Thursday, June 18, 2015


I haven't disappeared, although I've been blog-absent.  I've just been busy.  Once Lola vacated the premises it took me a bit of time to put the house back together.  And on the weekend I went on a cleaning binge. I tore the place apart and then the urge to change things took over.  I know......again?  Yes again. 

It's difficult putting a home together from scratch.  I'm still looking for just the right pieces for certain places.  I had my little hooking/reading corner set up with the recliner I had purchased for Mom's room.  It wasn't what I wanted there but I had hung onto it for sentimental reasons.  Well, last week I sold it and began the search for "my" chair.  I swear my butt print is in every chair this town had for sale.  Finally I sat in one just knew I had found it.  Comfy, squishy in all the right spots, perfect.  And here is the best part...... It was $699 and marked down to $400.  But I thought there might be a Fathers Day sale if I waited a few days.  Sure enough at the beginning of this week it was an additional 20% off and no tax!  I got it for $320.   SCORE!!

I have a little stand for the corner but it's still in the garage waiting for a little TLC.  

Next, the bedroom.  Once the weather warmed up I put the heavy duvet away and needed a light weight bed cover.  I couldn't find what I wanted, plus I haven't decided on the wall paint color so I just threw on an old light quilt.  But it was ugly and too small (single size, not double). Just barely laid on the top.  Drove me nuts.  


 I'd been eyeing a quilt in the LLBean catalog but kept resisting.  I broke down the other day and it arrived today. I love it and now I think I know what color to re-paint the walls.  I wish I had the pillow shams but they were ridiculously expensive.  2 pillow shams were almost the same prices as the quilt.  No way! 

Close up

And last but not least, I popped into the used furniture store on my way home.  I was just browsing but then I found a great old dresser that I'm planning on refinishing.  I'll show that progress another time.

This weekend I might paint outside.  My front steps need some TLC and the window frames. 
So that's it for now. I better go see what you've all been up too 


  1. The chair looks so comfy and I love the bedspread!

  2. Great chair and even better was the price! LOL I have short legs, so have done the same as you..sit, move to the next chair, sit, move to the next chair...The quilt is beautiful, happy colors!

  3. It sounds and looks like you have been very busy.
    Love the chair and quilt.

  4. Busy seems to be on everyone's agenda lately. Must be something in the air.
    Nice chair and nice price. I wonder why the sham are so expensive. I have shams and never bother to put them on. You quilt looks nice without it.


  5. Kim what excellent buys! I love the chair and that quilt is beautiful!! That must be why they call those things shams.... LOL!!
    Well keep up the good work and enjoy your projects! I'll anxiously await more pics!
    Cathy G

  6. Sounds like you are nesting again and this time without the terror of a puppy. Looks great!

  7. Great eye for bargains. Love your bedspread and think about either doing a wool applique or small pillow size (not sham size) tops using the design in the spread. Would be cute on the bed and give you small projects to hook or applique.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Morning, love the quilt, the chair looks so cozy too.Blessings Francine.

  9. Oh good, you were just playing house! I love that you are getting to fix up and rearrange and make your house all your own. I love your new quilt it looks so nice and I can't wait to see your furniture. I love, love your chair. It looks like the perfect hooking chair. I am glad you are getting to do what you want right now.
    I hope you have a lovely weekend sprucing up your lovely house.

  10. Hi Kim,
    So happy your bargain hunting paid off!!
    We all need a special chair to call our own!
    The bedspread is so pretty! I'm sure if you checked out a Thrift Store in the linens department you might find something that would match perfectly for next to nothing!
    Have fun on that new dresser and other projects too!!!
    Warm Hugs~

  11. Kim,
    Rather than go for the matching shams, pick a color out of the quilt and find some shams in that color. I am not a big fan of "matchy, matchy". And if you want some pillows, go to the thrift shop and pick up a few plain pillows which are usually there in bulk. Then just sew a hooked rug or mat on it. Instead personal pillow!!

  12. Great buy on the chair. Oh, how I love a bargain and no tax is the icing on the cake :)
    Miccosukee took the words right out of my mouth. I don't like "matchy, matchy" either (nothing in my house matches). Perhaps go to the fabric store and just buy a couple fabrics that co-ordinate and make a couple pillow cases. I love one of a kind looks that no one else can duplicate.
    Happy Saturday :)

  13. Great score on the chair! Looks nice and comfy too! LL Bean has some really nice stuff in their home catalog... awesome choice with that quilt!

  14. I love the quilt - fun colors to pick from to paint. The chair looks great too. Can't wait to see your painted projects!