Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Starting Fresh

I thought I better keep my hands busy typing a new post so I won't use my hands to stuff food in my mouth. 

Today was the first day back to work and if that alone wasn't rough enough - I had a mental fart and signed up for the January wellness challenge. 

What Was I Thinking ???   I must have been distracted by the discomfort of having to wear real, presentable clothes for the first day in 2 weeks.  Oh, how I missed my jeans and baggy sweater this morning.

All the chips, pretzels etc are gone from the house.  (I miss them already)    I went to the grocery store after supper and picked up some . . . . . "healthy food".  Gosh that was hard to say.  I didn't even walk down the fun aisle.  You know that magical aisle where all the chips and cookies live.  (sigh)

Tomorrow morning this will be breakfast (plus a coffee which has zero calories)

The box says it is specially formulated to make you feel full longer.  Hmmm, I supposed you wouldn't be hungry after eating soggy sawdust.   I also bought some fresh raspberries to throw on top.  I plan to pretend each spoonful is actually a cookie.   Wish me luck.

I also strapped on the pedometer as soon as I got to work.  I'm going to keep a log of steps each day.

Since I was at my desk for most of the day, I didn't break any records.  But every chance I took the long way to try and get a few extra steps in.  So the count so far (and I don't expect it to climb much more tonight) is just under 6000 steps.   I'll try to do better each day. 

I also began tracking my food/calories all day.  I did it in both Weight Watchers on-line with the point system and also in Livestrong.com by calories.  I'll continue with both for a few days to see which system I like the best.   (So far WW is winning because it says I still have 3 points left whereas stupid Livestrong says I exceed my calories by 200)  Pfft Whatever.

I contemplated starting a new blog to track this journey, but to be honest - - - I'm not sure how long my committment to this will last.  LOL  Might as well be honest.

But for now - I'm giving it a try.   My goal is 10 - 15 pounds  and for my arms and legs to not jiggle so much.  

Wish me luck - I'm not well known for having a lot of self control :)     By the way,  did anyone ever notice the first 3 letters in diet - - - -  D.I.E     Just sayin


  1. Okay now I am sitting here laughing my head off with tears running down my cheeks, Hey, I have that same towel. My son William borrowed my pedometer. At the end of the day he asked, " Is 250 steps a good day?"
    I about fell down I was laughing so hard. He gave it back and hasn't borrowed since.
    I think W.W. is easier personally. they have good things built into the plan like those extra points. They really save the day when you are starving to death.
    As cold as it gets where you live, you will get cold and hungry.
    Hey, I keep thinking I was a nut job to start a blog, to track that.I feel like I am living two lives and one of them is a secret.
    I will be cheering you on all the way. Go girl you can do it.

  2. Kim ~
    Good luck to you. I know I've been looking for all my fat clothes and I'm not happy about that, but my pants have been choking me! They make o calorie Coke, so why can't they make 0 calorie wine?
    I must say I never caught on to the irony of die-t.
    Hugs :)

  3. LOL! Oh your attitude is great and you crack me up. I like how you call it the "Fun aisle". Ain't that the truth! :)

  4. Kim, girlfriend d.i.e.? does sound and feel about right. I too am entering the world of the "healthy lifestyle" (peanut M&M'S are my downfall) I tell myself ten pounds, just ten pounds, time will tell if I can succeed, you dear Kim will be my inspiration! Go Girl...you are not alone.

  5. I'm with you all the way! I made this challenge to myself yesterday ~ we shall see ~ so far, I don't know if today was a very good day! Good luck to us both!

  6. I need to get on your plan but no will power right now. Mixing shakes for the husband and sluping what is left in the blender.I just can't give that up. Good luck on your weight loss journey. It never is easy.

  7. I'm with you all the way! I'm trying so hard to be good, and it isn't easy, it it? WW is a good program - it's always worked for me, but the older I get, the harder it is to make my body behave. Why is that?

  8. I found out at 50 that elastic waist pants was my new friend. Now at 60 I looked at moomoo's (tents) on ebay. Yikes! Seriously I cut my portions three months ago and cook jist enough for us two. No more leftovers to eat ah bit later ;-0
    I love your humor girl. I know you can do it. If you slip up a bit don't punish yourself so much. Change takes adjustment and time. You have courage. Oh, I always tell the nurse to deduct 5 pounds for my purse when weighing me. I don't think she falls for that.

  9. That oatmeal is good but I never think one packet fills me up. Eating two at one time defeats the purpose of portion control. I do much better measuring cold cereal. I think it lasts longer in the tummy.

  10. Good luck on the die-t! But, don't look to me for inspiration! I've been living on the batch of chocolate chip cookies I made last week. Well, they're almost gone...I don't think Tom had any! After that, I won't bake again. (Yeah, right.) I guess the scones don't help either. Or the wine. Hey, when they do find a 0 cal. wine will someone let me know! I used to do WW too, but then I saved up all my points for bad things...I'm hopeless! I've gotta do something, though...I'm running out of clothes that fit!

  11. Oh dear, poor you. Doing it on your own and suffering in relative silence is one thing, but to have to do it in a group? Ick.
    Trust WW; it works. Hunger tip: I don't use non-fat dairy products and it helps keep you feel full longer. In fact, I use heavy cream in my coffee each morning and just budget it into my points. Maybe try a few dollops on that sawdust? (I mean, oatmeal?) Good luck!

  12. I'm on that diet trail and I did do a new blog about it..only it's not open except for me to post and keep track...I have a doc's appointment in Feb. and hopefully I won't get the lecture to please join WW...I would have to pick a new Doc who lost a trillion pounds on that diet and has to throw her "I'm just suggesting" opinions on "I know I'm chubby"...me....good luck to both of us!

  13. Am right there with ya Kim!! I am using a pedometer too, and restricting my eating. Watching carbs, etc. It's just so not fair!! I want to be one of the people that have a metabolism in high gear so I can eat whatever I want. baaaahhh