Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A sense of humor

With this winter, its important to keep a sense of humor.  I had to share this post that the R.C.M.P in Nova Scotia had on their facebook page today.

Wanted: Old Man Winter

February 18, 2015, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia...The Nova Scotia RCMP are asking for the public's assistance in apprehending Old Man Winter.
Old Man Winter is wanted in relation to a series of storms in Nova Scotia over the past two weeks leaving behind massive amounts of snow across the province.
Old Man Winter hails from the north, moves quickly, and drifts around. Last winter, he often made appearances on Wednesdays however this year, he has been much more unpredictable.
The suspect was last seen Sunday, February 15th after dumping up to 60 cms throughout the province. His known associates include Shubenacadie Sam, Jack Frost, Mother Nature and Frosty the Snowman.
"We've already been in contact with several meteorologists to help us narrow down his whereabouts," said Cpl. Greg Church, Nova Scotia RCMP. "We know that Old Man Winter is calm, cool and collected but may crack under high pressure."
Cpl. Church added "He may be armed with ice pellets so we are asking citizens to not approach him. The best way to protect yourself is with salt, sand or a snow blower."
Since the start of 2015, Old Man Winter has been responsible for numerous highway closures, snow days, excessive shoveling and visits to the chiropractor.
The RCMP appreciate any assistance citizens can provide us in helping locate and apprehend the suspect in advance of Thursday's pending snow.



  1. That is very cute. When he is caught, send him here!! :)

  2. Great wanted poster, thanks for sharing.

  3. He seems to be everywhere! He's also done his dirty white work farther south in the US. He needs to be stopped!!!

  4. That is some fantastic humor Hope this white stuff is gone soon for all of us. Sadly we are having more snow again tonight.

  5. Old Man Winter has been taunting us here in New Brunswick as well and has left us in an awful mess. I sure hope the RCMP catches this old chilly guy.


  6. Always good to have a sence of humour, francine.

  7. LOL....when you catch him let him know to stop by our place after visiting at Farm Girl's. :)

    Stay warm and cozy...Janet W

  8. Would I be out of line if I shot him since he's apparently crossed the border into the US? A business in Ashland had a sign out front that said: Arrest Old Man Winter for "ice-salt" and battery! Yep, keep smiling!

  9. It helps if one is able to find a little humor along the way! I think "Old Man Winter" has erred greatly from his usual path. We have -16 F wind chill here overnight! Ice and snow on the ground! Stay safe and keep warm!


  10. I should maybe have taken up with a Mountie - a sense of humour is a fail safe in a relationship lol