Friday, May 2, 2014

Here it comes - The Rant

Seems like I have a fair amount to get off my chest so hold on, here it comes.  

Let's try to categorize and lump this pile together into "blogger, google and sundry internet issues". That should cover it.   Blogger has been acting very much like a petulant teenager lately.  Sometimes I publish a blog post yet it doesn't show up in anyone's newsfeed for 4, 5, or 6 hours.   What's up with that?  I sit her and wait for the lovely, entertaining and fun comments of my blogger peeps and nothing!  It's like nobody loves me......
And sometimes lately I'm not getting email notifications of every comment, only some.  I open up the blog the next day and see several comments for the first time. What's up with that??
Then I have very carefully avoided google plus.  I don't understand why I need it, I don't want and I'm not gonna do it.

So one day I am trying to comment on a new blog (that coincidentally was a google + blog) and I'm going through the comment process without paying much attention and the prompts are leading me down the friggin garden path and BOOM -- suddenly I have inadvertently signed up for google+.   Arrrghhhhhhhh and there is NO WAY BACK.  I searched and searched and the only way out is to delete your entire goggle account.  That would delete the blog.   Stop tricking me into signing up for stupid google programs. 

And lastly (in this category) I'm a little creeped out by the ad stalking on the internet.

Recently I was looking for map pins on an office supply website.   The next day, on my Facebook sidebar I see an ad from that company for map pins.  Hmmm strange coincidence, right?   WRONG.  
Seems like your google searches for specific companies then magically appear on Facebook ads, for the "exact" item you were looking at.  Aldo boots, nike sneakers, colored post-it flags.......  BUZZ OFF, that is just too creepy stalker-ish.

Next category - Food.
If you've followed for awhile you know I have some funny quirks with food and textures.  Let me re-state for the newbies - crunchy things don't belong in sandwiches - raw onions, celery, lettuce.....blech!  Can't mix crunchy and soft.  Lol   
(Google pic)
Last week I ordered a yummy chicken pesto wrap from the local deli.  I was starving but when it came it was overloaded with greens.  By the time I picked it out I had a bowlful.  If I wanted a salad, I would have ordered a salad.  (Spoken like a hard core carnivore eh!)).  Enough with the lettuce fillers!!

This will be the last. I suspect if you're still reading, you've had enough :)
Garbage -  well it's municipal spring clean up time.  What this means is that for a week people can leave all their useless crap on their front lawn and it will be taken away.  People start putting stuff out weeks ahead and the town looks like a dump.  
A scene up the street

But the worst is the scavengers!  I know, I know - one mans trash is another's treasure.  And it's recycling at its best.  But I'm sorry - I don't want strangers pawing through the junk on my lawn.  It's garbage, it's mine, back off!  And they don't even keep it neat.  You get up in the morning and the scavengers have scattered crap all over the lawn, sidewalk etc, hoping some treasure is in the bottom??   It's not!  Stay off my lawn.   This year my pile won't be put out until I see the truck coming down the street.  

Should I push my luck with one more??  I recently got a huge bill for medications for my mother - that she supposedly took in March.  I don't think so..... It took 4 long distance calls being passed from one un-helpful person to another.  The last guy took the brunt of my frustration.  After not listening to me try to explain, he insisted that my mother DID get those meds in March.  I replied "I can guarantee she didn't take those meds in March because she died in February".   That shut him up real quick and suddenly he was able to fix it. 

Whew, I feel better getting all that off my chest!   Happy weekend folks


  1. Well, I have to admit that I am somewhat relieved, as this rant was brewing I started to fear I'd show up in it (I don't know for what...making you wait too long for Barry?) That freakin facebook ad thing freaks me right the heck out! How do they know I have a soon to be college aged kid? Oh it is crazy! Just because I visit college websites. UGH! Now you've got me going!

  2. Well, I'm not a Facebook person, so I don't have any experience in that. I usually preschedule my blogs ahead of time, and I generally find them on my Blogger feed at the time I've set. It is good that your town will pick up this kind of trash; however, I think it doesn't need to be set outside for days ahead of the pickup! I hope you have some plans for doing something relaxing this week-end. You are overdue some good R&R! xo

  3. Well I totally agree with you and I have experienced all those problems with Google and blogger.
    I don't know what to do about those either and I think you have very good arguments for the others. I love your rants and I have been looking forward to it all week. You make me sit here and laugh. I needed a good laugh.

  4. I'm glad you feel better. Let's see if I can help you with any of your issues.

    Blogger is being wonky. don't know how to fix it.

    I dont like google + either but I thought at one point in time I had signed up but somehow got out of it. don't remember how I done it.

    Stalking ads. You can always delete your cache and cookies everytime you leave the internet but then you have to put all your passwords in every time. I agree it is scary. Face it we are a stalked society anymore.

    I agree with you about the junk people. Wait till the last minute.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. I see those targeted ads when I sign in to my Google mail account. Google is definitely in the stalker mode with us all.
    We went through something similar with the bills when my mother in law passed quite some time ago. Very frustrating!

  6. Holy explosion! You have a point in all of it. I hate the pop up ads when I am looking at blogs sorry people who advertise it makes me want not read that blog. I am not familiar with google plus lord knows I have probably signed up for it. Did you order the sandwich without the lettuce. I just lately ordered buffalo wings with the sauce on the side I hate it dripping in that sauce. lo and behold it is covered I sent it right back I know I know don't make the cook mad.
    So sorry you have had such a hard time of it. Hoping may is sunnier and better for you .

