Sunday, November 16, 2014

Slow Sunday

And that is exactly what I did today - just enjoyed a nice leisurely Sunday at home.  I got my cabinet painted.  I pulled it out to the middle of the floor and got started early.  Here is the before photo

And here it is after the first coat of Princeton Gold

And now the second coat of paint is drying.

I can't decide what to do with the door.  I need to cut out that old fabric and replace it with something. Any suggestions??  And don't say a hooked rug because it's too big.  It would take me forever.  I could either find new fabric or............   Come on peeps, you are all smart and creative 

This is the pillow I used to help me pick the color 

I have to work late tomorrow night so I won't move it to its new corner until Tuesday night. Plus the paint will be good and dry by then.  Next job is to fill it with wool and find some decorations for the top.  

More pictures soon.  I also hooked some on my new rug.  I had hoped to finish the hooking part today but it wasn't meant to be.  I'm so close but not going to finish by bedtime.  

I hope you all had a nice slow Sunday too :)


  1. Looks good! Do you want the inside to show? If you do then maybe chicken wire or even glass..I'm not a decorator but I'm betting you'll get lots of ideas from all the creative bloggers out there! We've got snow coming and it's cold outside...Dang it!

  2. That looks great! I like yaya's idea it you want your nice wool colors to be seen. If not maybe some fabric that matches the maroon or burgandy color in the pillow.

    We have cold here but nothing to show for it. I say if it is going to be sooooo cold, in the 30s or below we need to see rain or snow or something. I am just sitting here waiting :)

    I had a nice Sunday. Have a great week. :)
    Take care, Janet W

  3. Glass would be good to show off your wool. about burlap and just hooking maybe a big diamond or something simple using the pillow colors and not hooking background?
    No slow Sunday here and it is over too quickly.
    Hugs :)

  4. the cabinet looks the idea of putting a screen in the favorite cabinet has that...or punched tin...I have one with tin painted a watered down black/grey to look second favorite piece...or cover insulation Styrofoam with a fabric you like...then you can pin things on it...

  5. Gosh I love to see those sturdy old, real wood cupboards given a new lease of life like this. Love the burlap with a central hooked motif in it. maybe use floral cottons instead of wool, so the motif isn't so heavy?
    That way you could maybe compliment the suites lovely rich colour by finding cotton florals/abstracts that had similar shades?
    Id say you found a relaxing and yet productive way to pass a sunday : )

  6. Love the color! Makes a great cabinet even greater! :-) Screen, punched tin or part of an old quilt... like everyone else said, it depends if you want the contents of the cabinet to show.

  7. If you fill that cabinet with beautiful wool, you want the wool to show, I'm with Yaya. I can't wait to see what you decide. Love the color.

    On Sunday, I worked in the morning and slept the rest of the afternoon until 3:18pm and it felt unbelievably good. Then reality, I had to go back to work.
    Have a great week.

  8. So cute put nothing in the window so you can see the color of your wool.
    I woke up to snow yeck.But I am home and cozy.

  9. Here's an answer to your hot cocoa was 2 fall marshmallows ( hence the Orange color)shaped like ghosts! Hey, I really needed some marshmallows in there!

  10. So great to be here visiting with you tonight. I love your new paint job on the cabinet. I know you will enjoy it after you get it where you want it to sit.
    I have projects myself I need to be doing.
    I bought a new lap top today so hopefully I can learn how to use it and maybe blog again. I sure have missed coming by here but my other computer was just to slow to blog with.
    I saw in an earlier post you are already having snow. I thought of you when I saw the news and wondered how you were holding up. I hate winter weather too and we don't have it anything like you guys.
    Stay warm

  11. I think I'd just put glass in and enjoy the wonderful colors and textures of your wool. It'll be beautiful!