Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Double Yolk Bonanza and the Great French Fry Caper

Warning: If you have high cholesterol you shouldn't read any further. Today was just like winning the lottery. My friend Ben called me and told me he had bought me a present. ME........A PRESENT........its not my birthday, or Christmas or any holiday at all.........What could it be?? A DOZEN DOUBLE YOLK EGGS !!!!!
Wow, holy moly, I was seriously excited. All day I dreamed about my supper - 4 poached yolks on cheese toast. Mmmmmmmm!
And imagine----he always says I'm high maintenance. I think this level of excitement over eggs just proves my point that I am LOW maintenance! Hehehehe
Is there anything better than finding a double yolk egg? (Well, yeah...getting a dozen) Personally I think that eggs should be all yolk. That white crappy goo is just there to protect the yummy golden center! When I hear about people eating an "egg white" omelet I have to wonder.....were they held at gunpoint and forced into it?? Thanks again Ben. You made my day!
I had to include this picture of Millie. She is so funny. At lunch time a french fry accidently fell on the floor. Before you know it, she grabbed it and ran to try and find a hiding place. She looked so funny with both ends sticking out her little mouth. I grabbed the camera and cornered her in the living room. She looks both guilty and quite pleased with herself at the same time. Within seconds of me snapping the picture she buried the fry under her blankie and sat on it until I backed off and then she happily chowed down.


  1. You are very welcome Kimmie...Ben

  2. I actually had a double yoke egg from the grocery store the other day, but it wasn't anything like the ones my grandmother used to get from her own chickens.
    That is funny about Millie hiding her french fry and sitting on it until you backed off. Dogs are so much fun.


  3. What a great friend you have in Ben, there is nothing better than farm fresh eggs and doubled yokes at that. Millie you are such a cutie-pie!

  4. I so agree with you....were they held at gunpoint to eat the my friend are too funny...but I only like the yolk too...glad he brought these to you.
    Love your french frie eating friend...What would we do without our little furry babies.
    I think Tinkerbell is mad at me though the last couple of nights she has slept at the end of the bed and not beside me...

  5. oh yeah ....the incredible edible egg 'em ....only when they are fresh of course! Your pup is soooo cute!
    p.s. I wouldn't say you were high maintance ...