Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Winners.......

This feels like it should call for a drumroll and some confetti.....

The winners of my first giveaway are:

Winner of the little crow mat is: Kim Sears

2nd Prize winner of the Pin Keep is: Maggie at Just Between Me and You

Thanks to all who entered!
Today was a little nuts at the "Chaos Ranch" (aka home) and I found myself being a little sour so I decided after supper that I should do something to sweeten myself up.
Plus I want to redeem myself after the disastrous chocolate cake incident last weekend.
So I tried this darn baking thing again ---Butterscotch Brownies.
I won't post the recipe yet, because they haven't been taste-tested. They should be cool
enough to cut soon, so if they are edible I will post the recipe.
Hope you all have a happy Monday --- Kim


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  2. Ohh,Kim, looks so good. Hope they worked out well and you can post the recipe, not that I need anymore added to my hips, but I would give them a try when company is around so that I wouldn't eat so much... :) :)

  3. Look yummy! And by the way, I never missed any Coronation Street episodes! Ken: there is no fool like an old fool. Would you believe in real life, he is 75?