Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Clever Marketing or . . . . .

Sometimes it is a fine line between savy, clever marketing and down-right manipulation.

To what am I referring ?   Quaker Weight Control Oatmeal.  The clever marketing part - "specially formulated to make you feel full longer"

The actual truth - It is so bad that it actually removes your desire to ever eat again.  Yes people - It is that BAD.

This morning I removed it from the microwave (following the package directions exactly) and as I stirred it up - it was like a glue-like substance.  I bravely and against my better judgement took a bite.  N-O-T  good.  I picked up the spoon, turned it upside down, shook it a little and it didn't move or fall off.  I have another marketing suggestion for the company. . . .

It could be used by bricklayers as a substitute for MORTAR.  Each bite I gagged down seemed to fall to the bottom of my stomach and meld together into one glue-like lump.  At the mid point I even added some extra milk to try and thin it out a bit.   The milk just disappeared and it didn't get any thinner.   That part was a little disturbing.

The only accurate part on the packaging was that I didn't want to eat the rest of the morning.  That lump remained ever present for hours, effectively removing any desire to eat - - - anything. And there was also a very disturbing coating of the inside of my mouth, even after brushing my teeth.   Aaackkkk.

So clearly by now you have figured out this is not a paid endorsement from the Quaker company.  Lol

Other than that little experiment, I have stuck to the Weight Watchers plan today.  There was a tiny moment of weakness around 3pm but I powered through it without cheating.  I'm going to have to bring a piece of fruit or something to work for mid afternoon.  I even have a few points left to spare today.

Now - On to more serious business (If anyone is still here reading this foolishness)  I need your help

 As many of you know I always hook a special rug and donate it in February to an auction to raise money for Palliative Care in memory of my friend Tim.

Well, it is one month away and I have nothing.  I have a nice new piece of linen and a brand new pack of sharpies but no ideas.

Since I'm crunched for time, it can't be a very detailed rug.  Something fairly simple.   And just to muddy the water a little more, I have always incorporated hearts into the past 3 rugs.     Any ideas ?  Suggestions ?  Design thoughts ?

Please help me Ladies - This is for a good cause. 


  1. What exactly is 'weight loss' about this oatmeal? Isn't oatmeal all about the same points/colorie count if you don't add sugar or milk? Guess I should read the box when I go to the grocery. Personally I like the old-fashioned style of oatmeal that has some body, but is NOT a bowl of glue.

    Wish I had some good rug ideas to pass on to you. My rug creativity seems to have dried up! I know anything you design will be a winner.

  2. Hey I just drew two designs on burlap today. You want me to do a blog with the designs? I got them from a book called, Pattern designs for rug hookers. Ron ordered it off of Amazon for me. I am doing a chicken rug by Gene Shepherd and one by a lady named Wendy Barton Miller.
    That was what I had to do because I couldn't come up with anything.
    I will do it tonight for you.
    I would mail you the book but it might take forever to get there. I wonder why it takes so long for things to get from me to you.

  3. Try the quaker oats high fiber variety. Much better!

  4. If you want to eat oatmeal make the steel cut Irish oatmeal. It is not the glue that the instant is. It does take longer to cook but it really stays with you.
    glad you stayed on program.
    no ideas for a rug right now.

  5. glad you gave me heads up on this oatmeal I won't waste my time.
    Gosh I wish I could help you with the rug project. I was thinking maybe the word Love with a couple of hearts on it but I am not very creative
    Love ya

  6. You couldn't pay me to eat oats! lol Seriously! I will not eat them. I only have a box of the old fashioned oats to make one of my favorite candies with! Or cookies. Now that way I can tolerate but to cook them no way! lol

  7. Kim ~
    I'm not an oatmeal person and after reading your description I'm SURE I won't become one.
    Can't help you with the rug. I suck at planning! Good luck.
    Hugs :)

  8. I agree with someone before me: eat the steelcut oatmeal. You have to soak it the night before if you don't want to have to cook it forever but it's worth it. So delicious and the junk only comes in with whatever you add to it. Berries? Yes please. Cranberries with a touch of brown sugar are especially nice. Or just a little milk and a bit of butter. So good. And it, too, will stay with you all morning. But in a good way.

  9. I like oatmeal but I've never tried that kind and I don't think I will either..but I'm proud of you for getting through the afternoon..that's my weak point too. Then some idiot brought M&M's to work and set the big bags on the table in the break room...I think maybe it was Satan and I also was able to resist....whew....the first week of a diet is the pits but I know it will get better. Won't it?

