Monday, June 22, 2015

Hello Noah, I'd like to make a reservation

Well it's been quite a day.  There was a weather warning yesterday for "rain, heavy at times" but not a warning to book passage on Noah's Ark!!  When I went to bed it was raining quite hard and soon I could hear pounding rain outside. About 1:30am I heard a noise.  The sump pump was running.  I debated going to the basement to check things out but was almost scared of what I might see.  I decided there was nothing I could do anyway so I might as well go back to sleep. (Of course I didn't sleep).  It was torrential rain all night 
So this morning I meekly descended to the basement and on the bottom step I heard water running.  Oh My heart fell into my stomach.  The floor was dry at first but the further back I went I started seeing some water and then I saw the source.  Water was literally spouting out a hole in the foundation wall near the corner.  

You can't see it from this picture but it looked like there was an invisible man against the wall, peeing on my oil tank!  Just one constant stream.  You know in cartoons when there is a leak and someone plugs it and then 6 more leaks spring up around it?  I was scared that might happen. Ugh, like I need this kind of trouble.  All the way upstairs I muttered about how stupid I was to think I could own a house, etc etc .  

Then I checked my phone.  All kinds of messages about flooding across town, street closures and worse.  So now I knew my work day wasn't going to be much better than my wake-up discovery. 

This photo is off my old street where I lived with Mom.  Looks more like a river.  I've lived here my whole life and have never seen anything like this here 

And a retirement/nursing home in town had to evacuate 85 residents in the middle of the night.   It is still raining but all streets have receded enough to re-open but no word on when the nursing home might be open again.   The sump pump here was stopped running and I have called a permacrete installer to come and look at my basement Wednesday.  Thank goodness for lines of credit! 

Ahh Monday, you were a hateful witch today.


  1. We haven't seen that kind of rain in California in years. We don't have problems with flooding at my house unless it rains more than 3 inches in one day. It is scary when you keep hearing the rain and knowing it has no where to go...Stay safe.

  2. We have had a lot of rain but not to flooding. We just put gutters up on the house to get the water away from our house. It was causing issues on the corners of the house. Owning a house can be a huge pain.

  3. OH NO Kim, I feel guilty complaining about my mower when you have this flooding issue. My heart goes out to you and hope you get some relief SOON and drying happens almost instantly for you. Wish I could be there to help you recover and to give you comfort.


  4. You know I am just flabbergasted at the pictures you had posted. I wondered if it was the remnant of Hurricane Bill. He seemed to go like that all the way across the U.S. too.
    Just flooding and flooding. I am so sorry about your basement. Yes, owning a home is money, money, money. You know like Pink Floyd. :)

  5. Wow! I hope you can get your basement dry and all working well. I have heard of those pumps but don't really know how they work or what the purpose is.

    Its awful about the nursing home. As I have been in and out of one lots of times to see mom, I know that it must have been a horrible ordeal for the older folks. I hope they are okay and that they are getting good care where they went.

    I have experience flash floods in places where I've lived but nothing like this.
    Be safe and dry. Take care, Janet W

  6. Kim,
    The joys of home ownership - NOT. It's always something. So sorry.
    Hugs :)

  7. If you house flooded I'm sure others have flooded basements also on your street. So sorry about another unexpected problem. Don't let this spoil your love of home ownership. You have a roof over your head and once you have the problem fixed surely things will go smoother from now on.

    You have a big learning curve to learn and so far, I'm impressed on how you've handled everything.

    I hope it won't be too costly to have the problem fix.

  8. So THAT'S where all the rain is. We're dry here and hot. We could use some rain but not that much. I hope all is easily and inexpensively repaired.

  9. Well I am sorry and I hope you get your basement taken care of soon. You can't fight Mother Nature! We are on the dry side here with a few showers but nothing like what you have gotten.
    I agree with Julia. Home ownership is sometimes dealing with problems but don't let that ruin your love of having a home of your own!

  10. Holy Waterfall Batman, that's a ton of rain! We've had a very similar Summer so far..lots of rain and a few days of floods. I do hope your repair isn't a bank buster. Many times I wondered why we ever bought a house! This house we're in now has been a constant repair and replace story. By the time we're finally finished we'll probably sell because we'll be 100! Let's hope tomorrow brings some good news!

  11. Weather is crazy sometimes.Were in a drought only suppose to water twice a week and you have rain coming out your ears! I am so sorry what a mess. Hugs Cheri

  12. Yikes!! And we're so hot and dry that my garden is almost dead.

  13. We can do without days like that huh?! Hope they can your basement fixed without too much trouble.

  14. We have some damp spots on our basement walls too. We have addressed a couple of things but now it needs to dry out and then we gave to determine if it's fixed. I hate water issues and now the basement looks like a bomb went off with things stacked everywhere. I hope your issue is fixed!