Sunday, August 23, 2009

My storm project

The rain has started so it looks like "Bill" is on the way. The Weather Network has just shown video from Halifax and it looks nasty. So we should be experiencing the worst within a couple of hours. So I though I should post quickly, just in case the power goes out. N.S. Power is reporting several outages along the coast already. I popped a little chicken in the oven so hopefully it will be cooked soon. Below is my little storm project. He's not very big so he shouldn't take too long. And I got a few tips today on finishing/binding, so I'll try a new technique on froggie.

Millie had her appointment at the "Beauty Parlour" yesturday. She had her faced shaved down, and now I think she looks like a little doe deer!! She looks like a completely different dog. I usually like her best with some fur on her face but the little devil got into something sticky and the groomer and I agreed that to clip her face would be the least traumatic for her (and me). She loves to get a bath, but all the other parts of a trip to the groomer are not fun for her. She is a squirmer. I know, I know - its because she is spoiled!!
If "Bill" delivers us anything newsworthy, I'll get some pictures and post tomorrow.



  1. Update: Thankfully, Bill turned out to be a bust. Just a regular summer rainy day. But my frog is coming along, so the day wasn't a bust.

  2. Hi Kim

    Bill fizzled but not a bad thing! Millie is such a cutie pie and seems to love posing for her picture!

  3. You could try to hook this one in a different size wool? do some shading. what is the border going to be?

  4. The frog is 3/4 done already. AND as for the backgound color - I don't know yet, I'm just winging it! After the last color planning fiasco I just might reach my hand into the stash pile and use whatever I pull out!!!

  5. Wow, you got a lot done in just one day! Millie looks adorable with her little pom-pom on the top of her head and lying on her soft pink blanket. No, I don't think she is spoiled at all. :-)