Saturday, February 26, 2011

A box of sunshine

Don't let that innocent looking box deceive you.  Its contents were pure sunshine.  And trust me, after the last 24 hours, a little sunshine is desperately needed.

Yesterday and overnight we had snow, wind, rain, freezing rain, wind, snow and wind.  In that order.  So that meant a mess of ice to chisel off the cars and walk ways.  But even all that could not bring down my mood today.

I bet you are wondering what could possibly be in that box that is so special???


Yards and yards of beautiful Heavens to Betsy wool.    I could hardly contain myself!! It is almost to pretty to cut up.  I think I'll just keep it and admire it for awhile.  Here are a few close ups

Now.....what to do with it ?   The future rug ideas are spinning.


  1. Beautiful wool! I always like to get a box of wool from Heavens to Betsy!!

  2. Oh Kim, you are a teaser. My desk is all wet from drool... Where did you order that wool from? What eye candy!!!

    I've been in the dye pot today and I'm trying to come up with some color value palettes. So far I've got a green palette from April' s virtual color palette instructions. Now I'm trying to understand how to proceed to make my own color palette choosing my own colors... Not that easy as the online instructions tells me. I'm sure that you soon will have some beautiful rug finished before I can hook a row on mine. JB

  3. Oh that's gorgeous!!! Lucky you....well except for the weather, but it will change soon....honest!

  4. Oh Kim what a wonderful box of sunshine! Simply gorgeous wool, I can't wait to see your future project. A day of sunshine and wind tomorrow however, the snow returns!

  5. Super!! Can't wait to see them in future projects!! It's lovely to get packages like this, isn't it?

  6. That is going to be one gorgeous rug. I love the light blue plaid the best. Have fun!!!

  7. Well, gee, I would take your box of sunshine any day for the real thing. Really what I think you got was a box of dreams. I love, love the colors!! I am going to have to check out that place. Just beautiful, have fun!!!

  8. All that material reminds me of my Mom and Sister who are the sewing queens of the family. I just couldn't do it for some reason...but would always go with them to fabric places and I do love looking at fabric and imagining what I could create. My Mom had a closet in the hallway just chock full of material of all colors and types..your beautiful box of sunshine just reminded me of that, so have fun with it and create something wonderful!

  9. Lovely material, Kim. Do you have a cutter or do you use a rotary tool? I use mostly wool yarn but am starting to lean towards wool material. I use a rotary tool but I am thinking about a cutter.

    We had the same type of weather yesterday and unbelievable wind. Better today but now, more clean up coming.

  10. Kim ~
    I purchased some of those same wools from Betsy. They are lovely, aren't they? Mine are still waiting to be washed.
    I'm glad you at least had some virtual sunshine and hopefully you will have some of the real stuff - real soon!!!
    Pug hugs :)

  11. Wow! They are great colors so spring like.Cheri

  12. It'll be so much fun to see what wonderful things you'll create with this!!

  13. I know the feeling, Kim...I have bought materials from Deanne F. and am always waiting for the right rug to use it in...guess I just don't want to part with it...Love those colors...I'm sure your project will be great...
    We had the same sort of weather...sick to the core.....

  14. Pretty colors! I'm still hopeful I will learn to hook .. Hope this year it will happen.
    Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  15. Isn't it the best, getting a wool order? :0)