Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Back to the grind

After a great vacation week, I am now officially back to the daily working grind. SIGH..... My week off was so relaxing and I got alot of things done around the house and on my rug, plus as an added bonus - It was sunny all week.
But now reality is sinking in - two days in a row of rain! And I can't believe how much you can get done during the day at home......(well duh! right) Last night I got home from work, made supper, did dishes, and then a few errands, made a coconut -rice pudding, then did dishes AGAIN, and then a little laundry. WELL, I thought it was just a few chores but when I finally sat down IT WAS AFTER 10 pm!!!! How did that happen?? Where did my evening go???
I think I'll go buy a few lottery tickets tonight and dream about retirement. HAHAHA OK maybe not. Maybe I'll just grab a bowl of the rice pudding with a handful of blueberries, put my feet up and maybe try and sketch out my next rug project.

Oh, and I hope Corinne at Momz Wool had a great birthday today!



  1. I had a very Feng Shui day thank you, my lucky Bamboo Harvey is settling into the wool room nicely, my visit from the hooker girls filled my lunch hour with wool chatter (then I had to go back to that place called Work) how many years to retirement?

    I had some Pizza and Cake for supper which means I didn't have to cook and gifts to top it off.

    And my Boss is happy with his new 'ball' Had to put that one in.

  2. Hi Kim,
    It's a pleasure to meet you! Thank-you so much for putting me on your side-bar! It is nice to meet someone else who is juggling this busy life with caring for a loved one. It puts a whole new perspective on things. Some days I can't even think about rug hooking or anything else for that matter. Then I'll have a few good days. I spend way too much time on here blogging, doing Etsy etc. But, it is a connection with other people that I so dearly need right now too. Blessings to you and your mother! I will be keeping track of you in your blog on my side-bar. Cathy g