Friday, February 25, 2011

Blue Bird of Happiness ??


It's Friggin' Freezing. There's snow up my ass, all the food's covered with

3 feet of this white shit, and you want ME to sing?

What?? Anne Murray's "Snowbird"? Piss Off!!

Next year, I'm flyin' to Jamaica, and smokin dope!!

Due to the fact that we are AGAIN in the middle of ANOTHER storm, I thought I would share with you this message I received today.  LOL


  1. You are funny - that bird sure looks mad! sandie

  2. You are so funny, and I love the mad look on that birds face. My kids are taking bets here no snow.
    IT is to bad that we can't just change places and you send me your snow.

  3. I want to go with that bird next year!

  4. Poor Mr. Bluebird! lol And poor you! Yikes it's hard to believe all the snow that keeps coming. We had rain here and lots of it!

    Have a Wonderful Weekend!

  5. That is one angry bird. I feel the same way. Enough snow already. Funny post!!

  6. Oh Kim, how I admire your sense of humor! That bird is so funny looking. We have had strong winds today 65plus per hour. Poor Eloise- I put rocks in her pockets and she still flies thru her play yard! Love this post - it leaves us laughing!

  7. Hahahaha! That's just what I looked like this morning when I looked out my window! Maybe because my trip to see my grandkiddos had to be canceled...maybe because I'm just plain sick of the snow.

  8. Jamaica sounds good to me! We're getting the heavy rains and wild winds. What is with this weather??? I'd like to give it 'the bird'!

  9. That is too funny!! Love it, and can so identify with that little birdie right about now.. lol
    Only how many days till Spring? Hang in there, and I will try also!! :) -Tammy p.s. i'm borrowing this to send also.. thx!!

  10. ha so funny but I was just like that today. but if you fly to jamica you don't need the dope cause you do not want to forget the sunshine you need the dope here ha. I am about as sick of snow as I can get we had about 10 inches and they have decided that the roads where not to be plowed as they should be. and the wind is howling. Have a great weekend.

  11. That bird looks like I feel right now, Kim...I wouldn't doubt but that in the morning we will need a boat to get out but then again, the winds are too high for that...when will this end...

    Funny post, just the same....:_)

  12. lol! I'm thinking there are many people feelin' those exact words! I know I'm just about at wits end with winter...

  13. The little Blue bird is looking a little Ticked!
    Storm after Storm would be a little annoying.As usual you make me crack a smile! Cheri

  14. Oh Kim ~
    You always cheer us up. Thanks for the laugh!!!
    Hugs :)

  15. Kim, I hope that's it that foolish Blue Bird that's talking and not you. You are much too sweet to talk like that, aren't you not?

    Have a great weekend and I hope that Santa brings you a friggin flame thrower next year to melt all that snow.

    Have a great weekend anyway. Hugs, JB