Saturday, January 16, 2016

Winter weekend

Thanks for all the input on my last post about wool dyeing.  Plus I had lots of emails with tips, tricks, advice and different techniques.  I'm sold!  I've ordered a book and some spoons and I have my super-thrifter friend looking for a big pot or two.  So sometime over the next weeks I will be ready to jump all over it.  Excited to learn this aspect of rug hooking.   Plus, with the sorry state of the Canadian dollar, I won't be ordering a lot of wool from the US for awhile - I'll be making my own colour stash!  I'll keep you posted    I kept busy today despite waking up feeling like death warmed over.  (One of my mothers favourite expressions).  We were supposed to get a big storm late this morning but it didn't start up until after supper.  Being out in the fresh air today helped me feel better so Abby and I went on several short walks throughout the day.  And at supper time my Fitbit buzzed.  I'd hit my 10,000 steps earlier than usual.  It's usually close to bedtime when I hit 10,000 (IF  I hit it)
It's a good thing I walked more today because I bought some storm snacks
Cool branding idea eh!   My little buddy was worn out keeping up with me all day.  She crashed after supper
She's still growing!   And getting a bit less lady like 
I think it's time to rip open those storm chips and do a little hooking.  This is a Lori Brechlin doodle "Snow Bird" 


  1. Abby is looking like she hasn't a care in the world and free to be herself... Great choice of rug for the time of year.

    Good for you for getting those 10,000 steps today. I wish I had some of those Storm chips. Never heard of them...but I can almost taste them.

    Stay safe and warm

  2. Hi Kim, yayyyyy on your 10,000 steps. Good job. :)

    Glad your feeling better than this morning. I use that phrase too...death warmed over. In fact, used it just a couple of days ago. I like the phrase I heard on the tv show MASH. Hawkeye (Alan Alda) said something like..I feel like an ad for dead. :)

    Take care, keep warm love your new rug. Can't wait to see it finished.
    Janet W

  3. I got my pots at a regular discount store, got 3 sizes together, so worth checking your discount shops. The cheap aluminum ones are good enough.

    Looks like you and Abby area all ready to hunker down for the night.


  4. LOL at Abby. She looks like she doesn't have a care in world. I can't wait to see what colors you create... Great job on those steps! With my son in town, we did a two mile walk at the beach. So beautiful and I feel so much better. Have a great weekend!

  5. I cleaned all day so your day was better than mine. Our snow was done by 2ish I shoveled the walkway David did the driveway
    I made a boiled dinner we watched the football game.
    Love the name of the chips.

  6. My Mom used that same saying when she didn't feel good. You will love dyeing your own wool. Just have fun and don't stress over right or wrong. I have a couple of white enamel pots found at thrift stores. The white pots let you see your color easier than the darker ones.
    Abby is so cute! Wish we could all pass out like her with storm chips and maybe a beer or two!

  7. Morning, oh that Abby is precious, so cute. Love the design of the rug, very sweet. Enjoy your storm chips my friend.Blessings Francine.

  8. Abby has the life, and she is chillin' with her mom. Looking forward to your first dye posting.

  9. My mom used that expression, too :)
    Dyeing is fun but time consuming. Don't do it when short on time. It's not something that can be rushed.
    Happy Sunday to you.
    Hugs :)

  10. How nice!! I like your new project. That is wonderful you got in all of your steps. I think Abby is just the cutest. Enjoy those storm chips and the storm.
    Soon very soon, I will be again hooking, I can't wait.
    Have a great Monday!

  11. Congrats on that walking! I should do more of that but it's dark so early and out here in the country it's not safe walking on my road. When the days get a bit longer I can go back to the cemetery and Chubbs and I can hit the trail. For now we stick to the yard and the Creepy Woods! Stay warm!

  12. I've been doing some dyeing in a crock pot and enjoying it immensely! Yes.... wool does get very expensive, and it can take so much. Good luck with the new project!

  13. Hi Kim , I love your new project it is looking good!
    When Maulie is showing her belly I call it her belly jellyl lol!