Sunday, June 7, 2015

This and that

I don't seem to have much blog worthy lately.  Unless you consider updates about the psycho puppy.  Lol.  We have settled into a nice weekend routine, we are working on our obedience homework and she only had one time-out this weekend.  Ironically just a few minutes ago.   She even took a nap this afternoon.  I looked down and she was upside down and I wasn't sure which end was her head and which end was the other. 

I try to switch out her toys everyday.  She has such a short attention span.  I looked down at my living room today in disgust.  It's a mess of baby gates, toys and blankets.  You'd think I had 4 toddlers, not one little puppy.  I don't think my house will ever be presentable :(

In other old news, after days and days of rain I got fed up with putting my feet in wet sneakers. So I went to Deanne Fitzpatrick's ladies wear store (Thirty Church: The Women's Store) and bought these rubber boots.

Aren't they great??  Makes the rain just a little brighter and more tolerable ;).  

Sorry I don't have much left to report.  Hopefully more blog worthy events are on the horizon 


  1. Lola's a little stinker but makes up for it in cuteness.
    Hope the training goes well.
    Hugs :)

  2. Lola is adorable Kim. Maulie is still not trained and she is a middle aged dog. she still snips at my toes. Lol cheri

  3. Yes, you ARE blog worthy. You've a great sense of humor and you will eventually get that back once your girl gets with the program. Besides, you gave me a hint about the frozen goodies in a kong.

    Great boots! In the past reading Deanne's blog have seen her post about other red shoes/boots (but not like yours) and was so envious. She says they are so comfy and always wished they were on my feet during the cold weather. Wish I could recall the name of those.

    Hey gal, tomorrow is another day and hopefully Lola will learn.

  4. Oh, but your everyday life IS blog worthy!! I love to hear about your adventures with Lola and those boots are O La La! LOL When I went rubber boot shopping, all I found was a purple paisley...I would have snatched up those red ones in a heart beat! That picture of Lola is so cute. I can't tell which end is which either. LOL

  5. Of course you have blog worthy posts :) Your sense of humor is great. You make me laugh. I hope that Lola learns quickly to be a good little doggie with no nipping.

    Cute pic....I can't tell which end of her is which either. LOL

    Have a great week.
    Take care, Janet W

  6. Love Lola stories. Love Yorkies. Love your blog. I am living vicariously cause I so want another yorkie, but not the time. They are spirited but so worth it!

  7. She is just has so much personality. I love that picture of her in her doggie bed. I do love those red boots. I hope you have a very nice week.

  8. love the boots and so glad your baby is getting the hang of things.
    I am always happy to stop by on just a regular day.

  9. Love those red boots, look wonderful. Great Lola is coming along, she is adorable.Blessings Francine.

  10. And of course the boots are red! Love them!

  11. Puppies are a handful and pretty soon she will settle down. Right now she is pretty much queen of the house. A tidy house is over rated anyway. I don't have a puppy and my house isn't tidy all the time especially when I've been down on my knees for three days weeding till dark.

    Your red boots are sexier than my green steel-toe boots. It's raining here too so I had time to check blogs and comment this evening.

    Take care and keep on blogging when it feels right. Things will get much better as Lola settles down.

  12. Love the red boots. If we lived close to each other I could wear my "chicken" boots. We would be a great pair! Lola will slow down - eventually? maybe? hopefully? Well maybe after puppy grows up!