  10. Kim,
    I know what you mean about the oatmeal..... you have to acquire a taste for the good stuff but the instant.... well your review is quite accurate! LOL!
    For your rug could you do a hit and miss with hearts in the corners? Simple and you could use leftover worms from other projects.
    Good job on the will power at work! I keep grapes in the fridge for my snack attacks. You don't have to peel them! LOL!
    Cathy G

  11. Great start to the morning! lol! I find the best thing is just to eat regular food in good portions. The prepackaged/altered stuff "just ain't right"... lol! For the rug... how about a prim antique pink heart a little off center of a neutral hit 'n miss background?

  12. I can't eat those little oatmeal packages to be made in the microwave. Yes, it is like glue or mortar. However if you cook the original Quaker Oats the old fashion way, in a pot on the stove, it is a whole different experience.

  13. I actually like that oatmeal. Does that make me a freak?

  14. Do you have time to cook them from scratch? They are SO much better and it only takes me about 20 minutes. A little milk and cinnamon (and brown sugar, if you're letting yourself) plus whatever goodies you like to throw in. Mmm mmm!

    Are you looking for a ready to do design, or just something to draw out? Maybe you could do something like branches with little hearts instead of flower buds? Is that too lame? LOL!

  15. Hi Kim, sorry about your bad experience with the Quaker oatmeal. That's too funny but sure to keep you slim.

    I love oatmeal but I prefer the Quick Oatmeal by Robin Hood or the old fashion one.

    About your rug pattern, February 14 is Valentine's Day. I bet that you have already started one by now. I've been away from the computer while having so much visit and 9 calves.

    If I had to make a quick rug I would make a chair pad with a heart that says Love Lives Here.

    Can't wait to see this new rug.

  16. Kim, Oatmeal it kind of grows on you. I like oatmeal cookies. Any rug you hook will look good.Cheri

  17. Welcome to WW - I did it years ago and lost 35. This year between work and my classes I crept up too high so I started again in November (online - who has time for meetings?). Okay, so there were a few days over the holidays I didn't count religiously, but I've still lost about 9 pounds so far. One of the best things is that you earn if you exercise - great incentive to get moving. Stick with it :-)

  18. I love oatmeal but usually make the oatmeal you have to cook on the stove. Now on to the rugs. Know those heart candies that come out around Valentine's Day. Maybe you could put three together in a row with some of the words that are always on the heart candies.

  19. Holy cri yi yi....I go MIA for a few days, come back, and your blog has turned into an oatmeal review forum!! What the hey???! ;o) Only way I eat oatmeal is in something loaded with counteracting yumminess - cookies, cake, etc. Otherwise, if I can't have eggs and bacon or french toast or pancakes loaded with syrup and sausages (also oozing with syrup) and HAVE to eat a cereal product, it would be cream of rice or cream of wheat made with whole milk and laced heavily with sugar. I'm not a good diet buddy.....sorry. Anywho - as for rugs - lots of simple heart designs pop to mind....I did one last year with a simple textured red heart in the center - antique black background and just simple green vine with a few leaves....Also did another very similar with a little more ornate border around the black with mustard and then a winding vine with leaves and a few red berries. (Could send you photos if you wish). Or, there's a pattern out there (can't remember whose design right now) but based on old cookie press molds - just 3 or 4 simple hearts in different shades of textured red wools - makes for an awesome rug hooked. It's in one of the books I have and my friend hooked it and it's one I'd like to do sometime. Also, last year, I used the pattern from Keri Arthur at The Calico Rabbit which was in Create and Decorate and hooked a hit and miss heart (asymmetrical in shape) and finished it as a hanger with an old key and a tag, etc. for my niece. I made it larger than the pattern called for and used much primmer colors, but it turned out very cool.....Otherwise - a simple bunny holding a heart? A crow holding a string from its beak with a heart? Heart in hand motif? Awww geez....look what you started..... !!!! Happy, happy, Friday....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  20. I love oatmeal too and eat the plain old fat kind. Yum! Worth every rotten calorie! Good luck with the rug!!

  21. I love good ol' fashion oatmeal, and I doctor it up the way I like.. usually in a healthy way. I was tempted a bit by this gimicky oatmeal.. but you've made me happy I didn't bite :) Weight Watchers is a great plan! Keep us posted on your success! -Tammy