Thursday, February 26, 2015

The eve of coming full circle

It's sometimes hard for me to believe but in a few hours it will be one year since my sweet Mom passed away.  I never knew how much you could miss someone until the moment she was gone. 

Tomorrow will be the last of my "firsts" without her.  However I am not looking at this as a sadness like many of the anniversaries in the past year.  I feel like I have completed the circle.  I have gotten through this year and survived.  

And I look back upon the last 12 months and can barely recognize my life.  So much has changed.  For so many years I was a caregiver and that was how I defined myself.  In the last year I have tried to figure out who I am now.  I still don't have an answer to this.  

But I do know that whatever I am, it's because of her.  She taught me everything.  She nurtured and encouraged.  Many times over the years I thought back to certain events in our lives and wondered why she did certain things, especially as it affected me.  As I got older, with more life experiences I realized she was teaching me.  Teaching me to be strong and independent, able to think on my own and reason out decisions, and to stand up for myself and not let others make me feel like crap.  

So tomorrow I will spend a quiet day, honoring my Mom for all she gave me. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Making the best of it

I saw this photo on Facebook and had to laugh.  Seems like everyone is tired of the snow this winter.  But since we have no control over it, you might as well try and make the best of it.  This is a home owner with a good sense of humor 

My tulips on the table are still beautiful and making me happy.  That was a frivolous purchase but it was  worth it.  They cheer up the place. 

I am finally making progress on my new hooking spot.  I finally called the cable company and they are coming in a few days to put a new cable line in so I can hook again and watch tv.  I'm still contemplating moving some furniture around but I can't decide what to do yet. 

So in the meantime, I'm knitting.  It's not as fun as rug hooking but it sure beats shoveling snow :)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sunny Saturday

Yes, that's right - I said it - SUNNY!  It was a no-precipitation day.  Haha Mother Nature......that's one for me 😄

Like most Saturday's it started with Coffee with the Hens downtown

Today it was just one hen, the rest are all off gallivanting around the globe.  Lucky buggers! Then I tackled multiple loads of laundry and did the grocery shopping for both me and auntie.

Before leaving the grocery store I walked past the flower counter.  There were bunches of tulips and I swear they called out my name....K...I....M....
I couldn't resist a beautiful yellow bunch.  But then the purple ones looked so disappointed.  So being the nice person I am, I bought those also 

Spring has arrived, at least it has on my dining room table

 For supper I tried a recipe that I've been wanting to make for a long time - Mexican Casserole

Meh, not so great.  Definitely looks better than it tasted.  I am rarely let down by a Taste of Home recipe but this one didn't work for me.  

Time to dig through the recipe books for tomorrow.  Another storm's a coming!!

Friday, February 20, 2015


Wild Wet and Windy last night.   

Massive icicles now join the mountains of snow.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

It's contagious

Looks the the PEI detachment of the RCMP wanted to get in on the fun from yesterday.  This is their update today.  Love it!

Wanted: Old Man Winter Update

February 19, 2015, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island...The Nova Scotia RCMP (on their Facebook page) yesterday asked for the public's assistance in apprehending Old Man Winter.

As an update, today a known associate of Old Man Winter’s, Frosty the Snowman, was seen in Montague with a broom stick in his hand. He was running here and there, all around the square, sayin, “catch me if you can”. As you know the Mounties always get their man. So when Frosty ran down the streets of town, right to the traffic cop, he only paused a moment, when he heard Cst. Baker holler, “stop!” Cst. Baker was able to apprehend Frosty, disarm him of his broomstick and detain him. Frosty was taken to the Montague office where he was quickly interrogated.  

Currently the interview is ongoing, it appears that Frosty is sweating under the pressure.

The P.E.I. RCMP strongly suspect that on Sunday past Old Man Winter snuck across the bridge when it was closed and reeked havoc on our Island. Please be on the lookout for him and if you see him stay inside as he may be armed with ice pellets.  

We are working on this matter and the Investigation is continuing….

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A sense of humor

With this winter, its important to keep a sense of humor.  I had to share this post that the R.C.M.P in Nova Scotia had on their facebook page today.

Wanted: Old Man Winter

February 18, 2015, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia...The Nova Scotia RCMP are asking for the public's assistance in apprehending Old Man Winter.
Old Man Winter is wanted in relation to a series of storms in Nova Scotia over the past two weeks leaving behind massive amounts of snow across the province.
Old Man Winter hails from the north, moves quickly, and drifts around. Last winter, he often made appearances on Wednesdays however this year, he has been much more unpredictable.
The suspect was last seen Sunday, February 15th after dumping up to 60 cms throughout the province. His known associates include Shubenacadie Sam, Jack Frost, Mother Nature and Frosty the Snowman.
"We've already been in contact with several meteorologists to help us narrow down his whereabouts," said Cpl. Greg Church, Nova Scotia RCMP. "We know that Old Man Winter is calm, cool and collected but may crack under high pressure."
Cpl. Church added "He may be armed with ice pellets so we are asking citizens to not approach him. The best way to protect yourself is with salt, sand or a snow blower."
Since the start of 2015, Old Man Winter has been responsible for numerous highway closures, snow days, excessive shoveling and visits to the chiropractor.
The RCMP appreciate any assistance citizens can provide us in helping locate and apprehend the suspect in advance of Thursday's pending snow.


Monday, February 16, 2015

What else...?

