Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Stuff

Its been a busy weekend but a good one. Friday evening after that great massage and supper, I hit the grocery shopping and then Corinne left me a message that she had dyed some wool. So of course, I raced right over. I had asked her to dye me some warm fall colors. Look at these.....she did a beautiful job. I love the way they compliment each other. Now all that is left is to figure out to do with them!!Yesturday I puttered around the house a bit, but I confess I spent most of the day glued to the television watching all the Ted Kennedy coverage. I've always had an interest in politics and it was a fascinating history lesson too. I have always been a little jealous of the American patriotism. I wish Canadians were a little more like that. And who didn't have a giant lump in their throat listening to Ted Jr. tell the story of how his father helped him climb that snowy hill??

Then, in the spirit of spoiling myself, I made eggs benedict with smoked salmon for breakfast. Sooo good - I didn't even think about the calories, cholesterol etc. And since the air has cooled down considerably I felt like I needed more comfort food today. So a crock of baked beans and molasses are in the oven now. Smell them?? Yumm, the smell of them cooking is so nice. I used Grandma's recipe and her old antique bean crock, which I think is the key! I handle this crock like it is made of eggshells - I'm so scared to break it. Its been around this house forever and they are so hard to find. But they really do make a difference. I made her recipe in a slow cooker - Once! Blah, not the same.

Ooooh and then when I turned on the computer this morning I found I had a new Blog follower....Welcome Anne! I'm just like a little kid - I get sooo excited to know that I'm not out there in cyberspace talking to myself!!

Time to get out the hooking supplies and get Froggie finished. I hope you all had a great weekend too!



  1. Kim, you can warm one's spirits, for sure, in the dreaded oncoming of Hurricane Danny. I was so pleased to see you as a follower on my blog, as well. Isn't it great when someone is a follower or makes a comment, even a teeney one; otherwise, you know there are others lurking around out there because you can see it on the map. LOL!! Hope I don't drive anyone away. I love your work. I guess you did the mat that your dog {such a cutie. I have two shihtzus} is posing on?

  2. Thanks Anne, and yes it is always nice to see new activity on our pages. You asked about the mat Millie is posing on - I blogged about its origin mid month. Check my archive for the post
    "1 Year Ago..." It is a very special rug to me. :)

  3. Hi Kim
    Your bean pot brings back memories of my grandmother's pot, which did not survive as yours. I have to make baked beans in the NL fashion; in a roaster and not the same!

    Thanks for the tip on the sidebars..

  4. Hi Kim,

    The baked beans brought back a child hood memory for me too. When we lived in Fredericton, my mom often had a bean crock on the go, along with the most amazing molasses brown bread. I have never tasted beans or bread that good in Ontario. This summer, some black bean bread at Trent came close and I need to find out where to get it.

    Your posts are always warm and wonderful. A joy to read.