Sunday, February 15, 2015


The storm has been underway for a few hours now.  Everything is white and blowing.  Mother Nature has been a real bitch this winter!!  

Although I hate the snow and all the crap that comes with it, I must say I do enjoy the prep for it.  Getting hunkered down in the house with candles, blankets, junk food and comfort foods.  Pre-storm cooking always makes the house smell like home.  

As promised here is the link to the recipe for the chicken and dumplings

This recipe is a keeper.  I followed the recipe but made some additions which I would recommend.  I added 2-3 healthy tablespoons of Dijon mustard and I also added carrots and peas.  It would have looked boring and bland without the extra color.  Before I added the dumplings I took the chicken out and shredded with a fork and put it back in.

Also since it was my first try at dumplings, I added too many so after about 20 minutes I had to remove a few.  Rookie mistake :)

Looks good eh!  And tasted great too. 

This morning I tried the cursed cinnamon rolls again, in the toaster oven.  Finally........edible!

I guess I'll spend the rest of the day eating, Netflix binging and watching the snow drift up higher and higher on the windows.  ;)


  1. I think it sounds like a perfect day. Your cinnamon rolls look so good and your dinner looks wonderful. It does sound so cozy.

  2. Mmmmmm... those chicken and dumplings look awesome! Thanks for sharing the recipe! Keep safe during the storm...

  3. And what about some hooking???
    Stay warm and safe.
    Hugs :)

  4. That looks like good comfort food for a stormy maritime day.
    It might be another recipe to add to my binder.
    I'm going to check it out.


  5. My grandmother made the best chicken and dumplings EVER. I don't have her touch, unfortunately. Plus, everything she made was from scratch and those took a lot of time. This recipe looks good. Winter has been a bitch to me as well. Meaing she hasn't dropped once single flurry or bit of ice on us this year. :(

  6. Yes!!!! Hooray for toaster ovens! This shoveling and fresh air is making me so hungry!!!!

  7. Comfort food for a cozy comfy day. Just need to add a little bit of chocolate!
    Stay safe and keep dreaming of spring!

  8. Sounds like you're all set. Enjoy the snow from inside. :) And have a nice warm and cozy day eating your yummy foods.

    Going to check out the recipe.
    Ciao, Janet W

  9. The chicken and dumplings and the cinnamon buns sure look good. Lots of nice comforting food while the snow flies.
    Maybe you'll have a snow day from work tomorrow???

  10. As always yummy! I like that there is no obligations to be any where or do anything.
    stay warm and safe.

  11. Oh Kim...comfort food at it's best...well done...all appears so yummy...I fear by the time winter concludes I could qualify for the show My Six Hundred Pound Life!!!

  12. Chicken and dumplings are my fav meal! I hardly ever have it anymore. Jack's Mom used to make it for my birthday but since she passed away I haven't bothered with it....until this year. Since this is my birthday month I will just have to try it again! We had a storm yesterday too and a deep freeze to follow. We hunkered down and hopefully this week will be better! Take care and stay warm and the look of those rolls...good job!

  13. Thanks for the link. Hope the weather isn't as bad as expected.

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  15. Yummy food! I don't mind being snowed in as long as the power stays on. Stay safe and warm!

  16. Id say you were using your cooped up, warm indoors time very sensibly! You need to eat plenty to keep your spirits up and to stay warmer - cough - cough
    dumplings bring back childhood memories yum yum

  17. Oh great comfort food, when in doubt, eat.Blessings Francine.