No surprise, it's snow.  Waist friggin deep snow.  This was the view of my car from the front window this morning

The front door -- not getting out of it anytime soon

Now the view from the back of the house.  The tunnel just gets deeper

Not going to be using the garage anytime before Spring

After shoveling the tunnel, I decided to try to find the car.  A friend of mine drove by just then and took this picture.  (I didn't find it as funny as she did)

If it snows any more I think I'll snap.  I know I'm a Canadian girl from the East and I'm accustomed to bad winters but this is getting a little out of hand.   Another storm and I WILL unleash the flying monkeys

Sunday, February 15, 2015


The storm has been underway for a few hours now.  Everything is white and blowing.  Mother Nature has been a real bitch this winter!!  

Although I hate the snow and all the crap that comes with it, I must say I do enjoy the prep for it.  Getting hunkered down in the house with candles, blankets, junk food and comfort foods.  Pre-storm cooking always makes the house smell like home.  

As promised here is the link to the recipe for the chicken and dumplings

This recipe is a keeper.  I followed the recipe but made some additions which I would recommend.  I added 2-3 healthy tablespoons of Dijon mustard and I also added carrots and peas.  It would have looked boring and bland without the extra color.  Before I added the dumplings I took the chicken out and shredded with a fork and put it back in.

Also since it was my first try at dumplings, I added too many so after about 20 minutes I had to remove a few.  Rookie mistake :)

Looks good eh!  And tasted great too. 

This morning I tried the cursed cinnamon rolls again, in the toaster oven.  Finally........edible!

I guess I'll spend the rest of the day eating, Netflix binging and watching the snow drift up higher and higher on the windows.  ;)

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sweet day

Happy Valentines Day!  So far so good.  The day started with going downtown and having coffee with the Hens.  Always a great way to start the weekend.  I stopped at the little boutique bakery vendor and  picked myself up a little treat.  Bread pudding with chocolate Kahlua sauce...OMG SO GOOD

Next stop was the local german chocolate shop downtown for some treats for Auntie which I then delivered.   We had tea and a visit and I made sure she was all set up for tomorrow's blizzard. (yes, close to 2 feet of snow forecast for tomorrow). 

And since I have no sweetie, I bought myself a little valentines treat - some funky new leggings.

These are all the rage around here lately, with a long tunic and high boots.  Yeehaw!!!  Lol.  Last stop was to pick up a fresh bag of Twizzlers because it wouldn't be a storm day without twizzlers. 

Comfort food on the menu for later.  Dijon chicken and dumplings in the slow cooker.  Can't wait, it smells so good.

Everybody in the east, stay safe tomorrow.   Happy Valentines Day Peeps!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I need a new spot

Unless you're a Big Bang nerd like me, you may not get this reference.  And I hate to admit this but I'm a lot more like Sheldon than I care to publicly admit. I have a spot.  (Just the tip of the iceberg - trust me) 

The trouble is, it's not comfortable for rug hooking.  I've tried propping pillows behind my back, pillow under my legs on top off the ottoman, nothing is really comfy.  I think that's why I can't get my hooking mojo back.  The chair in the new coffee corner in the kitchen nook is comfy but there's no tv there. And I need to watch tv while I hook.

So I need to re-jig things around here.  That chair won't work in my living room so maybe I need a small TV in the hooking corner?  We are still in a deep freeze here, so it's prime hooking weather! 

The only other news is I had a special visitor last night.  My neighbors dog came over for awhile while her Mom went out.  She is a sweet little dog

It was nice to have a dog in the house again, if only for a few hours.  It was her first solo visit and she did quite well so I think she'll be back again.  I remember how I hated leaving Millie all day while I was at work and then going out again in the evening and leaving her again.  And when I do get another dog, my neighbor and I can dog-sit for each other occasionally 

***note how I haven't mentioned snow once.  Lol

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Plan B

It seems like since my oven died, all I have wanted to eat is stuff you have to bake.  Soups and slow cooker casseroles have gotten tired.  I went on the Kenmore replacement part website and put in the model number......Not found!  The stove is so old it's not even on their parts database.  Lol

I have been debating what to do.  Should I try to have it repaired or just bite the bullet and buy a new one?  Yesterday I went to the appliance store to look around and just see what the prices were like.  Then I thought some more.  I really don't want to buy something that big right now and since the top burners still work, I came up with a Plan B.  

I bought a new toaster oven (that was 50% off) and this will hold me over until Spring.  So this morning I tested it out with my very first batch of cornbread.

I'm going to pat myself on the back and say it turned out great!  It's so nice having something baked again! 

A quick snow update.....yes, we've had a bit more since my last post.  But this morning I was so excited to look out my window and see my car with no new snow on it.  It's the first day in weeks we haven't had even a brief flurry.  Yay!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Snow Rage

Ok, I'm almost at the breaking point.  Another couple of feet of snow fell last night.  I can't cope.  There's no where to put it.  The banks are so high at the end of my driveway, I can't see if any cars are coming, so I just say a little prayer and floor it and hope for the best.

This was the view of my driveway from my dining room window this morning.  Can you see my car peeking out?

Here's my front step view from the living room window.  The snow is almost up to the door knob

I shoveled a "path" out the back door.  Soon it will feel like a tunnel into a cave.

I guess I won't be taking any garbage out to the curb anytime soon......

All that's left to say is ........O.M.G......ENOUGH ALREADY!!!