Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday Word of the Week

This week my choice of "the word" changed several times a day - I suppose with my mood.  But now the time has come to pick one and this weeks word is:  OBLITERATE

ob-lit-er-ate  (uh-blit-uh-reyt)

- verb (used with subject), -at-ed, -at-ing.
1.  to remove or destroy all traces of; do away with; destroy completely
2.  to blot out or render undecipherable (writing, marks, etc); efface

Any trace of pavement has been obliterated since the snow started today. 

Any trace of my driveway or the bench in my backyard has been obliterated.

My patience and sense of humor about the weather has been obliterated.  Last night the stupid weather girl on the news called the storm "Magnificent".   What a bitch !

My hopes and dreams of Spring are slowly being obliterated.  I no longer am convinced that it will actually arrive this year.  The 3 1/2 feet of snow in my yard has obliterated the concept of Spring from my mind.   This image now is just a fantasy of days gone by....
I fear that soon this may be the only mode of transportation I have to get to work....
And lastly, some of you may be thinking that my sanity is slowly being obliterated.  And you may be right !


  1. That was laughing out loud funny. Yup, I'm with you. This winter is obliterating my sanity too.

  2. Oh, Kim! I almost cried last evening when I looked at WeatherBug and saw that big blue mass obliterating the coast above Maine! Yuck and triple yuck!!!
    You really are expected to go out to work in that much snow???
    This has been the winter to drive us all insane! What happened to Global Warming???

  3. Oh Kim, Thank God you have such a wonderful sense of humor! I love this post. Not the snow! We were so lucky, it warmed (33) and we got rain. I just finished cleaning off my car and hope to get over being stir crazy tomorrow. Pray for spring and sun!!!!

  4. You've got it right! It's the perfect word. I am actually blinded by all the white. Still wondering if we'll have school tomorrow...the snow has all but obliterated any memory I had of my students!

  5. You make me laugh, you called the weather girl a bad name. I thought I was the only person who shouted at the weather man. Spring will come, it will that is what the ground hog said today. Early Spring.
    Don't give up hope.

  6. This has been a hard winter!!
    Stay sane and stay warm!!

  7. Let's just obliterate that "weather bitch!" Let's obliterate those people who say "Embrace winter - go out and have fun!" WHATEVER! Let's just obliterate winter!

    (Wow - I think I am losing it this winter - seriously!)

  8. At least, your sense of humor has not been "obliterated"!!! That's a good thing ~ cause if you don't have your sanity and can laugh about, you're good to go! Hang in there ~ we're all in the same snowy boat this year!! I'm so grateful that I don't have to be out in it and am very content to stay home!!

  9. Now that I have apologized to the "weather gal" for my relentless griping about this winter which is truly making me loopy. . . . I have gone online to look at warm weather vacations which will obliterate my bank account. . . . .whatever. . . .must go sit on a beach someplace. . . .Wanna Come? :)

  10. I am with ya girl I have had it. I need a break from this weather! I can't even look at the blogs of the girls in California gardening just not fair. I am whining mode today so I can't help you get out of your funk I think I need Lucy's advice also.

  11. OMIGOSH, Kim....even though I know you are driven crazy with the snow, I still have to laugh...I'm sorry.....LOL!!
    We are being slammed tonight with the darned stuff.

  12. Kim, hang in there. As much as I love being snowed in, I am getting a little cranky with it also. Our area around the Lake got any where from 13 to 23 inches. My dog is loving it. How about yours?

  13. Hang in there Kim, only 6 more weeks of winter. The groundhog didn't see his shadow today, not in Ottawa anyway. We got dumped on pretty bad today.

    I still say get yourself a big flame thrower and melt all thatr snow. JB

  14. I would send you some warmth from Phoenix but it's bloody freezing down here! Our weatherperson's say to cover our plants and a nearby peach orchard are using heaters and even a helicopter to try and keep from losing the peach crop. It's just a bad winter all over this year. Hang on.....and try not to obliterate anyone!!!

  15. Great word! I would like to obliterate all the snow we have around here... especially the yucky piles of it along the highways and in the parking lots.... I think that this weekend I'm going to visit a florist... maybe smelling all those fresh flowers will lift the spirits? :-)

  16. Kim, Mikey obliterated the ground hog! Did you notice?? Don't worry, as they say in Newfoundland, July will take care of all this d@mn snow...

  17. mmmhummm, I think we feel EXACTLY the same way about winter!!! Ewww!

  18. Good Morning Kim! I want to obliterate this winter right now. I have not been a good blogger, nor good about commenting. I am blaming it on this winter's doldrums. I am going refrain and constrain myself from doing your present wonderful giveaway since I was lucky enough to win one here at Millie's Mats. I am still reading you Kim, but buried under a mountain of snow!