Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A blank canvas and Handyman Redemption?

Here is a blank canvas. A piece of burlap waiting to become something. What will it be? Well, even I am not sure yet. I think its that "Gemini Factor" again. Too many random thoughts, not enough time or focus. But one way or another tonight it is going to become "something".

And, like most of my projects, it has a pre-determined destiny. For now, (briefly) that will remain a surprise.

Hopefully that peaks your interest for awhile!!

Now, Part 2 of my post - Handyman Redemption. As many of my followers know, every once in awhile I feel the need to rant or vent a little about handymen and their unique habits.

My story started last week after a small snowfall of a few inches overnight. When I got ready for work and took Millie out the back door for her morning pee I noticed my car and back step were clear of snow. Hmmm, cool. Was I visited by the "snow fairy" who maybe randomly performs acts of kindness on strangers?? Then within 5 minutes of arriving at "Chaos Central" - otherwise known as the office, the whole thing left my mind. (Must be the Gemini Factor again, as sometimes I have the attention span of a gnat)

Anyway, I woke this morning to another couple of inches of snow. I got up a little earlier than usual as I had an early morning meeting at work. Took Millie out the back door to do her business AND GUESS WHAT.........

I caught the Snow Fairy. My darling, sweet handyman was in the middle of cleaning all the snow off my car and the steps were already shovelled!!!! AWWWWWW, Sweet huh? I guess ya just never know. He can come through with the sweet random acts of kindness, yet where is he when the toilet is overflowing??? Hahahaha

Either way, it was a nice way to start my day. Thanks Clayton xoxo


  1. HOw very nice that you have a snow fairy.
    Looking forward to seeing what that blank canvas turns out to be. I'll be watching


  2. How did you end up with Burlap, is this a different project, how many do you have on the go?

    I have a snow fairy too, he is testing his new snowblower out this year and feels the need to blowout the yard lawn and anything he can find.

  3. Haha Very observant Corinne. This a leftover end from an old project. I'm doing a little quick project before I tackle the 2 crows on rug warp. You know a small little project....(Hint hint 94, 95, 96.....)

  4. My gosh, Kim, maybe there is a housework fairy??

    Can't wait to see what you are going to do next...loved the butterflies!

  5. You lucky, devil, you......:) :)

  6. Julie,
    If there IS a housework fairy, he/she has never found my address! LOL

  7. Handyman Fairy.....that would be a great name for a business! Love the butterfly rug!!!!!

  8. oh, how sweet is that!

    Looking forward to seeing what you'll be hooking next.