Friday, June 5, 2015

Limited vocabulary

If you are within earshot of my house lately you'll hear only a few key phrases.  My vocabulary at home has basically been restricted to this Top Ten List

1.  Lola, NO

2.  Lola, we don't eat people

3.  Lola, no bite!!

4. Lola, stop eating the curtains

5.  Lola, we don't eat people!

6.  Lola, you're gonna get a Time-Out

7.  Lola, stop eating the sofa

8.  Lola, stop eating the drywall.  (Seeing a theme here??)

9.  Lola, let go of my (insert any body part here)


This is one challenging puppy.  Tomorrow we have a Puppy Boot Camp.  Wish us luck

This is just after a stern lecture about chewing the underside of the sofa. 


  1. I love animals, give them lots of love, good food and great vet do you. In all honesty I'd say that if after this last exhausted try to rehabilitate the dog, I would not want to share my home with her. That is no way to live in your home when you want to arrive to a warm and loving pup after work.

    Perhaps some might think that is harsh but if you cannot invite friends in without worrying if someone (or YOU) will get bit, that would be my limit and she would need to go to a rescue. JMHO.

    1. I hope after the session or 2 with this trainer we will know if this is a habit we can break. I agree Saundra, if she's going to bite, I can't keep her. I hope she will turn her behaviour around

  2. Is she biting in anger or just chewing on you? There is a big difference she is very young and I am sure with some training and you following though with consistency she can come around. You have been away from puppy land a long time. and she had someone else letting her do things she shouldn't. Good luck with the training.

  3. I have faith in Lola...first to unlearn bad habits...then learn new ones...such a challenging little girl...hoping tomorrow is a wonderful start in the right direction...

  4. Hi Kim,
    She is just SO DARLING, but all that biting is such a challenge for you!! I certainly hope she can be turned around!!!
    Best of luck to both of you!!
    Warm Hugs~

  5. But mama...girls just want to have fun...good luck this weekend...

  6. Shes got to get used to having teeth somehow lol look forward to when they drop out - and dread the replacements!!

  7. I adopted my dog at 8 weeks. He ate EVERYTHING, including the trim on the house, the rug in his kennel, telephone poles, etc, etc, etc. Lola sounds the same, but he is a rottie, so a little bit of a size difference! LOL He is now the sweetest, most wonderful dog. It took a lot of patience, love (and age on his part), but it was well worth it. Hang in there...good luck!

  8. I hope today goes really well. She has the cutest face in the world. I love that look just being there under the couch. I bet she will be a wonderful dog after this stage. Poor girl. I bet she is just full of energy.

  9. Remember, Lola is just a terrier puppy and all these are typical traits of terrier puppies. I have always had terriers and know how long it seems to take for them to grow out of this. Be sure that you and the trainer don't punish her for what she is. Keep up her and your training and the results will be well worth it. My Airedales were too large to get under the sofa to tear the underside, but just the right size to get under my pineapple bed to destroy the underside of the box springs. Thank goodness for bed skirts!

  10. What a little sh**. Hopefully you can chance her behaviors with the help of a trainer. I know Ellie needs one, too. Little dog syndrome...sigh.
    She's just lucky she's so dang cute.
    Hugs :)

  11. Ha, what a girl! Maybe she's teething but I agree, it's a puppy thing. My first Doberman, Babe. I had to have a leash on her when she was a puppy, and attach her to my waist, to make sure she didn't chew on everything. That's when I got a large crate and saw the value in time outs!