Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I need a new spot

Unless you're a Big Bang nerd like me, you may not get this reference.  And I hate to admit this but I'm a lot more like Sheldon than I care to publicly admit. I have a spot.  (Just the tip of the iceberg - trust me) 

The trouble is, it's not comfortable for rug hooking.  I've tried propping pillows behind my back, pillow under my legs on top off the ottoman, nothing is really comfy.  I think that's why I can't get my hooking mojo back.  The chair in the new coffee corner in the kitchen nook is comfy but there's no tv there. And I need to watch tv while I hook.

So I need to re-jig things around here.  That chair won't work in my living room so maybe I need a small TV in the hooking corner?  We are still in a deep freeze here, so it's prime hooking weather! 

The only other news is I had a special visitor last night.  My neighbors dog came over for awhile while her Mom went out.  She is a sweet little dog

It was nice to have a dog in the house again, if only for a few hours.  It was her first solo visit and she did quite well so I think she'll be back again.  I remember how I hated leaving Millie all day while I was at work and then going out again in the evening and leaving her again.  And when I do get another dog, my neighbor and I can dog-sit for each other occasionally 

***note how I haven't mentioned snow once.  Lol


  1. I think we are all more like Sheldon than we care to admit. David and I go to usual chairs there will be no mixing it up. I have a big chair and an ottoman that is the same height as the chair I just need to hook more no excuse.

  2. Nice to have a furry friend visit! Yes - it sounds like a small TV is needed. I like to have the TV on when I hook too.

  3. I hear you about needing a specific chair to hook but the TV, I don't really watch any more. My back needs to be straight since I have a curvature in my spine, otherwise I get a sore back.

    Cute little dog. I bet it won't be too long before you have a new TV and a new companion.


  4. Oh Ya, Big Bang Nerd.... Yes, always enjoy a furry face in the house.Hugs Francine.

  5. Gotta have a comfy chair to hook and watch Big Bang. I am one of those nerd fans too. Time will come when you will have a new furry companion to lie at your feet while hooking but in the meantime you have a cute visitor.

  6. That is why when I found my 10.00 chair I was beside myself, a perfect hooking chair.
    It is very, very important to have a good hooking chair. I can't hook sitting on the couch either. I like your neighbor dog, I bet that was nice. That was why I think that lady I went to see never hooked she didn't have a hooking chair. She didn't have any furniture at all so it is important. I won't mention weather either. :) Have a nice evening

  7. I hope you find your hooking "nook". It does make all the difference I'm sure! I loved that little neighbor dog when I saw her on Facebook! How nice to have good neighbors and to already know you have potential for a mutual dog sitting set up. We pay millions to board our dog! ps Glad the "s" word didn't come up! ;)

  8. I hope you are able to find that "spot." Cute little dog that visited you! It's good to have reliable neighbors to share caring for pets. xo

  9. I think Lou and I are much Sheldon would think we have assigned seats as we always settle in the same spots. Glad to hear you are considering a new pup.

  10. Hi Kim, I've never watched that show but we do have our own seats. Hubby has his big recliner thats broken so it doesn't recline, that he sits in to watch TV. I just sit at the boring computer desk in an old non comfy kitchen chair. lol

    When I am on the computer I am usually recline on my bed with laptop.

    Cute little doggie. Isn't it great to have a neighbor you can share dog caring with?
    Ok shhhhh I won't say that s word either. But as I have mentioned before I sure wish we had some here. :) Lots and lots of it. I would feel more at home.

    Take care, enjoy your week. Janet W hugs

  11. When I used to hook, I had a special chair that I sat in...just pulled it to the living room or wherever I wanted to sit and hook. Worked for me! Nice to have a 4-legged visitor, hey?

  12. I do get it. Jack and I have our "spots" too. I love my kitchen tv. I spend so much time there I needed it! One day you'll be ready for a new dog and this is a great way to prepare. That little one is a cutie. I have no filter when it comes to the "S" word! It manages to fall at least once a day...same with the temperature!

  13. When I hook and watch TV at DSOs, my hooking is SO SLOW. I hook so much faster sans television. The right spot is so important. Makes a huge difference.
    Glad you had a furry little visitor.
    Hugs :)

  14. What a cute little visitor! I've watched that show a few times, it's pretty funny.