Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bad/Good - Down/Up - Its all about balance

Its all about Balance. The other day was bad, but today was a great day. One minute I'm in a down mood, then things begin to look up.

Balance, Karma, Ying Yang.......things always seem to level out.

Thanks to all the lovely comments and emails from my last post. It seems like when you put bad energy in a post and then warm supportive energy comes back in.

Then this afternoon I was at the post office mailing a package to the winner of my blog giveaway and when I returned to the office I had an email that I had won a blog giveaway. Kind of cool - have a giveaway/win a giveaway! I'll post my winnings when they arrive!

Balance makes sense. I think we are handed the bad stuff every once in awhile so that when good things happen, we truly appreciate them.



  1. Good and bad go hand in hand. My mother always says, "honey things could be so much worse." I always listen to my mother, the voice of reason and wisdom.

  2. balance is good - in fact, its essential!