Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Finds and finishes

I finished hooking the pattern from Lori Brechlin.  I think this may go into my favourites list.   It's hooked but not yet bound. (Big surprise)  
You were all so right about the letters.  I am going to hook something else of the end of this linen before I cut it and bind and I think I'll re-open my etsy store soon.  Now to just find another pattern to hook. Now to my finds........I have a friend who is the "thrift store queen". She finds the best stuff.  Finally today I decided to go thrifting with her.  Well........I found some good stuff.   This is a large tablecloth.  Couldn't get a picture without the furry black inspector.  
I also got this little tea strainer and 2 mini muffin tins ($1)
And this pair of pretty floral sheer drapes that I think will look great in the spare room.  I love the old fashioned florals   
She just may have converted me to a thrifty girl :).  Winter temperatures are here.  I was about minus 17 when Abby and I went out for our little walk a bit ago.  The sub zero temps seems to have made her frisky.  She's been a holy terror since we came in.    She even broke one of her own records.  This new toy lasted 5 minutes!!  Grrrrrrrr


  1. Great finish and great finds!!!
    Hugs :)

  2. Hi Kim,
    I absolutely LOVE your rug!!! Wonderful job!! How do you think you will bind it? Can't wait to see it!
    I can't even imagine those temps!!!! Brrrrrr!!
    Great finds!!! Happy Thrifting!
    Warm Hugs~

  3. Happy New Year Kim! I have been wanting to come by and check on you and to wish you a Happy New Year. I do not know how you manage in temps that cold. You know how I think its freezing when its in the 40's here. haha
    Love to go thrifting but I try not to do it too much since my house is full already of thrift store items.
    I see you were excited about Downton Abby too. I could not wait for January 3rd so I could watch it. It was a great show.
    I do hope you are well I love the new piece your working on. It is beautiful.
    Stay warm. I do hope I can start blogging again

  4. The rug is beautiful and love the colors you used.
    I love thrifting, you never know what you will find and a fun winter activity.


  5. Good morning, Kim. The colors are perfect! Minus 17 degrees? No. I would have to hibernate through that! LOL

  6. I love, Love, LOVE your new hooked rug! It really turned out wonderful, colors are great too! Hope you find something else to keep you hooking - my New Years promise to myself was to get back into finishing up some of my quilt "ufo's"!! I'm hoping after I get that finished up, that i'll get back to hooking some too!

    I had to crack up about Abby...my Sophie has done the same thing with her toys fro Christmas! I thought I was being "smart" in purchasing the "expensive" kind, thinking it will last longer....nope!

    Happy Hooking!!~

  7. That rug turned out beautiful!!!! Can't wait to see what you draw out next. Over the years with my various dogs I've had to repair several toys when the seam is ripped. I sew them together and they last a little longer until they don't any more,lol.

  8. Your rug looks fantastic and those letters are perfect.
    I'm sure this one will sell really fast.
    Abbey is growing stronger and may need some sturdier toys made of rubber to chew on.

    Have a great day.

  9. Morning Kim, love the rug, houses are one of my fav's... Great finds too, cold here today, brrrr.Blessings Francine.

  10. I really REALLY love that little ruglet!! Gee...I wonder where my hook is LOL.... Nice thrifty finds.... I sorta gave up on our thrift stores....seems they have so little "good" stuff, it isn't worth the bother or the time. And LMBO over Abby... Snow Dog is just the opposite... He treasures and babies his toys.... He got a new furry fox this year for Christmas...but still loves his furry Hedgehog from last Christmas, and his Moo Cow from the Christmas before...so, yes, he plays with, and sleeps with all three. But, if you come to the house, it will be his newest toy that he brings to show you.... Hedgehog had a broken heart when he was no longer the one Snow Dog picked up for drag and brag.... ;o) Cold temps are heading our way too... Gee....just when I was getting used to the teens and 20's. You know, you could have kept it up there! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  11. I adore the little rug...anything with houses makes me smile...silly Abby, she must have so much fun destroying her new toys...my Olivia likes to chew on my wool pincushions...so they all have that "cool" mended look...

  12. Love your rug! and those curtains are yummy. Good girl get out and get the bargains!

  13. The rug is darling! You did find some great items thrifting! We are getting the really cold temps on Sunday - ugh!

  14. Kim that looks so wonderful!!!!
    I too love thrift store finds.
    I have to get caught up on my hooking. Hugs cheri

  15. Absolutely LOVE that rug! Congrats on some good thrift finds too! :-)

  16. Beautiful rug! I'm getting the bug to hit a few of our thrift stores for some storage ideas. I'm not usually very lucky at getting good finds though..maybe this will be my year! Our temps were very cold and then today it was 45de and sunny...crazy!

  17. Wow! Your rug turned out great. Colors are perfect. Love all your thrifty finds :)

    Hope you and Abby are enjoying the new year.
    Take care, Janet W

  18. Great finds! I love thrift shopping!

  19. Love to thrift shop as well. Brrr...that would have been one chilly walk!