Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What an idiot!!

Yup, I'm referring to myself here, The Idiot. It all started last night when I finally got to Corinne's house to pick out some wool for this little fall themed project. I was so prepared. I had my little sketch with me and I even stuffed all my wool stash in a big bag and dragged it with me. This way we could color plan and look at what I already had that we could use and then compare colors to her stock. GREAT IDEA, RIGHT??
So we placed all my colors out on her dining room table and began to see what color outfit my scarecrow would wear and then we labored for too long over which color would be a nice compliment for the background. We finally settled on this lovely dark green that she had just finished dying a few days before. It didn't turn out to be exactly the color she needed, but I liked it so I was feeling pretty good. Oh yeah I was proud of myself. I planned ahead and I was TOTALLY prepared. All the way home I was grinning and thinking how smart I was......... Then I walked though the sunporch to the door that leads to the mud room - the planned destination for this little door hanging. And as I approached the a smack in the face............I looked at the GREEN DOOR. Arrrgh, how could I not think about the green door???? I walk through it a minimum of 10 times a day!!! IDIOT - so my planned green background would just meld into the friggin green door.
So now I guess I have to revert to Plan B. I cannot deal with this stupid scarecrow anymore. Now I'm trying to figure out a suitable substitution. I still want something to hang on that door.
Look at little Millie - even she is looking at me like I'm an idiot! Guess its true, you can't fool an animal!


  1. Isn't that just the way it is these days!!? So much going on in our lives we forget the color of our own front doors! You had me in stitches! Thanks for sharing, now I don't feel like the only one who does strange things! Thank-goodness the little Millie's love us regardless! Cathy g

  2. I thought I was the only one. Thank goodness, I am not as now I have company. It only get worse as you get older.

  3. You are not an Idiot, but that story was good for a laugh and the color is very similiar, I wouldn't even tell you the stupid things I do in the run of a week.

    Last week I went home at lunch and put the ID Swipe Card for work up to the door of my house, suppose that would open it?

  4. LOL Julie, thanks for the news that it can only get worse! And to Corinne, have you ever gone home and answered the phone by saying "Good Morning, Town Hall" Duh!