Sunday, February 7, 2010

Maybe tomorrow......

I've been saying "maybe tomorrow" all weekend. I want to start my new rug but I just dread the part about drawing it on the rug warp. Its all ready to go and I even have most of the wool picked out.
But I hate (yes, I know I'm whining) drawing out the pattern. My last rug - I totally winged it. Just hooked along with no guide. But I'll never pull that off again.
I've puttered away my weekend ---even resorting to housework (gasp!). Then in the ultimate procrastination - I started and finished knitting Auntie a big warm scarf.
One positive thing was that I brought my work laptop home for the weekend and got all my weekly reports done today. Thats a first. Starting a Monday with no lingering to-do's. (smile) Maybe I will get a gold star at Tuesday's Directors meeting......but not holding my breath!
Its a short week for me as I have Wednesday afternoon and all day Friday off. So, how much trouble can I really get in - in 3 1/2 days??? Oh oh, I hope I didn't just mess up my karma.

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