Sunday, February 28, 2010

Golden Inspiration

It seems appropriate today to celebrate the color Gold. Canadian Olympians are on a bit of a gold rush. 13 gold medals so far, with hopefully number 14 this afternoon as the hockey game gets underway. (I hope I didn't just jinx it) While I normally don't get too excited about the Olympics, I am excited that Nova Scotia Hockey Hero Sidney Crosby could bring home the Gold Medal!

So I thought maybe if I hooked a little gold it might send out good vibes to our team. I haven't been able to settle on a new rug design so I decided to hook up this little one on the weekend. I added a little challenge to myself. I was going to hook this entire rug without buying any new wool. I had to use whatever I had in my stash. Now this may not seem like a big challenge but for a wool-a-holic like me ----it was tough.

In fact, Saturday after supper I was trying to settle on a color for the birdhouse. I wanted something else. I thought I'll check and see if Corinne is home and run over and grab something. I had 6 of the 7 numbers dialed when that stupid little voice in my head reminded me of my challenge. "You can't buy any more wool for this rug".

CRAP - I hate that annoying little women in my head. What a pain in the butt she is! LOL
I'm going to spend the afternoon hooking gold and flipping the channels back and forth to the big game.
Go Canada!


  1. Oh Kim,
    What an absolutely adorable rug! Your colors are great! I think your challenge of working only with your wool stash on hand is a fun thing to do once in awhile too....... keeps our creativity fresh! Love the golds! Cathy G

  2. Oh I like the bird house rug. Love the colors you have used. Great way to use up stash and save a little money.

  3. Love the background gold! Not only will you have a beautiful rug, but a reminder of the olympics!

  4. I know that you mean.....I try to dive into stash of cut strips "worms" first and it drives me crazy not to cut into a fresh piece of wool. But I must say, you've done a fabulous job with that little birdhouse!


  5. Darn girl friend I wish we lived closer I just love your work....I have always always wanted to do rugs...beautiful
    I am thrilled for you guys winning all the GOLD you certainly deserve it...Great post and how did you think of it ....I mean the gold and all...
    You know your going to have to me one of my guest on my new magazine so get your story ready.