Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sunny Saturday

Yes, that's right - I said it - SUNNY!  It was a no-precipitation day.  Haha Mother Nature......that's one for me 😄

Like most Saturday's it started with Coffee with the Hens downtown

Today it was just one hen, the rest are all off gallivanting around the globe.  Lucky buggers! Then I tackled multiple loads of laundry and did the grocery shopping for both me and auntie.

Before leaving the grocery store I walked past the flower counter.  There were bunches of tulips and I swear they called out my name....K...I....M....
I couldn't resist a beautiful yellow bunch.  But then the purple ones looked so disappointed.  So being the nice person I am, I bought those also 

Spring has arrived, at least it has on my dining room table

 For supper I tried a recipe that I've been wanting to make for a long time - Mexican Casserole

Meh, not so great.  Definitely looks better than it tasted.  I am rarely let down by a Taste of Home recipe but this one didn't work for me.  

Time to dig through the recipe books for tomorrow.  Another storm's a coming!!


  1. Here's to more sunny days ahead!!! I love tulips -- and what a great way to add some color (instead of the "white" outside)!!! Hang in there...

  2. Kim, you meal LOOKS GREAT. Ya know, I should treat myself to fresh cut flowers to bring in a little spring into my home. Thanks for reminding me to be NICE to myself.

  3. I have plenty of cookbooks if you need any extras, Kim.:-) The tulips definitely put one in mind of spring! We expect another storm by next week-end, too! xo Nellie

  4. Yayyyyyy! You got some sun. :) Oh the tulips are so pretty. Here in Washington in Skagit county area we have a tulip festival....check out this google page for lovely pictures of tulips fields.

    I haven't been to see them in a long time but i was in awe when I saw them years ago.

    Enjoy, Janet W

  5. So happy for you to have the sun! Temps went up overnight for us and is in the 40's now with the earlier rain melting some of the snow and ice. Sun is out now and it is a very welcome sight. Tulips are lovely and give us hope that Spring has to be just around the corner. Have a great day!

  6. the snow wasn't much for us and the sun is coming out again.
    have a wonderful snow day

  7. I do love those flowers! I am so glad you are such a nice person to bring them home. The other day I had made brownies I think it was, and Ron said that they even knew his middle name when they called out. :)
    I think your recipe looks good. Taste of Home never lets me down either. I hope you come up with something very yummy.
    I hope it is a lovely day.

  8. Oh you did good buying yourself the glowers, need a touch of Spring. blessings Francine.

  9. The tulips are so pretty.
    Sunshine can make a world of difference!
    Hugs :)

  10. Tulips are my favorite! Another storm.......really?

  11. You treated yourself with flowers and I bought two ceramic bunnies. lol...
    They were so cute I couldn't resist. I'll probably breakdown and buy some tulips sooner or later when the right one comes along.

    Love recipes in Taste of Home. I bet I'd love your casserole too.
    We had a spring like day today after we woke up to 4 more inches of snow.

    Keep well.


  12. It was near 30 here we put on shorts and laid on the deck! (no, we didn't) Today...windchill -12 and snow. Defeated! That picture makes me want black bean and rice enchiladas...I don't think I have the ingredients on hand though. Sorry you had a disappointing go !

  13. Love a sunny day! However, when we see sun and blue skies the temps are usually super cold. (like today!) We had snow on Sat. but all the errands and shopping got done because I was sick of Mother Nature deciding how I was going to spend my day! Hope the storm isn't too harsh and maybe more sun will be in the forecast!

  14. Tulips are so pretty! When I lived in Wyoming I had tulips and lilac bushes in the spring. They were so special. In California I can't grow either of them because it just doesn't get cold enough. I just loved seeing those flowers, hugs cheri