Monday, January 2, 2012

First Chat of the Year

I'm joining in with Patrice over at Everyday Ruralty for another chat session.  It's always a fun way to  share and learn a little more about each other.

But first an update.  The foot is a little better today but still sore.  I haven't done much today and that seemed to help.  It's not bruised or swollen, so still kind of a mystery.

There is also the theory that it is psychological.  I am signed up to participate in a January weight loss/fitness challenge at work.  I wonder if my foot decided to save me from all the trouble ?   LOL  Probably not !  

The first weigh-in is Thursday morning so my strategy has been to eat like a demon for the past two weeks so I can have a heavy weigh-in for week one and then look like a star for week two.   I have been attacking the rest of the junk food in the house today.  The only flaw in my plan . . . . . .  I may have forgotten that it isn't as easy to take off the pounds as it is to put them on - especially when you are 40-something.   Dang it - there is always a glitch in my plans :)

Anyway, now on to Patrice's questions

  1. What's your favorite kind of tree?
There are lots of beautiful flowering trees but the blooms never last long enough for me.  So I will say that my favorite is a red maple.  And the leaves are just as pretty on the ground as they are on the tree.

2.     How did you celebrate the New Year?

Sadly, I stayed home and fell asleep on the sofa sometime before 10pm.  Hopefully next year I will have a much more exciting answer to this question.

3.   Do you have any family traditions for the New Year?

Hmmm, another boring answer here.  I don't think we have any special New Years traditions except that everyone gets a small gift on the morning of January 1.  This year everyone got socks.  (We really didn't put a lot of thought into this year eh)

4.    I'm so glad I____________ in 2011.

I'm so glad for many things in my life.  I can't narrow it down to just one

5.     Did you have a nickname as a child?

My grandfather called me "The Baby".  The name stuck for years.  A few years ago my cousin told me her entire family always referred to me as "Baby Kim"

There are just  a few precious hours left of vacation.  Back to work tomorrow (big sigh)


  1. Don't feel bad- our New Years Eve was quiet and rather boring. We watched a movie with the kids and toddled off to bed early. We have so many other family traditions that I'll forgive us for not doing something interesting for the new year!
    I like your answer to #4- I'm glad things have been good for you. It feels good to have the freshness that January 1 brings:)

  2. I fell asleep New Years Eve and slept until 11:30 and then was wide awake until three in the morning. Boring. Back to work for me also. Have a good week.

  3. Your foot may be trying to tell you something... tee hee! But probably not a bad idea to get on that old scale and face the music!!
    I hope your new year back at work is not too hard on you! I like your tradition of socks for the new year! May have to start that one here!!
    Good luck on the scales and big hugs and cheery wishes for the new year!!
    Cathy G

  4. I think that is so sweet that you were called Baby Kim. I am glad your foot is a bit better.
    I like the idea of getting socks for New Years. Yeah, it is back to work, I have to go back to school. Peter was yelling, " How could you just spring this on me now!!!"
    Oh the tree on my header is called a Strawberry Tree. Those things get really red and look like a giant strawberry. Not much flavor though, they just look pretty.
    Have a nice time at work.

  5. I'm convinced that most people don't do that much on New Year's Eve...except those 2 million that showed up in NY Times Square..but what do they know? The smart ones stayed home and had a bird's eye view of the ball dropping, Lady Gaga..and Dick Clark of course..and then were able to hit the hay. And I wonder where they all went to the bathroom...just asking...

  6. Kim ~
    If you think the weight issue is tough at 40 something, wait until you hit late 50 something! I think my pants are trying to strangle me :)
    Back to work tomorrow for me, too. Sucks, but I really am thankful to have my job.
    New Years hugs :)

  7. Love your strategy to look like a star at the weigh-in LOL

    A little New Years gift sounds like the perfect way to start. And new socks are getting off on the right foot

  8. I like the nickname "The Baby". Sweet. We have always called our youngest son and daughter "The Babies". They are 17 and 16 now and are still called "The Babies", even though "The Big Kids" have grown and gone. :)

    I enjoyed your post and hope your foot is better very soon. Have a great night!

  9. Staying home for New Year's Eve is my cup of tea. We haven't gotten in bed early on New Year's Eve since well before children. Isn't that funny? I mean, you'd think it would be the opposite, but it wasn't for us.

  10. Staying home on New Year's Eve is what I've always done - even in my younger years! Too many drivers out there and could be "under the influence" - I'd rather me and mine stay home where it's safe!