Thursday, August 13, 2009

1 Year Ago....

Tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of my dear friend Tim, who lost his battle with cancer. This story is actually the story behind the rug featured on the banner of my blog - "Random Hearts".

His sister decided to organize a curling event and auction to raise money for the Palliative Care Unit that took such good care of not only Tim, but the whole family. This includes the nurses who organized a birthday party in the unit for his youngest daughter's 5th birthday. Tim participated in this happy event and passed away the next morning. I really wanted to do something special to honor him, but couldn't decide what to hook. The event was scheduled around Valentines Day (Tim's birthday) so I started drawing hearts all over the place.

I hooked like a mad-woman to get it finished in time. But then I was worried that maybe nobody would like it. I even had a friend lined up to bid on it just in case! But I didn't need to worry - The rug raised the 2nd highest dollar amount of the evening. Only finishing 2nd to a fancy framed Ducks Unlimited print!!

So tomorrow, to mark the 1 year, his parents have invited family and friends to their home to help them cope. We will eat chili and clam chowder and raise a glass (or two) of beer - Tim's favorite and remember a great guy!



  1. We are blessed with our memories of family and friends who have left us. I'm sure there will be tears and laughter tomorrow. Hold tight and support each other and find comfort in the good time you all had together.

  2. Thanks Debra. He loved to celebrate any occasion and was always organizing some theme party or football game party etc. So this will be a very appropriate way for us to honor him.