Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy things

Despite a few bumps in the road this week, there have been lots of happy things to report.  One of those things is all of you.  Your comments and emails have been wonderful and it reminds me of how important friends are - near or far. 
Another happy thing is looking out the upstairs windows onto a bare (almost) snow free roof.  It may not seem like much but it really made me happy.  And I hope I don't jinx it - but it hasn't snowed a flake since Tuesday.  That makes me REALLY happy!
Then a family friend arrived at the door with a beautiful bouquet of pink tulips.  So springy and cheery.  I keep them on the kitchen table so they are the first thing I see when I walk in the door.
And last night was the event in honor of my friend who died of cancer.  His sister organizes the event to raise money for the Palliative Care unit at the hospital.  Last night over $4500 was raised and I am thrilled to say my hooked rug donation to the silent auction raised $205.   The only other thing at the auction that raised more money was a hockey jersey actually worn and signed by Sidney Crosby.  So considered the hockey fans around here I am very pleased.

I am also happy that Mom's swelling is down a bit more.  Still not back to normal but it isn't getting any worse so that's great! 

And no post on happiness would be complete without a  mention of sweet Millie.  She always makes me happy.
I hope you are all having a happy day too.


  1. Hi Kim, What an honor your rug helped a worthy cause!The Tulips are beautiful!!! Millie looks happy , Have a nice weekend. Cheri

  2. Happy Happy Post! Congrats and good job on the rug that raised that kind of money for the cause! Yes, there's always something we can be happy about when things look grim. That's such a cute shot of Millie.... (my hair looks like that most days when I'm not leaving the house! LOL! Not kidding either!)
    Enjoy those be U ti ful tulips and give your Mom a hug and continued prayers from me!
    Cathy G

  3. What a wonderful post. I am so happy that things seem to have made a turn for you.
    I have my fingers crossed no more snow for you or me.
    have a great night


  4. If I remember correctly there was a person who was worried that people might not like her rug. Won't mention any names!!! Whoo hoo!!! That rug must have been mighty popular! Second only to the sweaty hockey shirt. LOL! I am sooo happy for you!
    Glad your Mom is doing OK. Hope she continues to improve.
    The tulips are lovely. What a nice reminder that spring is on it's way.
    The picture of Millie made my evening! She's too cute!!!

  5. Mille is a'dog'able - and glad your mom's doing better.

    Pallative care is wonderful - my mom had it and she was made so comfortable.


  6. Oh Kim, how wonderful that your rug helped so much. You should be very proud.
    I'm so glad your mom is doing better. It's such a worry with us old folk. Your patience is like a miracle! Take care of the care giver. It is so important for you to be well.

  7. Millie looks too cute! I'm glad your mom is getting better! That's great how your rug sold for the 2nd highest! Congratulations on that! Your roof looks great.


  8. Kim,
    What a wonderful addition to the silent auction your rug must have been. It was a special thing for you to contribute....I was also glad to hear about your mom. Please take good care and spring will be here before you know it!

  9. Kim, Glad you week ended on a happy note. It's so nice when it does. Glad to hear your mom is doing a bit better and Millie is so adorable.

  10. Kim, I'm so happy that your rug was so popular and I has absolutely no doubt that it would be well received at the auction. Congratuilations.

    Pat yourself on the back for doing such a great job. You have done a great service to your community and to the rug hooking industry by advertising your craft.

    Also your rug hooking has brought you some entertainment.

    You have great friends because you deserve them. You are a kind and loving person. Have a great week and enjoy your flowers, Millie and your mom responding to your care./ Hugs,JB

  11. Dear Kim I am so happy for all of the really good things that came about. I hope it doesn't snow anymore. Millie is so cute! That is such a great picture. I am so excited your rug sold so well. I knew it would.
    I am glad someone brought you tulips. isn't it wonderful how those flowers just make everything better. I am also glad your Mom is doing better.
    You are such a blessing too, Kim and even when you have a bad day, you make something good out of it. That is a gift.

  12. How wonderful that your donated mat brought so much!!! So glad to hear happy things from you and that your mom is doing better. Nothing like tulips to cheer oneself up!!
    You are a blessing Kim!!

  13. Congratulations, Kim, on contributing to such a worthy cause and raising so much money..
    Happy your Mom is doing ok.
    those are lovely tulips...oh, to be Spring...

    Millie sure is a cutie...
    Have a good weekend...

  14. Glad to see such a happy post! You have the strong ability to see good and that is a blessing indeed! That's super about your rug! What a success! Our fur babies always make everything seem a bit better, don't they? Take good care, Kim, and all my best to your mom.

  15. Kim ~
    Happy Sunday to you!
    I'm glad things are looking up. You certainly had a rough week.
    So glad mom is on the mend.
    Your rug...what a wonderful gesture and tribute to your friend. You are such a good person!!!
    And sweet Millie ~ what a great picture!!!
    Hugs :)

  16. Tulips are my favorite! Happy to hear that your mom is doing better and that the roof got shoveled off - hope the dripping stopped.

  17. 205 dollars! Good for you, good for the auction. I am not surprised at all because I have a Kim original, but mine is priceless. It is still on my coffee table in the family room and there it is going to stay! I am glad your Mom's swelling is getting better and this WAS a happy good post. And of course that little Millie Face makes you happy! Cute shot!

  18. Nice job! Millie! SOOO cute :) like Lilly. LOL a girl I babysit calls her Millie. Cassie