Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wave the red and white

Looks like Canada wants to celebrate its birthday tomorrow with some warmer temperatures.  Yay!  Plus it's a holiday, so since it falls mid-week I took Thursday and Friday off too.  Since I like to celebrate my birthday over several days, why not Canada's too :)

If your wondering if I have any big plans for the holiday, here it is

I'm finally repainting my bedroom and replacing that horrible grey (that turned out blue) to a nice soft warm caramel color.  My family from vermont arrives on Sunday and they haven't seen the house yet so I've got a big push on to finish some projects. I want the house to make a good first impression.

I had a little visitor for a while at supper time.  Audrey needed some treats so she hung out with me for awhile while her Mom ran some errands.  She's such a sweet little neighbor.

After she left I had time to get another coat of paint on the dresser in the garage so I think tomorrow I might be able to apply the first coat of wax and distress it a bit.  Nothing happening on the secret pallet project as I will need a bit of help from a carpenter.  Oh and by the way, so far nobody has come even close in their guesses. Hahaha

Happy Canada Day 


  1. I am taking a few days off from to celebrate the 4th.
    If you need a carpenter then I say a table.

  2. Happy Canada day!! Canadians are the nicest people . You did a great job on your porch and once you start gardening you'll be hooked. Hugs cheri

  3. HAPPY CANADA DAY Kim, I hope that you get your wall done before your company arrives. I was thinking that you're making a patio table for the back. It takes at least 2 pallets to make a table.

    Enjoy your day off. I have to work today but I'll be celebrating when my daughter arrives from PEI with yummy fresh red lobster.

  4. Happy, happy Canada Day!! I hope you have a wonderful visit with your family.

    Well, not a vertical planter? Hmmmm...I think that so many of us guessed that, it should be your next project! LOL

  5. Happy Canada Day. And like you I celebrate my birthday by myself over a couple days too. Okay, so my next guess is one of those garden bench/seats. I have one (bought mine tho) which has a back and seat and a bird house on one end of the back rest.

  6. Happy Canada Kim, enjoy!!!!!! Blessings Francine.

  7. Happy Canada Day! We'll be celebrating Saturday even though I'm on call. I still have my grey/blue walls but I'm moving closer to a change. I saw a cute hall bench that had space for shoes that was made out of pallets. Can't wait to see the results!

  8. Have a wonderful Day! I hope you have lots of celebrations lined up. So glad your favorite people in the whole world will be coming for July. I forgot about that. Have a great week.

  9. You're sure going to be busy Kim! What a pain to have to repaint, but I know how irritating it is to look at a wall colour you hate.
    Happy Canada Day!