  7. Well done Kim! Great rant! Yes I do believe we cannot use the internet at all without being harassed by internet spies! With camera's on smart phones and FB the socially accepted way to communicate these days nothing is private, sacred or off limits to prying eyes, ears and noses!! Forgive this rant of mine on your comment section but it does feel good to get it off my chest as well!!
    Have you thought about throwing some old rotten fish guts out with your garbage? But then you'd have the bears to contend with I suppose.
    Have a lovely weekend my friend!!
    Cathy G

  8. Yes Google maps your moves, but compared to Facebook's invasion, Godzilla looks like a gecko. Hope the rants made you feel good!

  9. Love that picture of the lady screaming-----Lord knows I feel like that some days. I agree with all your rants, even though I don't blog (just read) lots of folks have the same problem. The trash-----whoa----aren't those cardboard boxes suppose to be recycled----at least in our town they are. Glad you are able to rant and rave, makes a soul feel better knowing some kind souls are listening. Go hook a great rug!

  10. Ha! Best rant post yet! I am so creeped out by the targeted ads too. Gives me the willies!

  11. Yes, yes, yes, that was a magnificent rant Kim... We should all have a ranting day especially after getting through such a tough winter.

    I accidentally clicked on a link that someone sent me when they sent a video of our silo demolition and guess what... it was Google+. I don't trust Google+ but got sucked into it just like that but I don't use it either. I don't trust it...

    I'm always lagging behind posting comments on blogs. I'm always late, always doing my best to catch up and I do love you Kim. My office schedule is erratic at best and I post comments whenever I have a few minutes here and there. The way posts shows up on Bloglovin is the latest one is on the top and sometimes I start at the top,lol.

    Too bad you don't have skunk essence to put around your garbage pile on those special pick up days.


  12. Good rant, Kim! I hope May brings flowers and sunshine as promised. We should all feel better about many things.

  13. I hear ya Sister, ranted right along with you. feels better getting it off the chest, Blessings Francine.

  14. Hi Kim, I would hate looking out my window and seeing someone going thru my stuff. Sometimes all those annoying things pile up and you have one big rant!I loved it I wish I could of seen the person on the phone who was trying to bill you. Awkward for them,hugs Cheri

  15. I love a good rant -- all justified, too! I've been tricked into Google + and that Facebook stuff is obnoxious! I have to say that last one hurt... you've been through enough already, geez!

  16. Well I hate to be a wet blanket here, Kim, but there is a price for free, and Google clearly knows how to maximize our willingness to participate with them. The moment we all decided to go on line, we gave up our right to privacy, and those pop up ads are certainly a pain in the butt reminder that we're being watched, if not stalked. That's why it cracks me up about everyone having their panties in a twist thinking our NSA is spying on each of us...if we put it out there for others to see, so we have no leg to stand on, really. PS All the photos people share on their blogs are on there for google search engines forever and ever, too. PS Next time you think you're going to have people digging through your stuff, make sure to have Millie help you fill those boxes, if you get my drift! LOL

  17. A good rant is healthy kiddo - and you deserve not only this one but one or two (or 50) more. You've been thru hell (amid the winter from hell) and the angst has to be vented somehow, somewhere, some way! I say let it rip!!! (if you're like me sometimes the simple act of typing it out helps to a surprising degree, lol)

    Spring will come (or so they keep sayin')!
    Targeted ads (eiieeuuwww), blogger farts, too much veg on 'wiches (ick!), trash touchin' (lol), absurd red tape (ie your mums meds)with a side of "let me transfer you to" will all ever-more be with us I suspect.

    But nothing and no one can force ya be amused by any of the above. Vent awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! :-)


  18. My first thought was, "I bet you feel better!" YAY! I'm with you all the way on this rant and I truly, really, truly hate lettuce that is placed on a hot sandwich, when it gets warm, slimy, most icky. Gak! Let's think of other (your blog border is very pretty), fun, know...the good stuff! I feel better now, you?

  19. Oh my goodness, the medication thing with your mother is an absolute crime.
    It just tells of the medical crisis our country is in.

  20. Isn't it great to get things off your chest. I always feel so much better. I hate Google+ and even though I reverted to plain old blogger I still am somehow on Google+. GRRRRR!!!!!

  21. Well, what a rant, don't you just love it?? I am a true believer of getting things off my chest when I need to, so I am a ranter at heart. Sometimes it just feels so good.
    I did have to laugh about the pills though, not laughing for your dear mother has passed but laughing because that was a good follow up and follow through to speak of the situation on the pills not being taken in March, gosh...
    I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog post "Love a Hat", it is always so wonderful to have you come by for a visit.
    Have a wonderful week.

  22. I here yah Millie! I've accidentally signed up for google+ and don't understand it at all... not even a little.

    As for the facebook ads, its not actually google being the bad guy here. Rather it's your cookies. No not the yummy kind, but you browser history. They're called cookies and when you go into your facebook it reads those cookies and changes your ads accordingly. My top ads, Caftsy and Ricki's!

    Can't help with the garbage either. My city is overwhelmed by garbage on the streets and not just on peoples lawns. So much so the city has started a public shaming campaign on Twitter called #litterskeets . I just don't get why people can't hand onto their garbage until they find a trash can.

    OH MY

  23. I noticed that FB ad stalking. Creepy!
    I don't usually like rants, but I like your style.

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