, trying to not re-open some of these cracks.   Hence the lack of anything blog worthy.   While I was lotion shopping I did stumble upon these.......OMG yummy!
They go perfectly with coffee and baileys ;).  Tonight was a beef stew and biscuit night.  The stew in the slow cooker smelled so amazing.  That smell drove me crazy all afternoon.  Ironically it smelled better than it tasted.  It was a little bland. Disappointing   Guess I will have to have a few more cookies to make up for it.  I'm still waiting for my dye book and spoons to arrive.  Hopefully by next weekend Really, there is nothing much happening here.  Just popped in to say hi Oh oh, looks like somebody wants a little attention. 
Have a great week


  1. Ouch to the hands! Just had the filter on our humidifier changed, so hopefully it starts to feel like it is working again!

  2. Oh it hurts when your hands crack. Eucerine is a good lotion it feels different when you put it on but it keeps your skin protected from the drying winter air.

  3. Oh how I love sea salt and caramel!!!
    Abby looks like she is getting big. What a cutie.
    Sorry about the cracked fingers. I'm dry but not cracked ~ well, at least not my skin.
    Hugs :)

  4. Yummmmy sounding cookies.

    Take care with your hands.

  5. My fingers crack when it gets cold, too. And it HURTS! I feel your pain!

  6. Kim, there is a great product called "Zims Crack Creme". It is wonderful and works rather fast. I have also use Utter cream but like Zims best.

  7. Nothing takes care of disappointment like cookies...except maybe chocolate. LOL

    I use Gold Bond Healing Hand Cream every day. It seems to keep the cracks at bay. When it gets really bad, I slather my hands with bag balm and put them in socks overnight. At least it feels better the next day. I hope you find something that works for you.

  8. Try O'Keeffe's Working Hands Cream. I found it in the paint section at Lowe's one day and decided to try it on dry cracked thumbs. It works amazingly well!
    You may be able to find it on Amazon if no Lowe's in your part of the country.

  9. I have that same problem with my hands and feet every winter.I wash my hands so often that I can't retain natural oil on my skin.

    I put some special cream and put Bandaids on my fingers. I can't remember the name but I recognize the green tube it comes in. lol.
    I bet the beef stew was very good. A bit of salt and pepper brings out the flavour.
    Abbey looks so darn cute. I bet she wants to be near you all the time.
    Stay safe and warm.

  10. Too bad about your hands, have you ever seen Bag Balm? I am surprised that Julia didn't mention it. Originally it is for cows. But out here they sell in on the shelf with the other hand lotions. It is wonderful and medicated. Ron had to have surgery in December and they had him put Aquaphor on the wound. It works good but Bag Balm works over night. I have to use it on my hands if I am going to sew counted cross stitch. Anyway, your stew sounds nice and do the cookie chips. Abby is just adorable. I can't wait for you to get your dye things. You will have so much fun.

  11. Hi Kim, I hope your hand heal up fast. It is hard during the winter to not get cracked skin.
    Those chips look yummy. I love salted caramel.

    Sweet Abby. She looks so cute :)
    Have a great week. Stay warm. I hope you can get back to your projects soon
    Take care, Janet W

  12. WOW...Abby is so grown up looking in that picture! How time flies by so quickly!

  13. Hi Km, yes, my hands are the same, lotion helps if I put some on.... Those cookie chips look so good, hope their here in Winnipeg.Blessings Francine.

  14. Take care of your hands

  15. Vaseline jelly...old fashioned I know..but it works if you can put it on before bed and cover your hands with gloves or even socks..sounds silly but it will soften your hands up. That Abby has the cutest face ever!

  16. Paint over the cracks with Liquid Bandaid [Bandage?] It comes in a little brown bottle, it s kind of like Crazy Glue. Ask your pharmacist, if you re not familiar with it. Patiently put a few layers. Keep the lotion away from the product bec it removes the seals of the dried liquid. This is very good for cracked fingers because it seals the opening and takes away the pain. When well healed, consider Curel Healing Lotion.
    Or if you want to pamper yourself, my doctor recc paraffin wax hand treatments.

    Also taking Vitamin E and D and a multi vitamin w minerals and iron helps longterm.

    My fingers used to bleed so bad I couldn t sew in the winter.


    gone to the beach

  17. Ouch ! I so feel your pain my hands are so bad that I finally went to the dermatologist two years ago and he prescribed medication and a cream for me . I am super sensitive to lotions and many scents and lotion additives actually make cracking worse . Dr said best thing if you have no meds is aquaphor ointment w/ cotton gloves and for daily use I use dermasil lotion it is unscented and gentle and found at Dollar Tree of all places, but I have also used Okeefes working hands with some relief. Best of luck to you . your fur baby is adorable .have a great evening ~Angela